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12 May 1997

Good Monday Morning and the kick off of World Trade Week from our Observation Deck...... overlooking the officially designated "Cargo City" area and....... Runway 25-Right at Los Angeles International Airport. And, yes, we have Pirate news!

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Michael S. McDaniel, Editor

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Our Top Story

1. Burlington & American Mount Rescue Effort

-- by Michael S. McDaniel for The Cargo Letter

LAX - 9 May -- Late last month the "National Summit on Volunteerism" was conducted during week long ceremonies at Philadelphia, featuring speeches by U.S. leaders on the subject of our citizen duty to improve America by taking a little time to "give back" to the community. But even as President Clinton was speaking, Burlington Air Express & American Airlines were high overhead and meeting the President's challenge at 30,000 feet in a dramatic way.

On that 26 April day Burlington & American moved precious cargo, an endangered, 8 month old Siberian tiger cub headed for LAX on Flight 137 and the promise of life at California's unique The Wildlife Waystation. The story received wide coverage in the national press, but there is more to be told.

The baby tiger, named "Jodie," taken as a cub from its natural habitat and smuggled to Ireland, is reportedly one of only 470 Siberian tigers remaining in the wild. The cub was originally unscrupulously traded on the black market to a family in Fingal, Ireland. As is always the case, this family quickly realized it could not care for the growing tiger and sought out help from the nearby Irish Seal Sanctuary. "Jodie" had rickets, pleurisy and a serious leg injury when she was first brought to the attention of Ireland's wildlife authorities, but has been brought back to full health over the last 2 months. After the seal sanctuary contacted the well-known large cat & wild animal experts at The Wildlife Waystation, both Burlington & American donated their services to move the animal to its new U.S. home.

"Jodie's" new home for the foreseeable future will now be at The Wildlife Waystation, founded by Martine Colette, the leading expert for the care of wild tigers, lions, rare large cats and abused or endangered species (great apes, cats, and species of all kinds) throughout the world. But while "Jodie" as one of the last of her kind has now been saved for future generations, The Wildlife Waystation has much work left undone .......... and needs your help.

With world habitats shrinking and zoo closures reaching a shocking level, The Wildlife Waystation continues to follow its proud 25 year history of arranging to rescue, rehabilitate, and provide refuge & placement for native & exotic wild animals throughout the world. Funded only by public donation, the famed organization operates a 167 acre facility in the Angeles National Forest and even features the only 24 hour emergency veterinary hospital in the world which is free to the public. Around the clock, when an animal emergency occurs, officers & skilled volunteers of The Wildlife Waystation roll into the night with the special equipment & experience often relied upon by law enforcement, civilian government and U.S. Customs for the solving of animal emergencies. Just one example, the 1995 "Ligertown" rescue in Idaho saved both human lives and some 27 abused lions & tigers which had escaped into the streets of a small town, but at a cost to date of US$703,000. The animals are thriving, but not The Wildlife Waystation bank account.

Unfortunately, animal emergencies will sometimes arise which require prompt logistical assistance of the sort rendered for "Jodie" by Burlington & American. In the past this assistance has been provided to The Wildlife Waystation by industry leaders such as Fritz Companies, Air Lingus and others, but more help will be needed from time to time. The need is occasional, but desperate when it arises.

The Cargo Letter has decided to promote the organization of an industry group to coordinate the valuable work of The Wildlife Waystation for its logistics needs. International forwarders & carriers have played a central role in the life of The Wildlife Waystation and for the international animal effort in general, but this effort needs coordination to achieve necessary service goals and to arrange proper media recognition for the participants as well. The Wildlife Waystation, an official animal charity of the freight carrier & forwarder community.

We ask that you take a minute to visit The Wildlife Waystation web site,, and then e-mail The Cargo Letter with ideas to coordinate this important effort or contribute financially to its continued success. The need is great. While the efforts will only be occasional, remember that you are following the likes of American, Burlington and Fritz in answering your nations call. Last, the involvement of ocean forwarders & carriers is certainly needed. We plan a suitable transportation industry remembrance at The Wildlife Waystation.


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OUR "C" Section World Ocean News

5. Freight Forwarder World Ocean Briefs

6. The Cargo Letter Cargo Damage Dispatches

The usual chaos at sea this month, although we have not listed the bulk of disasters, just those pertaining to cargo (and 2 out of the many naval incidents).

1.] on 10 April, The tug Eastern Star capsized and sank near the entrance to the Wicomico River in Maryland;
2.] on 16 April, M/V Mediterranea (Cypriot cargo) had an engine room fire while docking at the Port of Luanda, Angola. The No. 2 generator caught fire, and the fire spread. . The engine room was flooded with carbon dioxide to extinguish the fire;
3.] on 17 April, M/T Velebit ran aground in the Lake Maracaibo Channel in Venezuela after snagging fishing net;
4.] on 18 April, M/T Perwira (Indonesian) sank in Jakarta Bay near Tanjung Priok, Indonesia;
5.] on 20 April, M/T Gulf Stream (Belize) sank north of La Tortuga Island, Venezuela while sailing from Havana to the Corpoven facility at Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela, when the ship's central cargo tank ruptured.;
6.] on 22 April, Vittorio Veneto (C 550), an Italian Navy guided-missile cruiser, ran aground in sand off Vlore, Albania (this is not a good career move for the Capt.);
7.] on 22 April, fires aboard 2 separate ships at a shipyard near Perama, Greece, killed 1 person. Fire on M/V Ionian Bridge (Cypriot) killed an employee of the yard. Another fire began aboard the M/V Minoan Hill (Panamanian) moored at a quay at nearby Drapetsona;
8.] on 23 April, 4 died as a result of a fire aboard the M/T Ocean Trader (Singaporean.) at Berth 7 of Mobil Corp.'s terminal at Pulau Pesek near Singapore;
9.] on 27 April the French naval ship La Fidele preparing to destroy explosives in the Atlantic blew up and sank off the Normandy coast killing at least two, with 3 missing;
10.] on 27 April, M/T Shoei Maru No. 7 (Japanese chemical carrier) capsized shortly after leaving Kobe, Japan. Japanese Maritime Safety Agency divers found the bodies of 2 crew trapped in the vessel;
11.] on 27 April, M/T Cheuk Yang (South Korean) ran aground & capsized early off Chindo Island, South Korea. The ship is now partially submerged. One person was killed and 9 are missing.
12.] on 28 April, 18 were killed and many more injured by a vessel explosion at a ship breaking site at Alang, northern India;
13.] on 29 April, 2 were killed after being overcome by toxic fumes aboard the M/V Blue Bird (St. Vincent & the Grenadines), off Wladyslawowo, Poland;
14.] on 29 April the container ship M/V City of London (Cypriot) ran aground after leaving Hamburg, Germany;
15.] on 1 May M/V Silver Sky (Bahamian containership built in 1992) was attacked by pirates using fishing vessels while moored at Xingang, China. The chief engineer was seriously injured but the port reportedly offered little assistance. The ship left the area to seek medical aid;.
16.] on 2 May M/V Song Do Ho (North Korean) collided with the M/V Eiryu Maru (Japanese) in the Kurushima Channel off Imabari, Japan;
17.] on 3 May M/V Tomis Future (Malte se bulk carrier) rammed the former U.S. Navy Independence-class Light Aircraft Carrier Cabot;
18.] on 5 May M/V Carl Metz (St. Vincent & the Grenadines general cargo ) ran aground on an island off Dragonera with 149 containers, sailing from Istanbul, Turkey, to the Italian island of Sicily;
19.] on 6 May the M/V Veni (Cypriot-registry bulker.) was damaged when it rammed the northern quay of a lock entering the Berendrechtsluis at Antwerp, Belgium;
20.] on 7 May M/T Ichiyo Maru No. 21 (Japanese product tanker) collided with the M/T Izumi Maru No. 60 (Japanese liquefied petroleum gas carrier) off the Kunisaki Peninsula of Kyushu, Japan. The No. 1 port cargo tank aboard the Ichiyo Maru No. 21 ruptured, spilling 13,000 gallons of gasoline;
21.] on 7 May M/V Xin Kang (Chinese cargo ship operated by COSCO Container Lines) ran aground early 7 May off Shikoku Island, Japan, while sailing through a waterway in the Inland Sea National Park;
22.] on 8 May the M/T Kipper (Maltese) took on water in its engine room at 40 degrees 11.8 minutes north, 17 degrees 02.3 minutes east and crew of 22 is being assisted by an Italian aircraft and 2 tugs in stabilizing the flooding;
23.] on 8 May M/V Crane Hope (Panamanian bulk carrier.) ran aground early off southwestern Yanashima Island, Japan; but refloated the next day;
24.] 9 May, the M/V Danica Sunrise (Danish general cargo) suffered a generator fire near the Channel Islands of the United Kingdom. The ship was carrying marble from Malaga, Spain, to Shoreham, England, when the fire began. Two French firefighters were taken to the M/V Danica Sunrise by helicopter.

The historic dangers of carriage by sea continue to be quite real. Shippers must be encouraged to purchase high quality marine cargo insurance from their freight forwarder or customs broker.


OUR "D" Section: FF in Cyberspace

7. The Cargo Letter "Cyber Ports Of Call"

Airforwarders Association. Show your support for the organization which supports our industry. JOIN TODAY! Goals of the Airforwarders Association are:

1. To promote a positive image and prominent position for all airfreight forwarders;
2. To raise the consciousness of the role that forwarders play in air transportation;
3. To study and facilitate ways in which the forwarding industry can improve and expand services to shippers;
4. To provide a forum for improved communication among the forwarding industry and with airlines, trucking companies and government agencies.


OUR "E" Section: The Forwarder/Broker World

8. Forwarder/Broker Law Firm Expands

A normal progression in our industry is for attorneys to first pass the bar examination and then learn the dynamics of transportation while working on client cases. The forwarder/broker lawyers of Countryman & McDaniel have now reversed this process with addition of Cameron Roberts, Esq. to their ranks. Roberts is a licensed U.S. Customs Broker and honed his forwarder/broker skills in such varied positions as Import Supervisor & Customer Service Manager. He is a former manager at the Harper Group and most recently served as Executive Vice President for Federated Transportation Systems International Division. These industry accomplishments are matched by a Cume Laude law degree from the University of Washington and several successful trials to date.

While there are only a handful of attorneys who focus on the forwarder/broker industry to begin with, how many have ever actually moved international freight .......... much less posses a Dangerous Goods Certification? Cameron Roberts is uniquely qualified to further the Countrym an & McDaniel mission of service to the international forwarder/broker community. Licensed in both California & Washington, Mr. Roberts will be based at LAX but also support the law firms continuing representations in the greater Seattle area.

Where's The Warren Levine Articles? ........ is a question several readers have asked concerning our Senior Correspondent for International Affairs. Mr. Warren S. Levine has relocated from Denver to assume duties as General Manager of Charles M. Schayer & Co. at Seattle, WA. Warren's insightful articles will return to The Cargo Letter shortly.

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