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31 January 2014

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       Here is what happened in our industry during the Month of January 2014.  Happy New Year, Happy 100th Year of Commercial Aviation and Happy 30th Birthday For Apple's Mac ! 

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OUR "A" Section: Trade, Financial & Inland News***
Freight Forwarder Trade Briefs _____________  

   ***The Case Against Iran ...... as EU and the U.S. eased sanctions against Iran's petrochemical exports this week with the Americans issuing the text of a background briefing on the Implementation Plan of the P5+1 and Iran's First Step Nuclear Agreement. Meanwhile, EU governments will implement sanctions relief for
Iran covered by a landmark nuclear deal, lifting a ban on insuring its oil, reported London's Tanker Operator. The U.S. State Dept. also issued a notice stating that each of the following importing nations of Iranian oil is qualified for an 180-day exemption: India, Malaysia, China, South Korea, Singapore, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Taiwan and Turkey. Under the Nov. 24 accord, the EU will suspend for six months a ban on insuring and transporting Iranian oil, as well as a trade ban affecting the country's petrochemicals, gold and other precious metals.

    ***China's The Top Trader ......as it has become the world's biggest trading nation, overtaking the United States in 2013 with an annual trade value surpassing US$4 trillion for the first time last year according to official data. Total trade increased 7.6% year-on-year to US$4.16 trillion, reported the London Guardian, which added that the U.S. has yet to publish its 2013 trade figures, but with trade totalling US$3.5 trillion in the first 11 months of the year, it is unlikely to beat China.
China's economy is revealing muted growth into 2014 compared to years of double-digit gains, it has slowed to 7.7% for all of 2013, slowing growth by 1.8%. According to analysts, cooling is possible despite a lack of evidence there is a trade deficit due to a move to increase domestic consumption which could come at the expense of exports and investment growth. It is on course to meet a GDP growth of 7.5% into 2014, slowest pace since 1990, but there are still risks of debt problems at home, an overheated real estate market and risky lending against a backdrop of reforms. 

    ***China's Indexes Dip ...... as it's Federation of Logistics and Purchasing (CFLP) has unveiled that the country's Logistics Purchasing Index (LPI) dropped slightly by 0.6 percentage point year on year to 52.4% in December. Business volume index fell 1.3 percentage points to 55.7%. Capital turnover index was at 50.3%, down 3.3 percentage points year on year. Fixed asset investment index climbed 1.6 percentage points to 52.8%. Logistics service price index dropped 1.1 percentage points to 50.3%. NOTE
>  In observance of the upcoming Chinese Lunar New Year, most factories and offices in mainland China will be closed from Jan. 31 to Feb. 6, 2014, and in Hong Kong from Jan. 31 to Feb. 3, 2014. 

   Japan's Buy Increases ...... as its imports from the
United States increased by 34.9% to US$6.28Bn in Nov. 2013 compared to the same month the previous year, rising for the 8th month in a row. According to Japan's Finance Ministry, imports from the US grew at a much faster pace than those from any other major trading partner. Imports from China and the European Union were up by 5.9% and 19.4%, respectively. The surge in imports from the US was led by aircraft, motors and petroleum products, which soared by 391%, 58.3% and 391%, respectively, in value terms, reports the Journal of Commerce.

   ***Historic WTO Deal Will Cross Borders .......as last month ministers from 159 countries reached a deal intended to boost global trade at a meeting in
Bali, Indonesia. For the first time in their 18-year history of the World Trade Organization's comprehensive agreement involves an effort to simplify the procedures for doing business across borders. There will also be improved duty-free access for goods sold by the world's poorest countries. The deal, which could add about US$1Tn to world trade, gives developing nations more scope to increase farm subsidies. "For the first time in our history, the WTO has truly delivered," said WTO chief Roberto Azevedo, as the organisation reached its first comprehensive agreement since it was founded in 1995. The core of this agreement is what is called trade facilitation. This is about reducing the costs and delays involved in international trade. It is often described as "cutting red tape". Some analysts suggest the benefits could be large. An influential Washington think tank has put the potential gains to the world economy at close to $1Tn and 20 million jobs.It also estimates the cost of administrative barriers as double the cost of tariffs. The rich countries have agreed to help the poorer WTO members with implementing this agreement. Another important aspect of the Bali package deals with enabling poor countries to sell their goods more easily. This part is about tariffs, and also quota limits on imports.
Learn More About The WTO

   ***Anticipatory Shipping -- The Next Thing? ...... as Amazon.com has filed for a patent for a shipping system that would anticipate what customers buy to decrease shipping time. Amazon says the shipping system works by analyzing customer data like, purchasing history, product searches, wish lists and shopping cart contents, the Wall Street Journal reports. According to the patent filing, items would be moved from Amazon's fulfillment center to a shipping hub close to the customer in anticipation of an eventual purchase."According to one embodiment, a method may include packaging one or more items as a package for eventual shipment to a delivery address, selecting a destination geographical area to which to ship the package, shipping the package to the destination geographical area without completely specifying the deliver address at time of shipment, and while the package is in transit, completely specifying the delivery address for the package," the patent filing says. Amazon applied for the patent in August 2012 and was approved on
Dec. 24, 2013. The company has 225 million customers worldwide and reported over US$61Bn in total revenue in 2012.
Study Details & Flow Charts of The U.S. Patent

    ***Australian In Seoul Pact ..... as the government announced last week it has secured a free trade agreement with Asian giant
South Korea after 4 years of negotiations. South Korea is Australia's 3rd-largest export market and Prime Minister Tony Abbott said the deal would see tariffs of up to 300% gradually eliminated on key Australian agricultural exports, such as beef, wheat, sugar and dairy. Bilateral trade between Australia and South Korea reached A$32Bn (US$29Bn) in 2012 and Abbott said "this agreement will help take that to a new level". Independent modelling shows the FTA would be worth A$5Bn between 2015 and 2030, and boost the Australian economy by about A$650M annually after 15 years.
What Is An FTA And How Is The
U.S. Involved?

    ***Deadly Ivory ....... as Hong Kong has confirmed it will destroy 29.6 tons held in four undisclosed government facilities under close security watch by guards and CCTV. The cache of poached ivory consists of tusks and trinkets, and will take up to two years to be incinerated by
Hong Kong, a key transshipment port for illegal tusks. The remaining 1.6 tons of ivory will be kept for use in educational conservation and science, allowed by CITES, the international body for protection of endangered wild life. It follows China's recent show of crushing 6.2 tons of ivory, cited as the world's largest market of the ivory trade by WWF, and the United States burning a similar tonnage of ivory. The Philippines, Kenya and Gabon have also destroyed its seized ivory. Ivory has a growing market in China for consumers in ornamental purposes of carvings, chopsticks and trinkets, and in lesser amounts in traditional medicine. 

   ***Simplified Wine Exports To China ...... as beginning
March 1, 2014, the People's Republic of China (PRC) will accept a one-page Wine Export Certificate (consolidated certificate) from U.S. industry members for U.S. wine products exported from the United States. This consolidated certificate is a multi-purpose document, which can be used as a certificate of origin, certificate of health/sanitation and certificate of authenticity/free sale.
Read Details For Exporting Wine To China

   ***Higher & Later Season Peak ...... as UPS delivered a record 31 million packages on Dec. 23, an increase of 13% compared to the prior year's peak day. Last year's highest delivery day occurred six days later than expected and volumes were 7.5% higher than planned.

    ***China's Express ...... as PRC companies handled a total of 9.2 billion pieces of courier packages last year, which surged 60% from 2012, and is the second largest volume under the
U.S. Last year, China's highest single-day parcel handling volume topped 65 million pieces. Revenue from the express industry increased 36% to US$23.67Bn.

    ***FedEx Express Brazil Expansion .......as it is to open two stations in
Brazil, one in Belo Horizonte, the state of Minas Gerais and the other in Rio de Janeiro, Barra da Tijuca. The express courier acquired Brazilian shipping company Rapidao Cometa Logistica e Transportes in May 2012 which will now serve the region of Minas Gerais as a FedEx company rather than its partner. 

   ***UPS Freight Has Best Paid LTL Drivers ..... as employees in the Teamsters union approved a 5-year agreement that gives workers a total US$2.50 per hour wage boost that the union said makes them the best-paid drivers in the less-than-truckload industry. The tentative contract that covers 13,000 workers was announced on Jan. 6, offering higher wages, improved pension benefits, new health care options and offers a new structure for subcontracting. The union announced the approval Jan. 12.

    ***Forward Air Buys Into New Mode ...... as it will buy Central States Trucking Co. for US$95.6M.. The purchase from Central States Inc. includes the company's Central States Logistics unit. Founded in 1980, CST provides container and intermodal drayage services, primarily in the
Midwest. Bensenville, Ill.-based CST also provides airport-to-airport linehaul service and dedicated contract and container freight station warehouse services. CST has a seven-terminal network and about 500 office employees and drivers. Last year, it had unaudited revenue of about US$66M.
Read More Aboout Central States Trucking

   ***Piloting Crime ..... as three more former employees of truck-stop chain Pilot Flying J have pleaded guilty to fraud-related charges in a U.S. District Court in
Knoxville, Tenn. A report by The Cleveland Plain Dealer said one of those pleading was Brian Mosher, the chain's former national director of sales, who was mentioned in an FBI affidavit when news of the investigation broke in April last year. The two others who cut plea deals were regional sales personnel. Knoxville-based Pilot has been accused of swindling trucking companies on fuel rebates, particularly smaller carriers. Seven other former employees already have completed plea bargains.
Learn More About Pilot Flying J

France Gets A Bit Longer ........ as railway Fret SNCF has successfully tested Europe's longest ever freight train - measuring 1,500 meters by coupling two 750-meter trains totalling 70 rail cars over a 240 kilometers between yards serving Lyon and Nimes, reports Lloyd's Loading List. Average long freights elsewhere average nearly 2,000 meters, made possible with distributed-power units or additional engines between long chains of cars. In Canada, double-stack container trains of 4,200 meters are regularly operated by the Canadian National Railway with distributed power locomotives. General cargo trains are limited to 3,700 meters. U.S. trains are limited to 3,658 meters – electronically controlled pneumatic braked (180 cars).  – AAR Standard S-4200..

    ***American-Indians, Cigarettes, Lawyers & Livery ....... as
New York City has sued FedEx Corp, accusing it of illegally delivering millions of contraband cigarettes to people's homes and seeking US$52M in fines and unpaid taxes. According to the city, FedEx created a "public nuisance" through its partnership with Shinnecock Smoke Shop, located on the Shinnecock Indian Nation reservation in Southampton, New York, to ship untaxed cigarettes to residential homes. FedEx allegedly did so despite, and even while negotiating, a February 2006 agreement with New York State's then attorney general Eliot Spitzer, to stop such deliveries in the state, an agreement later expanded to cover deliveries throughout the country. The city said FedEx delivered about 19.5 tons, or 55,000 cartons, of cigarettes to city residents in 9,900 shipments from 2005 to 2012 and deprived it of a US$15 excise tax on each carton. A typical carton has 200 cigarettes.
Read More About The Shinnecock Indian Nation

   ***When Your Donkey Meat Is Delivered Foxy ...... as Wal-Mart has recalled locally-supplied donkey meat retailed in China after DNA of other animals was found in the product, said a company statement. The Shandong Food and Drug Administration said the "Five Spice" snack product contained fox meat. Donkey meat is popular in parts of
China, involving the consumption of 2.4 million donkeys a year, according to country's livestock industry yearbook, said Reuters. Wal-Mart operates 400 facilities in China, and competes with market leaders Sun Art Retail Group Ltd and China Resources, which in August teamed up with Tesco. In 2011, China fined Wal-Mart and Carrefour a total of US$1.57M for manipulating product prices. Wal-Mart was also fined for selling duck meat past its sell-by-date.

    ***Hauling The Results of Donkey Meat ..... as Austrian hazmat specialists called in after Geiger counters showed alarmingly high readings for a dump truck arriving at an incinerator have found the problem — radioactive adult diapers. After unloading the truck, firefighters from the hazardous materials unit of the city of
Linz found nearly two dozen diapers from a hospital that had become contaminated with radioactive iodine. The substance is swallowed during some medical and diagnostic procedures. While radiation levels were substantially above normal, unit leader Dieter Jonas says no one was in danger during the Jan. 7 incident. Austrian officials, however, are tracing the truck's route. And the truck will stay in a metal container at the incinerator for eight days — the time it takes for the emissions to reach safe levels.
The Cargo Letter Financial Page ____________  

DOWN with a a 5.3% year on year profit decline to US$426M in 2013 drawn on revenues of US$3Bn, up 2%..
  **JetBlue Airways (nation's 5th largest). 
UP with a profit of US$168M for 2013, up from US$128M in prior year, and US$47M in the 4th quarter, an increase from US$1M a year earlier
  **Knight Transportation Inc. 
UP as 4th-quarter profit increased 13.6% on improved freight demand. to US$20.1M, or 25 cents a share, from US$17.7M, or 22 cents, a year earlier.
  **Norfolk Southern Corp. 
UP with a 24% year-on-year increase in 4th quarter net profit to US$513M, drawn on revenues of US$2.8Bn, up 7.5%.
  **United Continental Holdings (
UAL). UP with an 84% increase in 2013 profit to US$571M, drawn on revenues of US$38.3Bn, up 3%.
  **Union Pacific (UP). 
UP with a 20% 4th quarter year-on-year profit increase to US$1.2Bn, drawn on revenues of US$5.6Bn, up 7%.                            

OUR "B" Section: FF World Air News***
Freight Forwarder World Air Briefs __________  

   ***Celebrating The Commercial Aviation Centennial ...... as January 2014 marks exactly 100 years since the birth of commercial aviation. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) invites everyone with an interest in aviation to join a year-long celebration of the 100th anniversary and take part in a conversation about what needs to happen to make the next 100 years even more momentous. On
Jan. 1, 1914, a team of four visionaries combined efforts in the first scheduled commercial airline flight. Percival Fansler organised the funding for the St. Petersburg-Tampa Airboat Line ,which provided the first scheduled air service across Tampa Bay, Florida. Thomas Benoist's airboat conducted the first flight, piloted by Tony Jannus. Abram Pheil, then mayor of St. Petersburg, paid US$400 at auction for the 23-minute flight. These pioneers could not have envisioned the transformational changes that would follow. The industry began with only one passenger on one route on January 1, 1914. Today, the global aviation industry provides unprecedented connectivity and positively impacts -- directly & indirectly -- people in all corners of the world. On average, everyday more than 8 million people fly. In 2013 total passenger numbers were 3.1 billion—surpassing the 3 billion mark for the first time ever. That number is expected to grow to 3.3 billion in 2014 (equivalent to 44% of the world's population). About 50 million tons of cargo is transported by air each year (about 140,000 tonnes daily). The annual value of these goods is some US$6.4Tr—or 35% of the value of goods traded internationally. Aviation supports over 57 million jobs and generates US$2.2Tr in economic activity. The industry's direct economic contribution of around US$540Bn would, if translated into the GDP ranking of countries, place the industry in 19th position. Global airline industry turnover is expected to be US$743Bn in 2014, with an average industry net profit margin of 2.6%.
Read More About St. Petersburg-Tampa Airboat Line -- The World's First Scheduled Airline
First Airline Offered No Frills, Many Thrills
The 2014 Reenactment -- Video

    ***Airlines Suspend Ticket Sales In Venezuela......as they are locked in a battle with President Nicolas Maduro's cash-strapped government to repatriate $3.3 billion trapped inside the country by rigid currency controls.  Airlines are required to wait approximately 12 months for the government to convert their bolivar earnings into dollars, with the time lag growing.  Weeks of negotiations have failed to produce a deal, with airlines reportedly balking at the government's offer to honour the debt with a combination of bonds, cash and jet fuel, which is cheaper to produce in the oil-rich nation.  United Airlines, American Airlines, COPA Airlines, Air
Canada, Air Europa and Ecuador's TAME airline are among those significantly affected, with some suspending ticket sales.  TAME airline even suspended its daily flights to Venezuela as a result of the situation. 

    ***Airports Council International Reports Growth ....... as the ACI, a worldwide association of airports with 592 member airport authorities, reports air freight volumes at the world's airports stayed positive for a second month in a row, with November's result up 3.4% year on year. This comes after a sluggish year for most of 2013 with growth almost flat over the last 12 months. The growth in air freight traffic was primarily fuelled by the international market, which was up 5.4% in Nov. year on year, while domestic markets remain weak at minus 1%.
Dubai (up 11.6%) and Hong Kong (Up 6.6%) were the key international freight hubs. Airports serving a large domestic market did not fare as well, with Beijing volumes falling 1.7% in Nov. 2013. ACI predicted that rising business confidence and an improving U.S. economic outlook will likely drive up air freight volumes as compared to the last 24 months. 
Learn More About ACI

    ***Swiss Competition Commission Levies On 11 ...... as the COMCO has levied fines of US$12M on 11 air cargo carriers for anti-trust behaviour. The 11 carriers: Korean Air, Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings (Polar Air Cargo Worldwide), American Airlines, United Continental, Scandinavian Airlines, Japan Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Cargolux, British Airways and Air France-KLM, were penalised for fixing airfreight prices from January 2000 to Feb. 2006. COMCO said the investigation found that the airlines had agreed on a variety of elements that affected the pricing of airfreight transportation, including freight rates and surcharges for fuel. The Swiss competition watchdog said the activities of the airlines constituted a "seriousness infringement" of Article 5, Paragraph 3 of Switzerland's Cartel Act. The case follows litigations in the past by the U.S. Dept. of Justice and authorities in the European Union that have already investigated and fined various airlines involved in the case.

    ***FAA Orders inspection of Boeing 767s
......as an order by the Federal Aviation Administration set for publication in the Federal register calls for beefed up inspections of the elevator flight control mechanism.  Elevators that do not work properly have not been identified as causing any 767 accident. The FAA first became aware of the problem in 2000, when it ordered enhanced checks to find problems.  The mandate takes effect in March and requires
U.S. airlines to replace suspect components within six years.  At least one airline, United Airlines, objected to the FAA action, arguing that service bulletins issued by Boeing in 2007 and 2008 have addressed many of those problems. The FAA, however, rejected those arguments. 

    ***Airbus Hits Milestone ....... as it exceeded commercial targets in 2013, achieving a new record of 626 aircraft deliveries (493 A320 Family aircraft, 108 A330, 25 A380) to 93 customers (15 new) and a new industry record of 1619 gross orders (377 A320ceo, 876 A320neo, 77 A330, 239 A350 XWB, 50 A380), beating the previous record in 2011 by 11 aircraft. The year was also Airbus' most valuable gross order intake (list price US$240.5Bn). By year end, the backlog had climbed to an industry wide record of 5,559 aircraft, valued at US$809Bn at list prices, or 8 years production. Aircraft deliveries in 2013 were up for the 12th year in a row, beating the initial target and surpassing the previous record set in 2012 (588) by an additional 38 aircraft.

    ***Boeing Hits Milestone ...... as it set a company record in 2013 for the most commercial airplanes delivered in a single year with 648. The company's unfilled commercial orders stood at 5,080 at the end of the year – also a new Boeing record. Boeing also booked 1,531 gross commercial orders in 2013, a new company record and 1,355 net commercial orders in 2013, the second-largest number in company history. In 2013, three programs set records for deliveries in single year:
• The 737 program delivered 440 Next-Generation 737s
• The 777 program delivered 98 airplanes
• The 787 program delivered 65 Dreamliners, now flying with 16 customers around the world

    ***Boeing In Gale of Progress ...... as it has announced that high-speed wind tunnel tests have started for the Boeing 777X. Testing began last week at Boeing's Transonic Wind Tunnel in
Seattle. Boeing continues to make progress on the 777X program and is on track to reach firm configuration in 2015. The 777X program has 280 orders and commitments from five customers worldwide.
Read More Aboout The Boeing 777X

   ***Airbus Wings Project Forward .......as it successfully performed the ultimate load test of the A350 XWB's wing in Dec. 2013, applying loads up to 1.5 times higher than those the aircraft would ever encounter in its entire in-service life. At ultimate load, the A350 XWB wingtip deflection exceeds five meters. These successful ultimate load tests are important milestones for type certification and another step on the road entry into service of the A350 XWB in 4Q14.
Read More About The A350 XWD

    ***First Flight ...... as Lufthansa Cargo's new Boeing 777F freighter has flown for the first time to Asia, landing safely in Mumbai, India at 03:08 am local time following a seven-hour flight. The freighter was carrying 90 tons of cargo. The German carrier's two new Boeing 777Fs are mainly being used in scheduled operations between
Europe and North America for the time being. The carrier has another three Boeing 777Fs on order. The new aircraft is quieter, has lower emissions and is more economical than any other freighter in its class. With a full payload of 103 tons, it is able to remain in the air for 10.5 hours. This means that it can fly non-stop for 9,000 kilometres, enabling Lufthansa Cargo to fly direct and fully loaded from Frankfurt to Shanghai, for example.

   ***Nearing End of The MD11F ...... as Air France-KLM plans to remove from its fleet in 2015 two of KLM-Martinair Cargo's freighters, one MD-11F and one Boeing 747-400 ERF, to reduce the size of its fleet to 8 cargo planes now that 70% of its air freight flies on passenger aircraft. As a result, 160 staff will be laid off at the Air France G1XL hub at
Paris Roissy-CDG Airport. Last September, Air France announced it was re-focusing its cargo fleet on two B777F with the phase-out of its five B747-400 extended range freighters (ERFs), only two of which are in service, reported Lloyd's Loading List.
Read More About The MD-11F

   ***The Old Is New Again ...... as Eastern Air Lines Group has filed an application with the United States Dept. of Transportation for a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity.  Eastern plans on commencing its Part 121 certification with the Federal Aviation Administration shortly and has retained legal counsel and consultants for this purpose. Eastern's headquarters is located in Building 5A at MIA. Eastern Air Lines Group, Inc. is not affiliated with the former Eastern Air Lines, which operated from 1928 to 1991 as one of the largest
U.S. domestic air carriers. This said, the new line will feature the logo of its famous predesseor.
See The "New" Eastern Airlines Logo
History of The Original

   ***Aeroflot Group Buys ......as it will assume full commercial control of Rossiya Airlines on 30 March 2014, continuing the process of successful integration of the subsidiaries that Aeroflot acquired from State Corporation Rostec in 2011. All flights operated by Rossiya Airlines will be designated by Aeroflot's IATA code (SU), and the code of Rossiya Airlines (FV) will cease to be used.
Read More About Rossiya Airlines

   ***New Giants ...... as Ukraine and Russia plan to restart production of the Antonov An-124 heavy transport as part of an economic co-operation agreement signed between Kiev and Moscow on 17 December, the Ukrainian government says. "
Ukraine and Russia are to restore series production of An-124 aircraft with Ukrainian engines. The total number to be built is 80 aircraft," Ukrainian prime minister Mykola Azarov says. The revenue from the sale of the aircraft will be around US$80Bn, he adds. First flown in 1982, the An-124 is the world's first highest gross weight production cargo airplane and world's second heaviest operating cargo aircraft, behind the one-off Antonov An-225 (a greatly enlarged design based on the An-124).

    ***Smelling Trouble ...... as French Customs, tipped off by a sniffer dog at Paris-Orly airport, seized 98 kilos of cocaine with a street value of US$8.7M. The drugs were discovered in the middle of a pallet containing avocados unloaded from a flight which came from the
Dominican Republic. Eighty-eight packages of cocaine were impounded, as well as two tons of avocados, which were bound for fruit and vegetable trader, reported Lloyd's Loading List. A forwarder was also questioned, but it is not known whether charges have been laid. 

>>> Air France volume decreased by 4.6% in 2013 compared to the previous year on 2.7% lower capacity, leading to a 1.3 point decline in load factor to 64.4%. >>> Cathay Pacific and Dragonair carried 139,608 tons of cargo and mail in December 2013, a decline of 5% year on year with 63.3% load factor, while passenger volumes increased 3.3% to 2,604,115. >>> Lufthansa Cargo increased its freight load factor in 2013 to 69.9%, having flown 1.7 million tons of cargo and mail, almost equalling its 2012 level. >>> Amsterdam's Schiphol handled a total of 1,531,089 tons of cargo in 2013, representing growth of 3.2% compared to the previous year. >>> South Korea's air cargo traffic in 2013 rose 0.7% compared to the previous year to 3,498,947 tons, marking the first positive year-on-year growth since 2010.  

   ***Traveling With An Alligator Bag ...... as authorities have arrested a woman they believe left a small alligator at
Chicago's O'Hare Int'l Airport late last year. In a news release, Chicago police said 29-year-old Alexis Prokopchuk of suburban Oakbrook Terrace was charged with misdemeanor counts of reckless conduct and cruelty to animals. She was arrestedJan 21. The 2-foot-long alligator was spotted and captured in a baggage claim area on Nov. 1 of last year. Police recovered security footage that showed a woman with an alligator under her arm boarding a Chicago Transit Authority train, then chatting on a cellphone while the animal sat in her hand on her knee. An hour later, she disembarked at the airport.

    ***Clogged Pumps ...... as gold concealed within motor pumps, and in sealed parcels, weighing 6.75 kilos was seized at the international cargo complex at Chennai airport by the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI). As much as 0.75 kilos was found in each of the 7 motor pumps from
Singapore and the remaining were found in sealed unclaimed parcels with fake recipient addresses, according to a report from New Delhi's Business Standard, which cited the ongoing investigation. India's import duty on gold has risen dramatically giving rise to smugglers and a rise in illegal channels. In the fiscal 2012-2013, seizures of smuggled gold doubled from the previous year to US$15.9M.

   ***Did That New Part Come In? ...... as use of an incorrect fastener (lack of a ten cent washer) allowed fuel to leak out of the wing over a China Airlines 737 as it taxiied to a stop, resulting in total hull loss. Airport firefighters are there within 2 minutes but it is too late - entire plane was engulfed.
Watch The Amazing FAA Video 

    ***All Passengers Must Check Their Bombs Before Boarding ....... as a man who had a pipe bomb in his carry-on bag was still allowed to board his international flight from Edmonton last fall, even after screening officers seized the explosive device from him. Skylar Murphy, 18, pleaded guilty last month to possession of an explosive substance in connection with the September incident at the
Edmonton International Airport. He was sentenced to a year of probation and fined C$100. When screening officers found what court documents describe as black powder and a pipe bomb inside the passenger's carry-on bag on Sept. 20, 2013, they seized the suspicious items but still allowed him to board an international flight. It wasn't until four days later that Canada's Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) called the RCMP. Three days after that, on Sept. 27, Murphy was arrested upon his return to Canada. CATSA would not reveal his travel destination.

OUR "C" Section:  FF World Ocean News***
FF World Ocean Briefs                                                     

   ***Results From Finally Arming The Vessels ...... as reports from the International Maritime Bureau that piracy is at a six- year low are welcomed. However, maritime security company GoAGT said attacks on two ships a month ago show it is not the time to "consign Somali piracy to history." IMB's annual global piracy report shows more than 300 people were taken hostage at sea last year and 21 were injured, nearly all with guns or knives. A total of 12 vessels were hijacked, 202 were boarded, 22 fired upon and a further 28 reported attempted attacks. Fifteen incidents attributed to Somali pirates in 2013 included two hijacked vessels, both of which were released within a day as a result of naval actions. A further 8 vessels were fired upon. Nigerian pirates were particularly violent, killing one crewman and kidnapping 36 to hold onshore for ransom. But there are threats in a new area as the
Ivory Coast is adding around 40 new vessels to its depleted navy as it confronts a growing threat from pirates in the Gulf of Guinea, the country's defense minister said on Jan, 28. Attacks on commercial vessels off the coast of oil-rich West Africa jumped by a third last year. The first known hijacking of a vessel in Ivory Coast territorial waters occurred late in 2012. Similar attacks followed.
Read More About The Int'l Maritime Bureau

   ***Hapag-Lloyd Goes Public & Buys CSAV ...... as the German container line is planning an initial public offering on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange after it signs a binding merger deal with Chilean container line Compania Sud Americana de Vapores SA within the next two months, people involved in the deal said Jan. 23. The merger will form the world's fourth-largest container shipping company. CSAV will own 30% of the new company and will join German billionaire Klaus-Michael Kuehne and the city of
Hamburg to control a total of 75.5%. The companies plan two capital increases of US$507M each, and CSAV will also seek to raise another US$200M to buy new ships. The shares of CSAV fell this month on concern minority investors will see their stakes cut by the capital increases, according to Arturo Curtze, an analyst at asset manager VanTrust Capital. Hapag-Lloyd currently operates a fleet of about 150 vessels, or 4.1% of the global container shipping industry, according to data compiled by consultant Alphaliner. CSAV has 50 ships, or 1.5% of the global market. Maersk is the world's biggest cargo-box carrier with 14.6% of the global fleet. Switzerland's Mediterreanean Shipping Co. has 13.3% and CMA CGM SA has 8.5%, according to Alphaliner.
Read The History & Details of
Read The History & Details of Hapag-Lloyd

    ***COSCO Struggles Back ...... as the parent of Cosco Container Lines, has staved off delisting from the Shanghai Stock Exchange after managing to prevent a third straight year of loss-making through the sale of assets totaling US$1.3Bn. All of the main assets divested last year were acquired by the COSCO Group, its parent company, in various related party transactions. In a filing to the bourse, China Cosco said it expects to post a profit for 2013, compared to a net loss of US$1.51Bn in 2012 and a loss of US$1.62Bn in 2011. Full year 2013 results will be announced on March 27. Regardless, Cosco is still pursuing its fleet renewal plans. Cosco plans to order five new 9,400 TEU containerships from Chinese yards.
Read The History & Details of COSCO

   ***A New American Sealand ....... as Denmark's Maersk Line has announced that it is spinning off its intra-Americas services by forming a new regional container shipping company, SeaLand, dedicated to the North, Central and South America markets as well as the Caribbean. The new independent unit will officially commence operations on
January 1, 2015. Maersk Line will this year begin the transition of its intra-Americas business to SeaLand in phases. Its existing intra-Americas service network will be the foundation for SeaLand's ocean products. Local sales and support personnel will be positioned across the region, and approximately 240 personnel will begin their new roles by July 1, 2014.
Read About The Original Sea-Land Service, inc

   ***The Mexican Navy Attacks ....... as when the leaders of Mexico and China met last summer, there was much talk of the need to deepen trade between their nations. Down on
Mexico's Pacific coast, a drug gang was already making it a reality. The Knights Templar cartel, steadily diversifying into other businesses, became so successful at exporting iron ore to China that the Mexican Navy in November had to move in and take over the port in Lazaro Cardenas, a city that has become one of the gang's main cash generators. This steelmaking center, drug smuggling hot spot and home of a rapidly growing container port in the western state of Michoacan occupies a strategic position on the Pacific coast, making it a natural gateway for burgeoning trade with China. Lazaro Cardenas opened to container traffic just a decade ago, and with a harbor deep enough to berth the world's largest ships, it already aims to compete with Los Angeles to handle Asian goods bound for the U.S. market.
Read More About The Knights Templar Cartel

   ***Trouble At The Big Ditch ...... as construction of the third set of locks on the Panama Canal is to continue after the contractor withdrew a threat to stop work on January 20 unless the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) paid US$1.6Bn in cost overruns. The contractor, Grupo Unidos por el Canal (GUPC), plans to meet the ACP and insurers to discuss the status of the work, including its US$600M bond on the US$3.1Bn locks project. Meanwhile, the Panama Canal Authority has turned down an offer by the European Commission (EC), reported Reuters. The EC said GPUC had requested European mediation. Canal Administrator Jorge Quijano said the ACP is in discussions with other contractors in case it cannot resolve its dispute with the GUPC. He estimated the remaining work would cost US$1.5Bn.
Read More About The
New Canal Ocks
Live Cameras of The Miaflores Locks

   ***Why Don't We Start Digging  Over By That Tree? ........as the construction of a new canal in
Nicaragua linking the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean has been delayed by a year and will not begin until 2015. The head of the canal authority, Manuel Coronel Kautz, says more time is needed to carry out feasibility studies and choose a route. The estimated cost of the projected waterway is US$40bn. Environmentalists say Nicaragua's alternative to the Panama Canal will bring permanent risk to the region. President Daniel Ortega had said Nicaragua planned to begin construction in May 2014. He says the project will give the Central American nation - one of the poorest in the region - its "economic independence". But Mr Coronel Kautz said construction would now "probably" begin next year. He told La Prensa newspaper in Nicaragua that only when the feasibility studies were concluded would it be possible to choose a "definite route". Several routes were proposed, all of them about three times longer than the Panama Canal, which took 10 years to build and was finished in 1914. The waterway connects the Caribbean with the Pacific via Lake Nicaragua or Cocibolca, Central America's largest freshwater lake. Its length is estimated at just under 300km (190 miles). Critics of the project in Nicaragua challenged the company's credentials and said it did not have the necessary experience to undertake on such a big project. Nicaragua's announcement comes after a European-led consortium expanding the Panama Canal threatened to halt work unless the Panama Canal Authority met more than US$1.6Bn in cost overruns.
Read More About The Proposed Canal

   ***New Investment At Suez ...... as Egypt's plans to build an international industrial and logistics hub close to the Suez Canal on 76,000 square kilometers of land, to boost business development, has taken a major step forwards. It is to choose the winning bid after putting the project out to tender. The Suez Canal Authority (SCA) has selected 14 Egyptian and international joint venture consortia, out of 33 groups who responded to the initial tender, to submit master plans for the Suez Canal Regional Development Project (SCRDP), reports Lloyd's List.

    ***Building New Giants ........ as China Shipping Container Lines (CSCL) has ordered five 19,000-TEU ships from Hyundai 
Heavy Industries, which will be the biggest containerships afloat having trumped Maersk's giant same-size quartet, the 18,270-TEU M/V Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller, M/V Majestic Maersk, M/V Mary Maersk and M/V Marie Maersk. But since the order was made, Hyundai said the vessels for CSCL had been further upgraded from 18,400 TEU to 19,000 TEU at CSCL's request. Hyundai said in a statement that the first ship would be delivered in November, reports Agence France-Presse. Each ship will boast a 400-meter deck, while standing 30.5 meters high and 58.6 meters wide. The size broke previous records of the 18,000 TEU vessel Daewoo Shipbuilding had built for Maersk.

   ***Kenya Drops The Hammer ....... as a court in
Mombasa has handed down 7 year jail terms to 24 Somali pirates for carrying out an attack off Somalia on an Iranian fishing vessel they intended to use as a mothership to base further attacks. The 24 pirates join the growing list of others who have been convicted and sentenced by Kenyan courts for piracy on the high seas.

    ***Great Lakes Tonnage Down ...... as shipments of coal on the
Great Lakes totaled 24.6 million tons in 2013, a decrease of 2.8% compared to 2012. Some of the decrease can be attributed to the early onset of winter in Dec., which lead to a 17% decrease in loadings on Lake Superior. For the year, coal loadings at Lake Superior terminals totaled 15 million tons, a decrease of 62,000 tons compared to 2012. 

   ***Panama Canal Pink Slips .......as the expansion project could put more panamax-sized vessels out of work as the widening of the waterway reinforces the trend towards bigger containerships. Panamax vessels with a maximum beam of 32.3 meters used to be the largest ships that were able to transit the canal because of the width restrictions of its locks. The fact that containerships of up to 13,000 TEU will be able to transit the canal once the building of the third set of locks has been completed, compared with the current limitation of 5,100 TEU, means U.S. east coast ports are gearing up to handle larger ships and extra volumes. The panamax sector had the highest amount of inactive tonnage in 39 of the 52 weeks in 2013.

    ***New Container Technolgy ....... as eyeing vast new efficiencies in global fresh produce and fresh-cut flower transport, Maersk Container Industry (MCI) is now partnering with Boston-based technology company Primaira LLC to develop an air cleaning system in Star Cool Integrated refrigerated containers. Thorough tests and trials have shown the patented technology, Bluezone®, to be an efficient eliminator of molds, fungi and bacteria. Using an ozone concentration 300 times higher than otherwise seen on the market, Bluezone also removes ethylene effectively. The Bluezone developers say it has modal shift potential. Fresh-cut flowers, for example, are a US$14Bn market globally, and more than 90% of the intercontinental shipments are by air. Bluezone in Star Cool will be available in 2nd half 2014.
Preview The Maersk Video

   ***Quad Lift ...... as DP World London Gateway has become the first port to lift four containers at one time on its quay cranes, which doubles the amount of containers it can lift in one pass. The spreader is capable of handling
four twenty foot containers or two forty foot containers at a time, this doubles the quay crane's capacity for moving containers, which will increase efficiency and productivity for UK shippers.
See Photos & Video of The Quad Lift

   ***Shanghai Still #1 ...... as the world's busiest container port will retain its title for the third year running since it leapfrogged Singapore's container volumes in 2010. In 2013, the Chinese port based at the mouth of the
Yangtze River achieved total throughput of 33.6 million TEU, an increase of 3.4% from 32.5 million TEU in 2012. Its closest rival of Singapore, the Southeast Asia city based at the southern end of the Malacca Strait, saw container volume stand at 29.8 million TEU in the first 11 months of 2013, but is yet to announce the total year results. It would need in excess of 3.8 million TEU volume in Dec. to beat off Shanghai. 

    ***Neighborly Feud ...... as growth at the
Port of Long Beach out performed its Los Angeles rival where box volumes fell 2.59% to 7,868,582 TEU in 2013 year on year against LB's 11.3% annual increase to 6,730,573 TEU. Long Beach loaded inbound boxes were up 12.8% to 6,730,573 TEU, with laden outbound containers up 10.7% to 1,704,930 TEU while empties came in at 1,570,318 TEU an increase of 8.8%. Los Angeles December volumes came in at 653,358 TEU, up 11.09% with imports rising 8.63% to 296,874 TEU, while exports increased to 147,417 TEU, up 16.85% with empties up 10.24% to 588,154 TEU.

>>> Port of Antwerp is expected to handle a total of 190.6 million tonnes of cargo in 2013, an increase of 3.5% compared with 2012, beating the previous record set in 2008. >>> Volumes on the Asia-Europe trade lane for Jan. to Nov. rose by 3.9% compared to the same period the previous year to total 12.7 million TEU, setting 2013 on track for beating the full-year result for 2012, but 2013's container volumes still lag 1.4% behind 2011 figures for the first 11 months of the year. >>> Port of Dunkirk posted a record 12% year on year increase in container volume to 292,000 TEU in 2013, attributed to the opening of new short sea shipping lines and a perishables boom. >>>Hong Kong port handled 1.96 million TEU in Dec., representing a year-on-year increase of 5.4% from 1.86 million TEU in Dec. last year. >>> Port of Kaohsiung handled a total of 9.94 million TEU in 2013, an increase of 1.6 % compared to 2012, according to figures from Taiwan port authorities. >>> Port of Ningbo handled 16.77 million TEU in 2013, which was 7% more than in 2012, ranking it third in China and sixth in the world. >>> OOCL carried 1,395,794 TEU in the 4th quarter of 2013, up 10%  from the same period last year, a strong finish to a year in which it moved 5,293,537 TEU - a much more modest 1.5% increase over 2012. >>> Panama Canal posted a transit record of 87.7 million tons (Panama Canal Universal Measurement System) during the 1st quarter of the fiscal year ending Dec. 31, a 4.8% increase over what had been forecast, and beating the standing quarterly record of 86.2 million tons set in 2012. >>> Port of Rotterdam posted a 0.2% year-on-year decline in 2013 cargo throughput to 440.5 million tons in 2013. >>> Singapore port handled a record total of 32.6 million TEU in 2013, an increase of 2.9% compared to the previous year, making it the world's second busiest container port after Shanghai's throughput rose 3.4% to 33.6 million TEU.

   ***The Month In
U.S. Navy History
1813 - U.S. frigate Chesapeake captures the British warship Volunteer.
1863 - Iron-clad gunboat 
Baron de Kalb, with "tinclad" gunboats Forest Rose and Romeo, along with an Army transport, cleared out Confederate strong holds proceeded up White River to Des Arc, Ark.
1913 - The body of John Paul Jones is laid in its final resting place in the chapel of the U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, Md.
1949 - 
USS Norton Sound (AV 11), the first guided-missile ship, launches first guided missile, Loon.
1899 - Gunboat 
Bennington, commanded by Cmdr. E.D. Taussig, claims Wake Island, giving the U.S. a cable route between Honolulu and Manila, a factor that influences territorial demands in the Pacific.
1989 - 
USS Iowa fires the farthest 16-inch round in history at Vieques Island, Puerto Rico. The projectile traveled 23.4 NM (almost 27 miles) for a first round target hit.
1960 - 
USS John S. McCain (DL 3/DDG 36) rescues the entire 41-man crew of the sinking Japanese freighter, M/V Shinwa Maru, in the East China Sea.

    ***Maersk Line's Triple-E Is Sold Out ....... as the LEGO version of the world's largest ship is now on back order. With more than 1,500 pieces, features of the Triple-E set include rotating gold-colored propeller blades, brick-built twin 8-cylinder engines, viewing window into the engine compartment, adjustable rudders, detachable lifeboats, removable containers, rotating crane arms and a special 'good luck' coin placed in the hull.
Check Out The LEGO Maersk Line Triple-E
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