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"Overlooking Runway 25 - Right, at Los Angeles International Airport"  


Welcome to Our LAX Home

Los Angeles International Airport Runways 25 , Left & Right

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Welcome To Our Home


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Los Angeles International Airport - KABC -TV

Camera Located Between DHL & FedEx -- South of Runway 25-Left.

Camera Moves - Generally Points Toward The Law Offices of Counrtyman & McDaniel

-- Office Buildings On Other Side of Runways -- Just North of Runway 25-Right --

The "C & McD Cam"

We welcome you to our home office & look forward to your continued visits as we cruise our LAX Home for you. Our "Cargo Law" view is quite unique, due to windows which wrap 180 degrees around the dazzling LAX vista. This view allows us to see all the aircraft, from about 5 miles out on approach, through landing & ground operations, to infinity over the Pacific Ocean on departure. This view allows us to observe not only all the air & cargo operations,but also the double stack container rail moves to/from the ocean Ports of Long Beach & Los Angeles, as well as arrival & departure of container & Naval vessels from these dynamic ocean ports off the LAX beach on the Pacific.

At present we are showing you only the airport activities directly below the windows,

In coming days, we will take some tours around our LAX Home and witness dramatic events as LAX Fire & Rescue takes charge.

LA International Airport Pictorial Essay
LAX Master Plan

This is your greeting when entering the Countryman & McDaniel lobby.

Our "Oberservation Deck" is just a few feet ahead.

 This is a very small part of the views from our Countryman & McDaniel "Oberservation Deck."

"Overlooking Runways 25 Left & Right, At Los Angeles International Airport" LA International Airport Pictorial Essay LAX Master Plan Both sides of these South runways are designated on the official LAX map as "Cargo City." Directly below our windows is United Airlines Cargo. The 25 Left & Right runways are also the only ones long enough to handle emergency landings. The small Mission style building across the field is the original airport, all of it, and current home to DHL. To the right of DHL are some of many FedEx Freighters which visit us every day. Out of sight to the right, extending for about a mile to the Pacific Ocean beach, are the cargo facilities of the world's major air carriers. Notice the Untited flight making a perfect landing on 25 Left, in the upper right. A normal, busy afternoon at LAX cargo, as a B-757F frieghter of our Countryman & McDaniel client UPS loads for it's 7:05 PM departure. A Lufthansa B-747-400 begins it's takeoff roll. We watch over 2,100 daily take offs & landings from our desks. From our "Oberservation Deck" were're looking just over the roof of Worldway U.S. Post Office - the Pacific airmail gateway. The L.A. City Fire Dept. main airport station is to the left, as are more air cargo facilities. Contractors have just begun the process of clearing our old Chamber of Commerce building site to create "LAX Cargo B." This will be the new home of United Air Cargo. Just behind the new project, on the right, is Air New Zealand Cargo. Behind Air New Zealand Cargo is the United Maintenance Base, a hub of activity. Please visit us again soon ! LA International Airport Pictorial Essay LAX Master Plan
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