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30 April 2013

Good Tuesday Morning from our Observation Deck......overlooking the officially designated "
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OUR "A" Section: Trade, Financial & Inland News***
Freight Forwarder Trade Briefs _____________ 

U.S. Economy Slows ..... as new government data released this April 26 showed the economy expanded at an annual rate of 2.5% during the first 3 months of the year — slower than economists expected. Many have already begun warning that the recovery has cooled even more since then. The disappointing report reveals the economy did not have as much momentum as was hoped. And it's likely to make it even more difficult for the country to shake off any hits from higher taxes and the federal spending cuts known as the sequester that are beginning to eat away at household budgets. Economists expect those factors to pare the rate of growth during the second quarter to between 1% and 2%.

   ***Dramatic Air & Ocean Effects of
Panama Canal Expansion ..... as Colliers International has released its third North American Port Analysis report which examines evolving trade patterns resulting from the upcoming Panama Canal expansion in 2015. The report's theme, "CapEx or Capsize," underscores the idea that cities need to spend the capital to upgrade their ports, or risk "capsizing" their economies. Report author, KC Conway, notes that America needs US$3.6 trillion in funding for infrastructure by 2020 to remain competitive in light of the upcoming Panama Canal expansion. "This is 'make-it-or-break-it' time for North America's port cities," said KC Conway, chief economist for Colliers International in the U.S. "Changing trade patterns and evolving e-commerce trends will present great economic opportunities for the cities that invest CapEx in their transportation infrastructure. And for those cities that don't invest, they put their economies at serious risk."
The report also concludes
Panama Canal expansion will result in a smaller number of North American air cargo centers, according to the recently released North American Port Analysis by commercial real estate firm Colliers International. The report says air cargo's role in global trade will be defined by the tug-of-war between energy/infrastructure costs and e-commerce growth in the first post-Panamax decade (2015-2025). The Colliers report cited Memphis as being North America's top air cargo port. Conway says e-commerce has made Memphis the king of air cargo. He says Nike's recent decision to move a key distribution center to Memphis was based on the city's air cargo and intermodal advantages, says the report.
Read The
Colliers North American Port Analysis Report For 2013

   ***Selling The Country To Feed The Unsustainable Budget Beast ........ as
Shenzhen Airport and Hong Kong-based Friedmann Pacific Asset Management has expressed interest in the purchase of Athens Int'l Airport (AIA) in a bid to create a regional hub for south east Asian airlines. Greece aims to sell off at least 30% of its 55% stake through the TAIPED (Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund) privatization fund. The remaining stake is held by Germany's Hochtief, which continues to manage it after failing to attract a buyer. The asset sale will contribute to Greece's US$312.7Bn bail-out which has been made possible by foreign investment from China, Russia, the U.S. and the EU. The privatization of the country's largest shipping terminal, Piraeus, which is operated by China's Cosco Pacific, is likely in the near future. 
Read More About The Greek Economy

    ***China -- The Reality ...... as Moody's Investors Service has joined Fitch Ratings in downgrading China's government debt because of runaway municipal borrowing, Reuters reports. Local government financing vehicles stand accused of making investments in vanity projects and ghost cities that are unlikely to produce sufficient returns to pay off bank loans. China's National Audit Office (NAO) estimated debt of local and central governments last year was CNY15 trillion (US$2.4 trillion) to CNY18 trillion, equal 29% to 35% of GDP.

    ***All That Glitters? ....... as suspicions that Chinese cities are faking trade figures has prompted an official investigation when statistics made it appear that Hong Kong was the mainland's third largest trading partner, reports China Securities Journal. Also surprised were IHS Global Insight analysts Ren Xianfang and Alistair Thorton, who noted the dramatic 93% surge in mainland's exports to
Hong Kong, reported the Wall Street Journal. The figures did not make sense to them because China's trade with its two largest trading partners fell 6.5% to the U.S. and 14% to the EU, said the IHS Global Insight analysts. What officials suspect is goods are moved from mainland cities to Hong Kong as exports and returned as imports, falsely doubling trade value, though sources say this may not be happening and other factors may account for the anomaly. The Securities Journal's "administration" source said the "abnormal" increase caught attention of authorities and led to an ongoing investigation. "But it is too early to judge that China is faking its trade figures." said the report. A person close to the Ministry of Commerce said trade between mainland and Hong Kong has never been so high according to past statistics, said the Securities Journal report.
What Is IHS Global Insight?

    ***Shanghai Snapshot Shows Shrinkage ....... as Shanghai Customs, which processes 20% of China's trade, recorded a year-on-year decline of 0.9% in its foreign trade value to US$184.19Bn - its first decline in many years. Imports fell 6.7% to $70.14Bn while exports increased 3.1% to US$114.05Bn. The decrease indicated trade in the Yangtze River Delta and regions along the river is still weak. In the 1st quarter, among the 3 largest trade partners of
Shanghai, only trade with the U.S. increased, up 5.3%. In the first quarter, Shanghai's automobile imports plunged 26.5% to US$2.87Bn. 
Read About Visiting Shanghai In 2013

    ***EU Lifts
Burma Sanctions ..... as the European Union's Foreign Affairs Council has announced that in the light of the 'remarkable process of reform', it had decided to lift all sanctions against Burma except for the arms embargo. While congratulating the Burmese government 'on what has been achieved', the Council said it was conscious of remaining challenges, including the need to address hostilities in Kachin State, to strengthen human rights dialogue, to 'unconditionally release political prisoners', and to address the status of the Rohingya (a Muslim ethnic group within Burma.). President Barack Obama last year authorized U.S. companies to invest in Myanmar for the 1st time since 1997, while continuing to block ventures with businesses connected to Myanmar's former junta. Since then the U.S. has also authorized imports of most goods from Myanmar and allowed U.S. citizens to open accounts at 4 banks in the country.

   ***Terrorist Plot To Destroy Canadian - U.S. Rail Bridge ....... as two men were arrested on April 22 after a year-long investigation involving Canadian law enforcement agencies, the FBI and the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security. The suspects are accused of plotting to attack a railroad thought to be between
Toronto and New York City. The two accused are Tunisian national Chiheb Esseghaier, 30, of Montreal, and Raed Jaser, 35, from Toronto. They have been charged with conspiracy to carry out a terrorist attack and "conspiring to murder persons unknown for the benefit of, at the direction of, or in association with a terrorist group." They had been under surveillance in Quebec and southern Ontario. Intelligence sources say there is no connection with the Boston marathon bombers. However police said the two accused were getting "direction and guidance" from al-Qaeda elements in Iran. There was no information to suggest the attacks were state sponsored, police said.

    ***New ATA Carnet System Member ...... as the
Republic of Madagascar has joined the ATA system on 22 April 2013. The ATA is a system allowing the free movement of goods across frontiers and their temporary admission into a Customs territory with relief from duties and taxes. The goods are covered by a single document known as the ATA carnet that is secured by an international guarantee system. More than 150,000 Carnets were issued in 2012, with total goods valued at more than US$17Bn. Carnets are good for one year and can be used in any of the 80-plus countries and customs territories that honor them.
Read More About The ATA System
So Why Does ATA Require A Carnet? What iS It?

China's Amazing Package Explosion ......... as it's express industry has been in rapid development during recent years. The highest daily package handling volume was at 15 million pieces in 2011 and surged to 30 million in 2012. Average daily handling volume was 20 million pieces in peak season last year.

    ***Happy 40th Birthday FedEx ....... as initially known as Federal Express, the giant began operations at the Memphis International Airport with the delivery of 186 packages to 25 U.S. cities on April 17, 1973. Today, FedEx; through its 4 operating companies handles more than 10 million shipments each day via a hi-tech network designed to connect customers by air, land and sea in more than 220 countries and territories worldwide. To commemorate its 40th birthday, FedEx is observing a global month of service in April, honouring team members and communities with volunteer projects across the region and around the world.
Read More About The History of FedEx
The Story Behind The Famous FedEx Logo, And Why It Works -- Secret of The Arrow

    ***UPS In Tentative Agreement With Teamsters ...... as there are two new 5-year contracts for UPS's small package and LTL freight business units. These contracts cover roughly 250,000 UPS and UPS Freight employees, according to Teamsters for a Democratic Union (TDU). UPS added that the tentative contracts were hammered out well ahead of their
July 31, 2013 expiration date and need to be presented to the UPS Teamsters-represented employees for ratification. UPS said the new agreements would take effect on Aug. 1, adding that the new contracts enable UPS to remain highly competitive, customer-focused and positioned to deliver transformative technologies growing areas of the company, like healthcare logistics and e-commerce on a global basis. Terms are said to include a US$1 per hour increase in contributions to pension & healthcare benefits each year, which matches the previous contract; and wage increases are reportedly 70 cents in each of the first 3 years, followed by raises of 90 cents and US$1.00 in the last 2 years.

   ***UPS Healthcare Logistics ...... as UPS Supply Chain Solutions (UPS-SCS) will purchase Hungary-based pharmaceutical logistics company, CEMELOG Zrt, as part of its ongoing global growth and investment strategy. The acquisition further strengthens UPS-SCS's healthcare reach & expertise in
Europe, enabling comprehensive, compliant services to customers in the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device industries across the increasingly important markets of Central and Eastern Europe. UPS-SCS expects to complete the transaction in the 2nd quarter of 2013, subject to customary closing conditions. Per company policy, terms of the deal are not disclosed. Based outside of Budapest, CEMELOG has offered customers across Central and Eastern Europe tailor-made healthcare logistics solutions for the last 14 years. The acquisition adds 3 additional facilities of approximately 255,000 sq. ft. of healthcare distribution space to UPS's current European network. The announcement follows the opening of 3 new dedicated healthcare facilities across Asia in Oct. 2012 and the expansion of five facilities across North America in early 2013. UPS now operates more than 6.4 million sq. ft. of dedicated healthcare space in 41 facilities worldwide.
Read More About CEMELOG Zrt

    ***High Court Hears ATA Appeal ........ as attorneys for American Trucking Associations and the
Port of Los Angeles squared off in the U.S. Supreme Court on April 17 over several requirements included in the port's "clean truck" concession agreement with drayage operators. The high court agreed to hear the oral arguments to weigh evidence related to two of three major questions raised in ATA's December 2011 appeal after a federal appeals court struck down a ban on independent owner-operators from servicing the port, while leaving the concession requirements in place. ATA argued to the justices that the port was using its "full coercive power" to impose conditions on motor carriers in direct violation of the Federal Aviation Administration Authorization Act. That law, ATA said, prohibits state and local governments from enacting or enforcing any "law, regulation, or provision having the force and effect of law related to a price, route, or service of any motor carrier.Congress sought to prevent state actions that impede the free flow of trade or that would result in a patchwork of requirements from jurisdiction to jurisdiction," ATA argued. "If these rules are allowed to stand, it would clear the way for a patchwork of regulations that would lead to unreasonable burdens on the movement of goods." The port argued that because the port is a business enterprise, it had the right to require drayage operators to submit off-street parking plans, properly maintain their trucks, post placards on permitted trucks and demonstrate financial responsibility as part of its overall clean trucks plan. The port "undertook these actions as a reasonable and genuine response to the needs to build and grow a port," Rosenthal said. "We submit you cannot be the owner-proprietor of property without having some control over the conditions under which .....business invitees come onto your property."

    ***FMCSA Warning ..... as the U.S. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has ordered Royal Transport, Nationwide, Freight and
Midwest — all trucking companies based in Olathe, Kan. — to cease operations. The agency claims the 4 carriers served as chameleons for a company that had previously been shut down. The four carriers had been operating under common operating and control — using the same drivers and vehicles — so they could skirt compliance rules.
What Does The FMCSA Do?

   ***INRIX Congestion Study ...... as this leading provider of traffic information has released its 6th Traffic Scorecard Annual Report, which revealed traffic congestion is back on the rise in 2013 after two consecutive years of declines. In the first 3 months of this year, traffic congestion is up 4% compared to 2012. This suggests that after a tumultuous economic year in 2012, the economy is back on the mend bringing increased traffic.
Los Angeles is back at the top of the list in 2012 after falling to number two in 2011, behind Honolulu.
Read The INRIX U.S. Traffic Study
Read About Traffic Congestion Across The World

    ***U.S/.Truck Tonnage In Upward Trend ...... as the American Trucking Associations' advanced seasonally adjusted (SA) For-Hire Truck Tonnage Index gained 0.9% in March after decreasing 0.7% in February. (The 0.7% loss in Feb. was revised down from a 0.6% increase ATA reported on
March 19, 2013.)  Tonnage has now increased in 4 of the last 5 months. 

    ***Challenge To Mexican Pilot Program Fails ..... as
U.S. trucking groups have lost an appeals court challenge to a federal pilot program that allows Mexican truck drivers to cross the border and deliver goods in the U.S., Bloomberg reports. On April 22, the U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington, D.C., rejected an argument by the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Assn. that Mexican commercial drivers' licenses are invalid in the U.S., and also dismissed claims by the Int'l Brotherhood of Teamsters that medical standards for Mexican truck drivers do not meet U.S. standards and the pilot program is unlawful because not all Mexican vehicles are required to display a decal certifying they comply with U.S. safety standards. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration had determined the Mexican medical standards would provide a level of safety at least equivalent to U.S. standards as a whole, U.S. Circuit Judge Brett Kavanaugh wrote on behalf of a three-judge panel. The requirement to display the safety sticker applies to items imported into the U.S., not the trucks carrying them, he said.
What Is The U.S.-Mexico Cross-Border Trucking Pilot Program?

   ***An Even Greener Brown ....... as UPS will purchase about 700 more liquefied natural gas 18-wheelers and build four refueling stations to serve its heavy-weight rigs by the end of 2014. UPS has more than 1,000 natural gas vehicles worldwide. Natural gas prices — which are 30 to 40 percent lower than imported diesel — and the boom in domestic gas production prompted the company to invest more aggressively in the infrastructure necessary to make natural gas part of its U.S. delivery network, UPS says. The company also says natural gas generates 25% less carbon dioxide emissions than diesel fuel.

   ***Two Wheel Risk Up ...... as in a new report the Governors Highway Safety Assn. (GHSA) is projecting that motorcyclist deaths increased approximately 9% in 2012, to more than 5,000 lives lost, close to an all time high.
What Is The
Governors Highway Safety Association?

    ***Happy Birthday License Plates ....... as New York was the first state to require license plates on motor vehicles this month in 1901. At the time, there were just under 15,000 sputtering automobiles in the entire country, traveling over muddy, rudimentary roads without a license for the driver or the automobile.  Now, there are nearly a quarter-billion cars, trucks, and buses rolling along the nation's sophisticated highway system and local roads, and over 210 million Americans have driver's licenses. 

    ***Trendset Information Systems Seeks Protection ..... as the major provider of freight audit & payment services is bankrupt, owing millions of dollars shippers had advanced to it to pay their freight bills. An involuntary bankruptcy petition was filed on behalf of three large shippers on April 15th, putting Trendset into Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The initial reported claims already appear to be greater than US$25,000,000, just from 5 former clients, reports the Transportation and Logistics Council.

    ***Cobras In The Trunk ..... as Vietnamese police say they have seized 53 king cobras from a car in
Hanoi and arrested the driver. Officer Dang Van Hanh said April 22 the live snakes were taken to a wildlife rescue center near the capital where they treated before being released into the wild. King cobras are the world's longest venomous snake, and grow up to 5.5 meters (18) feet. The meat of the king cobra is considered a delicacy by some in Vietnam, where hunting and trading the snakes is banned. The snakes are also sometimes preserved in traditional medicines. The snakes, which were kept in green sacks, were seized April 18. Hanh said the car driver told officers he was paid to transport them. Local media reported he was paid under US$50.
The Cargo Letter Financial Page ____________ 
 UP as earnings increased 14% to US$1.9Bn from the first quarter of 2012.
  **Canadian Pacific Railway (CP) 
UP with a record 51% 1st quarter profit increase US$212M  year on year, up 9%.  
DOWN with a loss of US$35.1M - 62% lower than the US$57M loss forcast by the airline.
  **Celadon Group. 
DOWN as net income fell 23% to US$4.4M, or 19 cents a share, from US$5.7M, or 25 cents, a year ago.
  **Ceva Group, 
DOWN as profit fell 22% in 2012 to US$322.8M, as revenue rose 4.8% to US$9.5Bn, 
  **COSCO Container Line. 
DOWN with a loss of US$322M in 1st quarter of 2013.
  **Ethidad Airways. 
UP with a 17% year-on-year 1st quarter increase in air cargo revenue at US$193M.
**Forward Air Corp. 
UP as net income rose to US$10.9M, or 36 cents a share, from US$10.3M, or 35 cents, a year ago. Revenue rose 3.3% to US$141.6M.
**Kuehne + Nagel Group. UP as gross profit for the 1st quarter of 2013 improved by 2.3% compared to 2012's first quarter.
  **Pacer International. 
UP as 1st quarter net income was US$1.3M or 4 cents a share, compared with a loss of US$300,000, or 1 cent, a year ago, but revenue fell to US$232.7M from US$345.9M a year ago.
  **Saia Inc. 
UP as 1st-quarter profit increased to US$9.2M, or 55 cents per share, from US$5.5M, or 34 cents, a year earlier.  
  **Union Pacific Corp. 
UP as 1rst-quarter profit rose 11%, to US$957M, or $2.03 per share, from US$863M, or $1.79, a year ago.                           

OUR "B" Section: FF World Air News***
Freight Forwarder World Air Briefs __________  

U.S. Flight "Crisis" Ends ..... as flight delays caused by the furloughs of air-traffic controllers are coming to an end.The House cleared legislation April 26 that allows the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to shift US$253M from other accounts to end furloughs that began last week. The vote was 361-41. The Senate approved it the night before. The chairman of the transportation committee, Rep. Bill Shuster, R-Pa., supported the bill to "stop this needless pain on the American traveling public and the economy." Lawmakers said the furloughs could end immediately after President Obama signs the bill into law but the FAA said it wasn't clear how quickly the controller schedules could be changed to fully staff control towers. White House spokesman Jay Carney said President Obama would sign the bill. The shameful display should never have gotten this far, as who can't cut 2% from a budget without shutting down the system?

    ***EU Debt Generates Risk ....... as global air freight markets are at risk from continuing problems in the euro zone despite a welcome year-on-year 2% increase in February. Recovery is needed following two consecutive years of contraction, said IATA chief executive officer Tony Tyler, former CEO of Hong Kong's Cathay Pacific Airways. "But improvements cannot be taken for granted. Events in
Cyprus have reminded us that the euro zone crisis is far from over," he said. Without capacity cuts during the slowdown of January due to early Chinese New Year, many planes flew with more empty cargo space at 0.8% lower in Feb. compared to the month previous. The improving air freight picture is attributed to growing manufacturing activity in the months ahead, but this is not a given as euro zone problems rumble on in the background. 

   ***FAA Clears Dreamliner To Fly Again ....... as Boeing has begun installing reinforced batteries on five grounded jets of
Japan's All Nippon Airways. The grounding of the 50 planes since mid-January has cost Seattle-based aircraft manufacturer US$600M in deliveries on hold and airlines leasing alternative aircraft. Losses are likely to increase with several airlines seeking compensation, cited a report from Reuters. Production has decreased to a rate of 5 a month and Boeing hopes to see deliveries restart in a few weeks. The replacement involves installing a stronger battery casing, adding 68 extra kilos with new battery chargers and the addition of a duct to vent gases outside the aircraft to avoid overheating. Boeing has dispatched 10 teams of 30 engineers to carry out the five-day installation on the Dreamliner fleet approved by the Federal Aviation Administration, thought to be followed by Europe's aviation safety body shortly. It is yet to be discovered as to what led to the repeated short-circuit of the batteries onboard the Japan Airlines' flight and on a plane parked in Boston, which ignited. Boeing has carried out exhaustive studies on "whole universe of possible causes," said 787 programme head Larry Loftis. ANA will aim to carry out 100 to 200 round trip test flights in May before it carries passengers the following month. This allows its 180 Dreamliner pilots a chance to fly again and renew their licenses following a three-month break. The carrier lost US$900,000 revenue per Dreamliner in the last 2 weeks of January. Ethiopian Airlines hopes to see delivery of four 787s, which will be flying within days of arrival, according to a source cited by the report. 
Read More About The Boeing 787 Battery Problem's History

   ***The "Air Logistics Handbook" ...... as Virgin Group chairman Richard Branson has written the introduction to the new university level handbook to encourage university graduates, college students and school leavers to pursue a career in the air logistics industry in view of the many career opportunities it offers. The int'l air cargo industry currently carries 35% of world trade by value, worth US$5 trillion a year. Designed to act as a guide to the industry, the 280-page Air Logistics Handbook covers a range of topics, including the economic viability of using air cargo, its history, regulations, the air logistics supply chain and the roles of different service providers, a view of the future, and career opportunities at all levels. The Handbook will be published in May and distributed through universities.
Reserve Your Copy of The Air Logistics Handbook

   ***Customs To Continue ACAS ..... as CBP, which has run an air cargo advanced screening (ACAS) pilot program since last October, has decided to extend the pilot program itself through
Oct. 26, 2013, and has opened the door through May 23, 2013 to new applicants to participate in the pilot. Under the ACAS pilot program, which is a voluntary test, members of the air cargo community are asked to help CBP to identify "high-risk air cargo" by transmitting advance electronic information about the air cargo they are handling. Under current regulations, "the required advance information for air cargo must be submitted no later than the time of departure of the aircraft for the United States (from specified locations) or 4 hours prior to arrival in the United States for all other locations," explains a Federal Register notice published by CBP on April 23. Applications to participate in the ACAS pilot must be submitted, via email, to CBPCCS@cbp.dhs.gov.
Read More About The Air Cargo Advance Screening Pilot Strategic Plan 

   ***More Price Fixing Fines ..... as Cathay Pacific Airways, Thai Airways Int'l and MASKargo have been fined a combined US$9.6M by the High Court of New Zealand for engaging in cargo price fixing activities.The 3 carriers pleaded guilty to various violations occurring from Feb. 2000 to Feb. 2006.
Cathay paid the largest fine, US$4.3M, for setting fuel & security surcharges on flights from India to New Zealand, among other routes.

   ***Brazil's Largest Airfreight Merger ....... as merger of two Brazilian freight operators, TWO Aviation and Flex Aero, will provide express freight service for critical functions, such as factory lines and currency transport for banks, through the use of small & medium-sized aircraft. The 2 carriers combined bring strength from the north in Flex Aero's operations and the center & south of Brazil in TWO's network to command an overall claim of the market at 60%, reported Aviation Int'l News, of Midland Park, New Jersey. Its fleet will include 18 Cessna 208 Grand Caravans, of which each carrier will contribute nine, with a view to acquiring 12 more by year-end and two ATR twin-turboprops to increase annual tonnage from 7,500 to 10,000 tons. The Grand Caravan, built with FedEx's specifications as a low-cost cargo aircraft, is well suited to
Brazil's short, unpaved runways. 
What Is The Cessna Grand Caravan For Air Cargo?
Dead Stick Caravan Landing

   ***ACC3 Required....... as of 1st July 2014, virtually all air cargo & mail carriers operating into the European Union (EU) from third country airports will be required to obtain an EU Aviation Security Validation in order to maintain or acquire their ACC3 ("Air Cargo or Mail Carrier operating into the Union from a 3rd Country Airport" ) designation. This validation, which needs re-issuance every five years, will be key if carriers are to continue flying cargo into
Europe. To obtain ACC3 status, the air carrier must deliver a "Declaration of Commitments" setting out how it has its aviation security responsibilities to the civil aviation authorities of an EU member state to whom it flies cargo and/or mail. 
Read How To Obtain ACC3 Status

www.iata.org/whatwedo/cargo/security/ceiv/Pages/acc3.aspx ;

   ***New 7 Year Flight ...... as the U.S. Postal Service has renewed its contract for seven years with FedEx to provide domestic air transport for Priority and Express for US$10.5Bn.

   ***Southern Air Emerges ...... as it has completed its financial restructuring and emerged from Chapter 11. Southern Air is the 1st operator in the world to operate the Boeing 777 freighter and operates 4 of these aircraft for DHL. Southern Air also operates 747-400F aircraft.

   ***Going Paperless ........ as IATA has released an informative guide for freight forwarders with a step-by-step description of the procedure that must be followed in order to engage with the e-AWB. Emerastes SkyCargo is the first airline to carry cargo under the multilateral e-AWB standard. Remember, a paper air waybill is still required for shipments subject to the Warsaw Convention.

    ***What's Up With Air Cargo
Germany? ....... as it has suddenly announced that it has curtailed flight operations while assuring customers that the stoppage is temporary and it is working on "sustainable solutions to recommence the service as soon as possible".  Sources familiar with the issue have speculated that the German Civil Aviation Authority, the LBA, may have revoked ACG's Operator Certificate.
Read More About Air Cargo Germany

>>> Hong Kong's Cathay Pacific and Dragonair posted a 5.3% year-on-year decline in combined cargo and mail to 136,504 tons and 1st quarter cargo tonnage also dropped 1.4% despite a 4.8% capacity reduction.>>> Singapore Changi Airport had a 2.2% decline in airfreight movements to 434,000 tons for first quarter of 2013. >>> Copenhagen airport has overtaken most major European airports in 2012 with a cargo growth of 6.4% to 354,269 tons supported by robust growth of 12.4% in its belly cargo volumes. >>> Missouri's Lambert St-Louis Airport has had its best first quarter cargo results in 2 years with a 3.5% year-on-year increase in air freight & mail to 37 million pounds.

   ***Poverty Tragedy ..... as French officials are investigating how a dead body was found in the landing gear of an airplane that arrived from
Douala airport in Cameroon on April 8. The Camairco airlines plane landed at Roissy-Charles de Gaulle Airport where a man about 30 years old was discovered in what officials described as a do-or-die voyage hoping to escape poverty. Stowyay's have been discovered arriving into London and Paris, as well as many other cities over the last decade, with most dying, never making it to their destination. Airplanes fly at altitudes of 35,000 feet or higher, where the outside air temperature is roughly -30 degrees F. The landing gear well is not insulated, pressurized or heated.

   ***Follow The Signs To Long Term Parking ...... as a
Chicago woman is trying to get out of paying a parking fine that has snowballed to more than US$100,000. WBBM Radio reports Jennifer Fitzgerald filed a lawsuit last year against the city over the US$105,000 worth of tickets police piled up on her car. The car was left for nearly 3 years in an O'Hare Int'l Airport parking lot. WBBM says a judge dismissed the lawsuit April 24 and pressed the parties to try to reach a settlement. Fitzgerald says she should not be held responsible because her ex-boyfriend abandoned the car in an employee parking lot at the airport. She says the car is worth only about US$600. The suit also names her former boyfriend.

   ***OMG -- Buckle-Up & Close Your Eyes! ....... as this is as close a shave as can be. The Air India aircraft which landed in Mumbai on April 12 morning without air traffic control (ATC) clearance had actually touched down when the runway was closed for inspection! Initial probe into the incident has revealed there were jeeps and personnel on the runway to look for bird remains when the erstwhile Indian Airlines' Airbus A-320 kept coming in to land despite warnings from the ATC about the runway being shut and it should go-around.

    ***Luck At 35,000 Feet? ...... as loverboy and king of fun Richard Branson has just launched Seat-to-Seat Delivery, aka Get Lucky, an in-flight flirting service on Virgin America which allows aspiring Mile High club members to send a cocktail, snack or meal to perfect strangers using a digital seat map. It's yet another addition to the personal entertainment system that already features seat-to-seat chatting, making the entire aircraft into an airborne pickup scene. Best route for dodging lame pickup lines and unwanted margaritas? Break out those old sweatpants and granny shoes — that ought to buy you a bit of reading time.
See How The System Works:

OUR "C" Section:  FF World Ocean News***
FF World Ocean Briefs                                                     

   ***May 22 Is National Maritime Day ...... as observance recognizes America's Merchant Marine for all the great contributions and sacrifices they've made – and still make today – for our country.The United States has always been, and will always be a great maritime nation. From our origins as 13 British colonies, through every period of peace and conflict since, the Merchant Marine has been a pillar in this country's foundation of prosperity and security. This year, ceremonies and celebrations throughout the country will recognize Maritime Day and the people our maritime nation depend on.
Find National Maritime Day Events In Your Area:

    ***Another Sharp Decline In Piracy ........ as was a 55% year-on-year decline in piracy incidents, down to 66 attacks worldwide in the first quarter, according to the latest report by the Int'l Chamber of Commerce's (ICC) International Maritime Bureau (IMB). Four vessels were hijacked, 51 vessels were boarded, seven were fired upon and four attempted attacks were reported in the first quarter of 2013. In addition, 75 crew were taken hostage, 14 kidnapped and one killed. The worst affected area was the
Gulf of Guinea with 15 incidents recorded, including 3 hijackings, followed by Nigeria with 11 incidents. In at least nine of these attacks, guns were reported. 

    ***So Much For The Embargo ....... as
Iran earns US$1.14Bn annually through cargo handling at its port and harbours, said Ataollah Sadr, head of the Iranian Ports and Maritime Organization. Around US$140Bn worth of goods move through Iranian ports, said the semi-official Fars News Agency. The ports have the capacity of 5.7 million TEU, but only three million TEU of the capacity is being used, said the report. In Feb., the official Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) quoted Iranian Roads and Urban Development Minister Ali Nikzad as saying that the total capacity of Iranian ports has increased by 80 million tons during the past eight years, reaching 184 million tons.
Read More About Sanctions Against Iran

   ***ILA - USMX Six Year Accord ...... as after more than a year of contentious negotiations, the United States Maritime Alliance (USMX), an alliance of container carriers, direct employers, and port associations serving United States-based East and Gulf Coasts, and the Int'l Longshoremen's Assn. (ILA), the largest union of maritime workers in North America, have finally arrived to a state of labor peace. The ILA announced its membership has officially signed off on a 6-year Master Contract, which covers roughly 14,500 members, in a ratification vote held at East and
Gulf Coast member ports. This agreement follows a March announcement that the USMX and the ILA approved an agreement for a successor Master Contract and came one month after the parties came to terms on a new tentative labor contract agreement. The original deadline for the contract was Sept. 30, 2012, but it was extended through a series of continuing extensions to keep ILA and USMX negotiations intact and to keep cargo moving into and out of East and Coast ports. Both parties were aided in negotiations by the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Services.

   ***EU-Asia Spot Rates Plunge ..... as they dropped 12.2% early this month to US$940 per TEU, while Asia-Mediterranean rates fell 11% to US$955 per TEU, according to the latest Shanghai Containerized Freight Index (SCFI). This marks the lowest rates on the Asia-Mediterranean trade since Nov. last year when they had fallen to just US$746 per TEU. 

   ***Panama Canal As Major Fuel Saver ...... as its ability to handle 13,000 TEU ships after 2015 will offer potential bunker cost savings of up to US$40M a year, or 0.8% of a typical US$5Bn fuel cost for a major carrier. That was one conclusion from a wide-ranging debate at the Containerisation Int'l Global Liner Shipping Conference on the expansion of the Pacific-Atlantic water corridor from the current container ship norm of 5,000 TEU. Mercator International partner Bill Burns said there would be a number of "ripple effects" from the
Panama Canal expansion for the Asian container trades to the U.S. east coast and U.S. Gulf routes, which currently total between 7.5m and 7.8m with annual growth rates expected to reach 4.5% over the mid-term. Mr Burns said there were currently 20 all water services to the U.S. east coast via the Suez or Panama canals, of which 14 strings went via the Panama Canal, adding that while transit tolls were a factor, bunker costs were more significant. He estimated that a line with a US$5Bn per year bunker fuel cost could save US$40M per year on using an expanded Panama Canal.

   ***New Milestone For Panama Canal ....... as after completing the construction of the first monolith for the new locks on the Pacific end of the
Panama Canal. This monolith is the first one to be completed from a total of 46 such structures being built in the Pacific locks upper chamber. The term monolith refers to each of the sections in which the lock walls are being divided to facilitate their construction. The massive concrete and steel structure is 33.84 meters high, 7.5 meters wide and 27 meters deep and is located in the upper chamber's east side. The enormous culverts are part of the locks filling and emptying system and will run along the lock walls, made up of these monoliths. To give an idea of their dimensions, the main culvert alone is 8.3 meters wide by 6.5 meters high, big enough to enable the simultaneous passage of two railroads. The lock walls will also contain the auxiliary culverts measuring 6.5 meters wide by 6.5 meters high. The construction of this monolith required 232 tons of reinforced steel and 2,605 cubic meters of concrete.

    ***APL Less Four U.S. Flags ....... as the container shipping arm of
Singapore's Neptune Orient Lines (NOL), has announced it will scrap 4 U.S.-flagged containerships as the Coalition withdrawl from Iraq and Afghanistan reduces military cargo. APL said it continues to have ample U.S.-flag capacity to handle diminishing military shipments from Afghanistan and Iraq. "APL remains 100% committed to the U.S. flag. It's part of our heritage," said APL vice president Eric Mensing. The 4,300-TEU ships, M/V President Adams, M/V President Jackson, M/V President Polk & M/V President Truman, built 30 years ago, were among the first postpanamax containerships (recalling the day when APL was known as the American President Lines) which are now operated by APL's U.S.-flag unit, the Washington-based APL Maritime. APL will continue to operate nine U.S. flagged ships - 5 in the Pacific and 4 in the AEX service - under the Maritime Security Program, which subsidises US-flag operations. 
Read More About American President Lines, From 1848 

    ***China To Build Africa Mega Hub ......as it is to invest US$10Bn in a port in Bagamoyo, Tanzania, that will overtake Dar es Salaam annual capacity of 800,000 TEU to reach 20 million TEU. In order to become a mega hub to rival the capital port it must be able to handle containerships of 6,000 TEU & 10,000 TEU simultaneously, said the Tanzania Shipping Agents Assn. (TASAA) China will also upgrade existing links and create new rail and road networks to link Bagamoyo to the countryside, said the report.
Read More About Port of
Dar es Salaam

   ***The Old Is New Again ..... as the private operator of the
Manchester Ship Canal, is regenerating Britain's longest inland waterway by increasing the use of container shuttle for U.S. breakfast and cereal producer Kellogg. The Ship Canal shuttle service already serves other major retail names such as Princes Foods, Kingsland Wine, Tesco, Typhoo, Regatta and a major global sportswear brand. The movement of 2,500 TEU of Kellogg's cargo along the North of England's long-standing ship canal built in 1887, will act as a feeder service for its Irish and Spanish markets moving cargo from its distribution hubs of Manchester, Ireland and the Iberian Peninsula. For Michigan, U.S.-headquartered cereal producer, the container shuttle will reduce road miles in its UK supply chain by 85% at 40,000 road miles, equating to 61 tons of CO2 annually.
Take A Virtual Tour of The Manchester Ship Canal

    ***The Ships Must Go Underground ....... as plans for a huge tunnel for ships if given approval would be the first such tunnel in the world and could become a major tourist attraction. If approved, reports newspaper Aftenposten, the tunnel will be built at Stad in the
county of Sogn and Fjordane on Norway's west coast. The stretch of sea along this northern part of the west coast, and around the West Cape, is notoriously treacherous for ships. The idea of building a tunnel here has been in the development stages since the 1980s. The proposed tunnel would even be big enough for coastal passenger & cargo shipping line that runs along the Norwegian coast to pass through. 
Read More About The Amazing Ship Tunnel
How Will The Ship Tunnel Look?

   ***A Decided Chill At Port of Savanah ......as Nordic Cold Storage has announced the grand opening of the first phase of its state-of-the-art storage and blast facility, located just minutes from the Port of Savannah. The site has over 200,000 sq. ft. of convertible temperature-controlled storage space and is capable of blasting more than 10 million pounds of product, ranging from fresh poultry to produce, per week. This US$30M facility currently employs 150 workers, but Nordic plans to start a 2nd phase by the end of the year, which will mirror the existing infrastructure. The cold storage warehouse began receiving its first shipments this month.
Read More About The
Georgia Ports Authority

    ***Marine Rhinoplasty ........ as Hyundai Merchant Marine has converted its 8,600-TEU vessel M/V Hyundai Brave in the first type of conversion for the carrier to reshape bulbous bows to reduce fuel burn for slow steaming. The conversion, to economise at speeds cut to 18 from 27 knots, was carried out by China's Qingdao Beihai Shipbuilding which has already completed conversions on 10 Maersk containerships. The work involved lowering of the new bow by 1.5 metres, reducing overall girth size to give it a more "dolphin like shape", said the South Korean carrier, reports Oslo-based TradeWinds. 

>>> Port of Charleston's two container terminals posted a 10% year-on-year increase in container volume to 1,160,999 TEU in the first nine months of its fiscal year ending March 30. >>> Fujian direct container shipping between itself and Taiwan was up 7% first quarter to 148,486 TEU year on year, which included a 3.03% more sailings to reach a total of 578. >>> Eastern China's Yangtze River port of Hefei lifted 18,903 TEU in the first quarter of this year, a 34.8% increase year on year and setting a March record volume of 8,606 TEU. >>> Northwest China's Alataw Pass checkpoint bordering Kazakhstan posted a year-on-year 23.2% increase in rail freight volume to about 4.49 million tons in the 1st quarter this year >>> For the West Coast in March, Port of Los Angeles reported a 22.6% drop to 503,168 TEU, but Port of Long Beach increased by 5.4% to hit 486,699 TEU. >>> Port of Tacoma's 1st quarter import container volume increased 52% year on year while exports went up 39% to a total of 134,867 TEU, attributed to the Grand Alliance moving in from Seattle last July. >>> Port of Virginia continues to report strong growth. Volume was up 7.7% to 179,518 TEU in March, the 3rd consecutive month of growth this year, rail volume rose 14.3% to 36,046 containers and barge traffic was up 11.4% to 4262 containers. 

    ***This Month In U.S. Navy History
1805 – "To the Shores of Tripoli," with Naval bombardment from 
USS Nautilus, USS Hornet, and USS Argus, Lieutenant Presley O'Bannon led his Marines to attack the Tripoli pirates at Derne, Tripoli, and raised the first U.S. Flag over foreign soil. The Battle of Derna was the Marines' first battle on foreign soil and is notably recalled in the first verse of the Marines' Hymn: "From the Halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli, we fight our country's battles in the air, on land and sea."
1944, while an LST convoy trained in Lyme Bay (a part of the English Channel SW of England) for the Normandy Invasion, German motor torpedo boats out of Cherbourg, which had evaded Allied patrols, attacked the convoy.USS
LST 507 and USS LST 531 were sunk of Portland Bill, England, and USS LST 289 was damaged. 
1957, when King Hussein of Jordan reported a conspiracy to overthrow his government, 
USS Forrestal (CVA 59) and USS Lake Champlain (CVS 39), with accompanying destroyers, entered the Eastern Mediterranean to support his government. The planned coup failed. 

   ***Adding Insult To Injury ..... as A Chinese boat that ran into a coral reef in the southwestern Philippines held evidence of even more environmental destruction inside: more than 10,000 kilos (22,000 pounds) of meat from a protected species, the pangolin or scaly anteater The steel-hulled vessel hit an atoll on April 8 at the Tubbataha National Marine Park, a UNESCO-designated World Heritage Site on Palawan Island. Coast guard spokesman Lt. Cmdr. Armand Balilo said April 15 that 400 boxes, each containing 25 to 30 kilos of frozen pangolins, were discovered during a second inspection of the boat April 13. The World Wide Fund for Nature Philippines said the Chinese vessel 
F/N Min Long Yu could have been carrying up to 2,000 of the toothless, insect-eating animals rolled up in the boxes, with their scales already removed. "It is bad enough that the Chinese have illegally entered our seas, navigated without boat papers and crashed recklessly into a national marine park and World Heritage Site," said WWF-Philippines chief executive officer Jose Ma. Lorenzo Tan. "It is simply deplorable that they appear to be posing as fishermen to trade in illegal wildlife." The boat's 12 Chinese crewmen are being detained on charges of poaching & attempted bribery. The fishermen face up to 12 years' imprisonment and fines of up to US$300,000 for the poaching charge alone. For possession of the pangolin meat, they can be imprisoned up to six years and fined.
Read More About The Tubbataha National Marine Park

   ***For Sale ..... as one year after Maersk Mc-Kinney Mψller's death the shipowner's sailboat is on sale. The 
S/V Klem VIII is on sale for US$7M. A company called Top Yachts in Rungsted are in charge of selling the boat. Shipowner Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller took over the boat in July 2009, a few days after his 96th birthday. After the shipowner's death in 2012, the family was out sailing in it, but now it is put up for sale. The name S/V Klem VIII is a contraction of the initials of Kirsten, Leise, Emma and Maersk, which are the names of Maersk Mc-Kinney Mψller's two daughters, his wife Emma and Maersk itself. The boat was the last in the series of eight Mr. Maersk owned for private usage. If you dream about having a not so ordinary sailboat that belonged to one of Denmark's richest and most influential men, it is time for action.
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  7. New U.S. Transport Related Legal Cases _______ 

Ohl N. Am. Transp. v. Chris Crossley's Trucking Adventures
U.S. District Court, District of Oregon

2013 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 54952
Breach of Contract & Negligence allegations ruled consistent with Carmack....... as the denied on April 17 a Carmack Carrier's motion to strike plaintiff's breach of contract and negligence allegations as being immaterial and impertinent in a Carmack Case. The Carmack Amendment, 49 U.S.C. Section 14706 et seq., preempts common law causes of action against a motor carrier for loss or damage to goods moving in interstate commerce, including breach of contract and negligence causes of action. However, as the Court articulated, this does not prevent a plaintiff from alleging breach of contract and negligence in support of a Carmack Case, to the extent such allegations do not contradict the Carmack Amendment's language. The ruling is important because it facilitates proper enforcement under Carmack of specific negotiated contractual terms under which a Carmack Carrier is engaged. Contact theCountryman
& McDaniel attorneys for all logistics contract issues.

And again this month, a lighter look back at transport related cases .......

In re Leonardo 
102 B.R. 202, Bankr.
E.D. Cal. 1989
Restored antique or vintage automobile was not "work of art" under
California's tax exempt property statute.
Gentry v. State
Ga. Ct. App.1999, 513 S.E.2d 528 
Brief use by juror during deliberations of toy truck and coffee cup to illustrate the collision between defendant's vehicle and that of other driver did not expose the jury to new evidence so as to require new trial, in prosecution for homicide by vehicle in the first degree, serious injury by vehicle, driving under the combined influence of alcohol and cocaine, and reckless driving.          
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