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23 August 1999

Dear Readers of The Cargo Letter,

News tonight is that officials have closed all the U.S. - Mexico border bridges & U.S. Customs crossings at Laredo. Authorities expect a possible massive flood, as what's left of Hurricane Bret arrives. But our The Freight Detective remains on the job! As you will now be able to see in person, America's busiest commercial border crossing is quite closed indeed.

Go to our TRANS-CAMS on the web.  

Under "Border Crossings", you'll find our "The Bridges of Laredo" feature.

What a strange sight! The usually bustling bridges, river, Customs booths & inspection areas appear ghostly from all 9 cameras. It is a very amazing scene. On a normal evening there are thousands of cars & trucks moving bumper to bumper with bright lights seen in all directions from Luis Colosio Blvd. & Highway IH35.

They expect up to 25 inches of rain tonight in the South Texas area. The Rio Grande will likely crest.

Residents in Laredo continue braced for flooding, but by tonight the threat is seen to have diminished. Laredo businesses were ordered to close, and the Laredo International Airport and all three bridges linking Texas with Mexico remain closed.

As the rains abated later in the day, Laredo Mayor Betty Flores was less concerned about flooding.

``The only thing we're still following and worried about is the rise in the river,'' Ms. Flores said. ``We're going to continue to follow this system and react appropriately.'' You will now see the TRANS-CAMS at the river.

Hurricane Bret has moved slowly across Texas' tip with drenching rain of 8 to 12 inches after landing Sunday. About 3,500 people on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border have left their homes for higher ground.

Plan to look back early in on Tuesday morning, 24 August, to see the flood, damage, etc. It could be quite an interesting live show, now that tragic consequences are no longer expected. Fortunately, cargo storage and most all freight forwarders & customs brokers are not along the river bank. However, any of your cross-border moves will be delayed.

Pray for Laredo.

Many thanks,


Assembled from wire stories, the Associated Press, Reuters, Hong Kong Shipping News & other world sources.

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