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Audacity, Deja Vu and Return To A U.S. Maritime Tradition
PDF Presentation of Michael S. McDaniel To The San Francisco Board of Marine Underwriters -- May 6 2010
Complete Text Will Be Posted After The Presentation

Includes 10 Incident Examples of Why Armed Guards Must Be Considered As A Merchant Vessel Option In High Risk Areas

Modern Day Piracy -- Presentation By Michael S. McDaniel, Esq. of Modern High Seas Piracy

A Timeline of Piracy In Somalia & The Gulf of Aden

On Video

"Return of The Pirates" -- a 2 hour History Channel TV special documentary featuring Michael S. McDaniel of Countryman & McDaniel
Modern High Seas Piracy -- Ships Taken -- Naval Combat

Over 90% of international trade travels by water and a new generation of criminals is blending terror tactics with time-tested methods to threaten this economic lifeline. Nations and corporations are racing to protect themselves and their goods, and though the pirates are still ahead, new international response units and mercenary ships are combating the attacks. The U.S. Coast Guard trains navies worldwide in anti-piracy measures, but corrupt law enforcement officials mar advances in their effectiveness. Today's pirate is organized, political, and will command world attention once again.

Photo Features

"The Retaking of M/V Maersk Alabama" - April 2009

"Tank You, From The Somali Pirates" - M/V Faina - Sept. 08 - Feb. 09

"The Taking of M/T Sirius Star" - Somalia Pirates Take Supertanker - Stakes Raised - Nov. - Jan. 2008

"The Taking of MT Biscaglia" - Jan. 2009

Increddible Photos of The Battle!

"The Attack On M/V Zen Hua 4" - Dec. 2008

Increddible Photos of The Battle!

"Paradise & Pirates" - S/V Le Ponant - April 2008

Attack On USS Cole (DDG-67)

Our Grand Sail With Task Force 150 - "Mis-Fortune" - M/V Hyundai Fortune - March 2006

Single Photo Features

"World's Most Stupid Pirates" - May 2009

"MV Maersk Alabama" - 2006 Year Deja Vu" - April 2009

"The Attack On M/V Zhen Hua 4" - Dec. 2008

"The Pirates of Peleliu" - the Gulf of Aden - Aug. 2008

"Tank You, From The Somali Pirates" - Somalia - M/V Faina - Sept. 2008

Somali Pirate SmackDown - USS Porter - Oct. 2007

"Somali Pirate Patrol" -- pirate miscalculation --March 2006

"Pirate Payback" - USS Winstn Churchill - Jan. 2006

The Frank Sinatra Solultion To Pirates

"Strangers On My Flight"

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