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The Individual Moments of Transport Crisis

Which Don't Constitute A Full Page Feature

"Singles Only" 2002 First Half - Our Feature Page For 2001 to June 2001 - Page #2 - Photo Features By Date

"Unstealthy" - April 2002

"Moment of Disaster At Dubai" - March 2002

"All Aboard !" - Feb. 2002

"Container Pool" - Jan. 2002

"U.S. Air Force Crippled C-141-B Starlifter" - Dec. 2001

"Suggested Al-Qaida Solution" - Sept. 2001


For All The Many Transport Disaster Photos We Receive Each Month,

Only A Few Picture Series Result In A The Cargo Letter Photo Feature Page.

For All The Rather Amazing Single Picture Contributions We Recieve --

-- Here Are Our Selected One Photo Wonders!

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"Overlooking Runway 25 - Right, at Los Angeles International Airport"

Countryman & McDaniel

Transport Single Photo Nightmares

Contributed By Our Readers*

Un-Stelthy Fighter - April 2002

First Rule of U.S. Air Force F-17 Stealth Fighters: Fly at Night, Stupid.

Second Rule: Do not fly near small airplanes that are outsightseeing. They often have cameras aboard.

Third Rule: Stay away from readers of The Cargo Letter

NOTE: When this feature was presented, the F-17 Stealth Fighter was known to the public, but not on public view.

F-117 Stealth Fighter Assn.

F-117 Stealth Fighter

The Stealth Fighter

Stealth Aircraft

Contributed by Our Doc
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The Moment of Disaster At Dubai - March 2002

Our First News Agency Photo - You Won't Believe The Original! - Below

THE VERY MOMENT of Disaster At Dubai - Sea Gate Fails - Or Was A Work Barge To Blame?

Rarely In The Course of Human Events Have We Seen An Exact Moment of Disaster

From The Cargo Letter press report >> The State-run Dubai Dry Docks suffered a major loss March 27, as the major sea gate collapsed into a dry dock at 9am, instantly flooding one of world's biggest ship repair facilities. At least 27 workers killed & many missing.

50 people, mostly Indian & Filipino workers, may have died. About 150 injured taken to hospitals. About 500 workers & 4 ships inside dry dock at the time - big enough to accommodate oil supertankers - when sea gate broke -- the sea gate was undergoing repairs since March 26. There were 3,500 people work at the docks, which opened in 1983.

From Our Confidential Source >> "UAE divers responded initially - at dark requesting assistance from the U.S Navy EOD detatchment at Fujarah - with another 4 U.S. Navy divers responding from Bahrain." Contray to press reports, our correct source says:

"They had 5 ships in the dock at the time. Apparently they were doing maintenance on the gates from an alongside barge and struck the gate. Casualties so far are in the thirties, may have at least a hundred missing."

From Our Reader>> "On the subject of the Broken Dock gate, Im a U.S. Navy Firechief & have a lot of time down in drydocks. One of my worst fears was the gate giving in, especially in Portsmouth Virginia where the drydocks are very aged, or in Yokosuka Japan where one dates to the 1800's.

Thank you for such an intense website."- Richard Reifonas

Now Confirmed Vessels In Dubai Dry Dock #2 Were:

M/T Princess, tanker of 57,000 dead weight tons (DWT);

M/V Indira 1, cargo vessel of 7,000 DWT;

Key Bermuda, a jack-up-rig;

September-350, a barge of 5,000 DWT; and

CB-1, barge of 4,000 DWT.

This disaster was in Dry Dock #2 -- largest of the Dubai Drydocks -measures 525m x 100m x12m. This is where battle damage repairs were done on USS Princeton, USS Samuel B. Roberts & USS Stark -- all important stories of the past.

Dubai Drydocks

Commerical Photo of Drydock Loss Scene

The Cargo Letter Orginal Story

Photo From: Confidential Source. Our Intitial Photo: Niels Aage Jensen

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"All Aboard !" - Feb. 2002

You May Trust That All The Cargo Letter Photos Are Quite Real --

-- But Here There Has Been A Little Visit To "Mr. PhotoShop." We Could Not Resist This One.

Still, We Wouldn't Recommend A Swim Under The Golden Gate Bridge Just Now!

No, There Are No Al-Qaida Sharks!

UPDATE 15 Aug. 2002 -- Do check out this National Geographic Magazine "Photo of The Year"
While The Cargo Letter spotted the heavy hand of "Mr. PhotoShop" -others did not. Wow! Go Figure.

Originally Submitted To Us In Feb. 2002 By: The U.S. Coast Guard Pacific Strike Team

All 3 (now 4) of The U.S. Coast Guard Strike Teams Worked The World Trade Center Reclamation & Also Regulated Entries For Hart U.S. Senate Building Antrax Clean-Up.

The Modern U.S. Coast Guard -- Protecting The United States With Skill, Stealth & Technology.

Not Often Mentioned -- But More Than You Know From The U.S. Coast Guard Strike Teams. True American Heroes.

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"Container Pool" - Jan. 2002

Our Reader Is From Texas -- But The Origin of This Photo Remains Under Study. Do You Know?

Is There A Maersk Vessel Down There? Not Likely --

Even The Stack On A Feeder Vessel Is Not So Wide. A Sunken Barge?

More Likely, This Is A Container Yard Flood Accident, With Stacks Toppled Due To Container Floating.

WOW! There Goes US$2M In Marine Cargo Claims!

Submitted By: Bonnie Peacock, STL Logistics (DFW) Inc. Grapevine, TX, USA

There Have Been New Developments in this story -- May 2002 !

Our Initial Analysis Was WRONG !


This Is Now A Full Web Feature On Our Website!

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U.S. Air Force Crippled C-141-B Starlifter - Dec. 2001

Yes, The Wings of This Freighter Do Not Normally Fold This Way!

Hard Landing At Memphis Where Photo Taken?

The U.S. Air Force Now Attributes This C-141 "Starlifter" Damage To

"Over Pressure" During Refueling - Not A Fault Due To Aircraft Age -- The C-141 Is Old.

This Is Not The First Time Someone "Pressure Fueled" An Aircraft Onto The Disaster Page.

A Million Dollar Error.

A B-52 Undergoing Repairs & Modifications at Kelly AFB in San Antonio

Was "Blown Up" A Few Years Ago Under Similar Circumstances.

C-141 "Starlifter"<<webfeature -- "workhorse" of U.S. Air Force Air Mobility Command

Submitted By: Our Doc

Suggested Al-Qaida Solution - Sept. 2001

After The Terror of Sept. 11, 2001

This Result For The Al-Qaida Was Suggested By Our Reader

"Strangers On My Flight" -- musical stylings by Frank Sinatra disaster2002.sinatra.ram

Submitted By: Our Doc


NOTE: The Cargo Letter wants you to know that by keeping the identity of our contributors 100% confidential, you are able to view our continuing series of "Cargo Disasters.". Our friends send us materials which benefit the industry. The materials are provided to our news publication with complete and enforceable confidentiality for the sender. In turn, we provide these materials to you.

NOTE: Please bring to our immediate attention any feature information which you believe may be incorrect.

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