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44 Tragic Days"

On The Scene In Brussels, Belgium - Englishtown, New Jersey - & Bogotá, Columbia

Feature Date: July 16 2008

Event Dates: May 25 To July 7 2008

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"Overlooking Runway 25 - Right, at Los Angeles International Airport"

On The Scene --In Brussels, Belgium - Englishtown, New Jersey & Bogotá, Columbia

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2 July 2008 Update For Brussels Incident - Bird Stirke Causes Brussels Incident?

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"Callsign: 'Connie'

-- 44 Tragic Days"

On The Scene

In Brussels, Belgium - Englishtown, New Jersey

& Bogotá, Columbia

A Cargo Nightmare Prize Contender

First Incident - Day One

The Date: May 25 2008

The Time: 11:30 a.m.

The Place: Brussels, Belgium

Kalitta B747 In Better Days

N704CK (not plane pictured)

AIRCRAFT DESIGNATION - Boeing 747-200 Variant


A total of 393 of the 747-200 versions had been built when production ended in 1991. Of these225 were 747-200s, 73 were 747-200F, 13 were 747-200C, 78 were 747-200M, and 4 were military.

On the 747-100 & 747-200, a spiral staircase connected the main and upper decks.

The 747-200M is a combination version that has a side cargo door on the main deck and can carry freight in the rear section of the main deck. A removable partition on the main deck separates the cargo area at the rear from the passengers at the front. This model can carry up to 238 passengers in a 3-class configuration if cargo is carried on the main deck. The model is also known as the 747-200 Combi.

As of June 2008, 1,405 Boeing 747 aircraft of all types had been built, with 118 more in various configurations remaining on order.[2] The latest version of the aircraft, the 747-8, is scheduled to enter service in 2009.

As of July 2008, a total of 47 hull-loss accidents involving 747s have occurred, and these have caused 3,707 fatalities. These included Korean Air Lines Flight 007 which was shot down by the Soviets in 1983 after it had strayed into Soviet territory, causing U.S. President Ronald Reagan to authorize the then strictly military Global Positioning System (GPS) for civilian use. TWA Flight 800, a 747-100 that exploded in midair on 17 July 1996, led the Federal Aviation Administration to propose a rule requiring installation of an inerting system in the center fuel tank of most large aircraft.


Overall length: 231 ft 10 in (70.6 m)

Height: 63 ft 5 in (19.3 m)

Wingspan (geometric):195 ft 8 in (59.6 m)


Engine Models: PW JT9D-7R4G2, GE CF6-50E2, RR RB211-524D4

Engine thrust range: 234 kN - 236 kN

Typical passenger seating: 452 (2-class) or 366 (3-class)

Range (full load): 6,850 nmi (12,700 km)

Max. Operating Mach number (Mmo): Mach 0.89 (587 mph, 945 km/h, 510 kt)

Cruisinng Speed: Mach 0.84 (555 mph, 895 km/h, 481 knots)

Takeoff Run At MTOW: 10,466 ft (3,190 m)


Weight Empty: 383,000 lb (174,000 kg)

Maximum takeoff weight: 833,000 lb (377,842 kg)

Maximum fuel capacity: 52,410 U.S. gal (43,640 imp gal/199,158 L)

The Prolog To Disaster -- On Approach To 44 Tragic Days

PROLOG >> Whenever a Kalitta Air B-747-F freighter lines up for take-off at the end of our Runway 25-Right at Los Angeles International Airport we hear the radio crackle with the ATC callsign "Connie" as LAX Tower clears the aircraft for another cargo flight to Europe, the Far East or South America. The freighters of Kalitta Air represent the largest private cargo airline in the world today.

This was all begun by one man -- Mr. Conrad Kalitta - or "Connie". In 2008 Kalitta Air boasted 18 B-747-F freighters -- but that was in May 2008, before The 44 Days.

Connie Kalitta raced professionally from the 1950s through the 1990s. He was the first driver to hit 200 mph in a U.S. National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) sanctioned event. He also helped Shirley Muldowney get started (in the "Bounty Huntress" car). Kalitta won 10 NHRA national events between 1967 & 1994. He was inducted into the Motorsports Hall of Fame of America in 1992. On the 2001 National Hot Rod Association Top 50 Drivers, 1951-2000, Kalitta was ranked #21. He has won 5 world championships and has set the world's speed record on more than one occasion.

He was played by famed actor Beau Bridges in the Shirley Muldowney biography film "Heart Like a Wheel". Connie is currently is the team owner and crew chief of three NHRA Top Fuel dragster teams and one NHRA Funny Car team. He is the father and uncle respectively, of famed racers Scott Kalitta and Doug Kalitta.

But Connie's fame did not end with measurements of ground speed. In fact, it was his winnings in U.S. professional drag racing that enabled Connie to purchase the Cessna 310 aircraft that started him in the airline business.

The history of Kalitta Air goes back to 1967 when Connie began transporting parts for the automotive business with his twin engine Cessna 310 that he piloted himself. Over the years, Kalitta grew from a one airplane operation into a substantial airline conglomerate, American International Airways, Inc. (AIA), that used B-747, L-1011, DC-8, B727, DC-9, Twin Beech and Learjet aircraft in worldwide airfreight, air ambulance and charter passenger operations. AIA supported the Desert Shield/Desert Storm operations with award winning efforts. AIA was one of the world's 25 largest airlines with revenues in excess of US$400M derived from both scheduled and on-demand air charters as well as third party engine and airframe maintenance service.

In 1997, AIA merged with Kitty Hawk, Inc. and Kalitta resigned from the company and the Board of Directors to pursue other interests, mainly to start another company -- Kalitta Leasing. Kalitta Leasing is an aircraft brokerage company that buys, sells and leases large aircraft. By April 2000 Kitty Hawk International (the former AIA) ceased operations and filed Chapter 11. Dismayed that the airline he built from scratch was shut down, Kalitta fought to purchase the Aircraft Certificate and resurrect the airline. Kalitta Air received its DOT and FAA authority to begin operations in November 2000 and immediately began revenue service.

Kalitta quickly obtained the necessary approvals from the government and secured contracts with the U.S.Postal Service and the U.S. Dept. of Defense.

After the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, when airports were closed and all flights were grounded, there was one plane in the sky that night that was not an F-16 fighter. It was a Kalitta Air 747 hauling relief supplies from the West coast to aid disaster workers.

In 2003 Kalitta was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation for support of the Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom Operations and Kalitta continues to support the U.S.Postal Service with scheduled flights delivering mail and packages to the soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In 2008 Kalitta Air boasted 18 B-747-F freighters -- but that was in May 2008, before The 44 Days.

Connie Kalitta, Air Cargo Pioneer

Connie's three great devotions to family, racing & flying would each be tested in the Tragic 44 Days between May 25 & July 7 2008.

It is hard to imagine either a man or a company suffering a more challenging 5 week period than that just lived by Connie Kalitta and Kalitta Air.

Just now, as I am preparing this feature for you, a Kalitta Air B-747-F freighter has just now landed and tied down, across from us over on Runway 25-Left at the Imperial Terminal of Los Angeles International Airport. A once common sight, I don't think we will ever see these planes again without being reminded of The 44 Days.

There would be three incidents.

 Michael S. McDaniel - Your Editor

First Incident - Day One

The Date: May 25 2008

The Time: 11:30 a.m.

The Place: Brussels, Belgium

Kalitta Flight 207 - U.S. Registration Number: N704CK (Ex-JA8112) At Brussels, Belgium.

Registration "CK" Stands For Connie Kalitta

This is A Tough Morning For Kalitta Ar

From The Cargo Letter - May 26 2008
"An American owned & operated Boeing 747 freighter crashed as it took off at Brussels airport (BRU) on May 25. and broke apart, but the 5 American crew escaped without injury. The jumbo jet came to rest at the end of the runway some 500 yards from housing in the Brussels suburb of Zaventem after the crash, which occurred at 1130 GMT.

The plane broke into 3 pieces, & stopped just meters short of electricity power cables.

The massive four-engined jet belonged to Kalitta Air.

Belgian TV reported that the plane was carrying diplomatic baggage belonging to the U.S. Ambassador to Belgium, including an automobile & papers. The U.S. Embassy in Brussels has not commented.

The plane was bound for the Gulf state of Bahrain, according to another airport official, Jan Van der Cruysse.

"It seems that the plane must have suddenly left the runway as it was attempting take-off, and crashed. It was perhaps a technical problem, but we don't know," airport spokeswoman Tru Lefevre said.

"There are no injuries even though the five crew on board have been taken to hospital," Lefevre added, noting that one of them was in a state of shock.

A yellow escape chute could be seen emerging from the fuselage.

Brussels airport is situated about 15 kilometres (10 miles) from the Belgian capital.

Based in Michigan, and named after the owner Conrad Kalitta, Kalitta Air was founded in 2000 and has 18 Boeing 747s."

Kalitta Flight 207 Was A Cargo Flight From Brussels (BRU) To Bahrain (BAH). She Carried 76 Tons of Cargo.

The Boeing 747-209F/SCD Was Cleared For Takeoff From Runway 20 - A 9800 Ft. x 164 Ft. Asphalt Runway

Kalitta Flight 207 Comes To Rest- Well Off Runway 20

The Crew Reporedly Heard 1 or 2 Loud Bangs During The Takeoff Run.

Kalitta Flight 207 Continued Past The End of Runway 20 & Broke Ino Three.

Diplomatic Baggage Belonging To The U.S. Ambassador & Other Cargo Surges From The Ship

Editor Note:

U.S. National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) investigator Joe Sedor has been designated as the U.S. Accredited Representative, and he will be accompanied by technical specialist in the areas of flight operations, aircraft systems, structures, and powerplants. The U.S. team will also include technical advisors from the FAA, Boeing, and Pratt & Whitney.
Michael S. McDaniel - Your Editor
This Is Kalitta Air Boeing 747-209F/SCD Tail Number N704CK

Kalitta Air Tail Number N703CK Played the Role of Air Force One in The Movie Staring Harrison Ford

A Yellow Escape Chute Emerging From The Flight Deck

Be Amazed: 5 Crew. Zero Fatalities.

After 28 Years of Proud Service For Kalitta Air & Japan Airlines -- Over Countless Millions of Miles,

Kalitta Air Boeing 747-209F/SCD Tail Number N704CK Will Never See The Sky Again -- Now Headed For Your Local Kitchen Utensils Isle


Registration: Kalitta Air N704CK (Ex-JA8112)

Serial # 22299/462

Mode S Code: 52261646

Year of Manufacture..... 1980

Engines: 4 Pratt & Whitney JT9D-7R4G2

Last Air Worthiness Test: 2003-09-11

Number of Seats:490

Crew: Fatalities: 0 / Occupants: 5

Passengers: Fatalities: 0 / Occupants: 0

Airplane Fate: Written off (damaged beyond repair)

Editor Note - The Crash At Brussels

The loss of N704CK at Brussels on 25 May 2008, has shaken Air Kalitta. The proud B-747-F fleet has been reduced from 18 to 17 ships -- but hardware can be replaced. Thank God -- all crew have walked away. There will be no such kindness in the remaining 43 Days.
Michael S. McDaniel - Your Editor

Feature Update - 22 July 2008

The cause of the N704CK at Brussels is now known. Kalitta VP of Sales Pete Sanderlin told the press:
"We had a bird ingested into one of the engines and the pilot elected to abort at a higher speed then he should have."

Still, investigators from both Kalitta and the U.S. National Trnnsportation Safety Board will continue the investigation.

Feature Update - 16 Jan. 2009

A bird strike caused the crash of a Kalitta Air Boeing 747 freighter at Brussels Airport in May, a Belgian probe is expected to report.

The jet, which was carrying mail for DHL, was taking off from Brussels for Bahrain when a bird was sucked into the No. 3 engine. The crew attempted to abort the takeoff but could not stop the plane safely. The jumbo jet veered off the runway and broke into three pieces. The crew of five escaped uninjured.

An investigation by Brussels authorities found no structural failure prior to the crash, according to media reports. The remains of a kestrel were found in the engine.

Earlier in Jan. 2009, Kalitta said it would cut costs by laying off a quarter of its 800 employees, and park up to nine of its fleet of 21 747s.

Second Incident - Day Twenty Seven

The Date: June 21 2008

The Time: Afternoon

The Place: Englishtown, New Jersey

Scott Kalitta

From The Cargo Letter - May 26 2008

Scott Kalitta died on 21 June when his Funny Car burst into flames and crashed at the end of the track during the final round of qualifying for the Lucas Oil NHRA SuperNationals at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park.

The NHRA said the 46-year-old Kalitta -- the 1994 and 1995 Top Fuel season champion who had 18 career victories, 17 in Top Fuel and one in Funny Car -- was taken to the Old Bridge division of Raritan Bay Medical Center, where he died a short time later.

The Palmetto, Fla., resident started his career at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park in 1982. His father, Connie Kalitta, was a longtime driver and team owner known as "The Bounty Hunter," and his cousin, Doug Kalitta, also drives competitively.

"We are deeply saddened and want to pass along our sincere condolences to the entire Kalitta family," the NHRA said in a statement. "Scott shared the same passion for drag racing as his legendary father, Connie. He also shared the same desire to win, becoming a two-time series world champion. He left the sport for a period of time, to devote more time to his family, only to be driven to return to the drag strip to regain his championship form. ... He will be truly missed by the entire NHRA community."

Scott is survived by his father Connie, wife Kathy and sons Corey, 14, and Colin, 8.

Kalitta's Toyota Solara Was Traveling At About 300 MPH When It Burst Into Flames.

What Is A "Funny Car"? 

Despite the name, this a serious & well attended U.S. motorsport. A Funny Car is a drag racing car class. In the USA, other professional classes are Top Fuel, Pro Stock, and Pro Stock Motorcycle. Funny Cars have forward-mounted engines and carbon fiber automotive bodies over the chassis, giving them an appearance vaguely approximating manufacturers' showroom models. The Dodge Charger and Chevrolet Impala sedans are now commonly used in the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA). Doug Kalitta was driving another popular model, the Toyota Solara. Worldwide, however, many different body styles are used.

Third Incident - Day Forty Four

The Date: July 7 2008

The Time: 3:58 a.m.

The Place: Bogotá, Columbia

Columbian Army Troops Search For The Crash Site At Dawn

20 km (12.5 mls) West of Bogotá-Eldorado International Airport (BOG)

Firefighters Locate Kalitta Air N714CK Afire

Desperate Efforts Are Made To Rescue The Columbian Farm Family Caught In The Wreckage

From The Cargo Letter - July 7 2008

A Kallita Air 747 operated by Centurion Air Cargo, departed July 7 With A Cargo of Flowers For Miami.

At 3:50 am the Kalitta jet declared engine fire on the 4th engine. The ship began a go around procedure trying to land in Bogotá's El Dorado International again. Unfortunately the Kalitta Air owned aircraft did not make a successful return.

The 747 Had Taken Off From Bogota (BOG), Carrying A Cargo of Flowers To Miami (MIA).

The Crew Radioed That Kalitta Air N714CK Had An Engine Fire.

The Site Is 20 Km (12.5 Mls) West of Bogotá-Eldorado International Airport (BOG)

The Crew Made A Frantic Attempt For Return To The Airport ....

But The Boeing 747-209B Crashed At A Farm, Broke Up & Caught Fire.

A Columbian Farm Was Demolished In The Massive Crash.
3 Columbian Famrers Died Inside Their Farm

The Entire Fuselage & Wings, Aft of The Flight Deck Is Destroyed

The Crash Scene Is A Wasteland

Beyond All Odds -- The 8 Member Crew Is Discovered Alive --

On The Battered & Crushed Flight Deck.

How Is This Result Possible For The Kalitta Air N714CK Crew?

Columbian Army Secures The Area

The Columbian Army Takes Quick Action

The Crew of Kalitta Air N714CK Are Airlifted For Medical Treatment

Kalitta Air N714CK -- Aged 27 Years, 3 Months At The Time of Her Death

The Boeing 747-209B Suffered A Fatal Crash -- But Brought Her Crew Home Alive

This Incident Would Normally Go Down In Amazing Aviation History --

But We Mourn Loss of The The Columbian Farmers.


Registration: Kalitta Air N714CK

Serial #22446

First Flight..... April 7 1981

Max Landing Wt..... 630,000

Max T/O ............... 833,000

Stage III .............. 833,000

Max Payload ......... 245,233

Zero Fuel Wt.......... 590,000

RVSM.................... Yes

Navigation Units... 1 GPS 3 INS

Cargo Capacity...... 38-96x125

Loading System..... Boeing

Cargo Door............ Boeing

Crew: Fatalities: 0 / Occupants: 8

Passengers:Fatalities: 0 / Occupants: 0

Ground Casualties:Fatalities: 3


Kalitta Air -- Fly On

Final Editor Note -

As of July 15, 2008, the Internet Blogs are full of speculation about the cause of these accidents, with the usual suspects being all too quick to question the state of Kalitta Air maintenance. The Cargo Letter suggests we wait for the NTSB Final Report.

In the meantime, the FAA not long ago presented Kalitta Air with The Diamond Award for its operations at the company aircraft maintenance facility in Oscoda, Michigan which was once the home of the former Wurtsmith U.S. Air Force Base. The Diamond Award is the FAA's highest honor for maintenance training. Utilizing most of the Oscoda airport and several hangars, over 600 Kalitta employees work to maintain the aircraft. The passion of Connie Kalitta is not infallible, but but we think it sincere.

Maintenance problems?, equipment age?, equipment malfunction?, design flaws? -- or even sabotage? -- we don't currently know how to explain the major coincidence of two B-747 freighters crashing on take-off during The 44 Days. There are major questions here for which technical answers must be provided..

We do know that 16 remaining Kalitta Air B-747 Freighters remain in the air today, delivering our needs -- incuding the one parked outside my office window just now.

We also know that Connie Kalitta and his family & associates have endured the unique burden of these incredible 44 Days.

Michael S. McDaniel - Your Editor

Shippers Must Have Quality Marine Cargo Insurance ........ Because......... "Ship Happens! ©"

To Repeat -- No Matter How Careful You Are -- Or Who You Hire ....... "Ship Happens! ©"

"Ship Happens! ©"

The Dedication of This Feature Is Simple: To Connie Kalitta And To The Crews of Kalitta Air N704CK & Kalitta Air N714CK and thier families. These People Bring Our Cargo Home -- years after year in safety. There must be special note for America's loss of her Scott Kalitta and Columbia's loss of her unidentified Farming Family West of Bogotá-Eldorado International Airport.
Connie Kalitta, Air Cargo Pioneer

SPECIAL NOTE: The historic dangers of carriage by air & sae continue to be quite real. Shippers must be encouraged to purchase high quality marine cargo insurance from their freight forwarder or customs broker

It's very dangerous out there.

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Video of Brussels Incident

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SPECIAL NOTE: The historic dangers of carriage by sea continue to be quite real. Shippers must be encouraged to purchase high quality marine cargo insurance from their freight forwarder or customs broker. 

It's very dangerous out there.

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