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THE CARGO LETTER [Special] Air & Ocean FF News For 19 July '96

A Sad Friday Morning from our Observation Deck, overlooking "Cargo City"............. and Runway 25-Right at Los Angeles International Airport.

Special Edition: While the world press certainly has coverage of this disater well in hand, The Cargo Letter continues to follow from a professional perspective and submits flight background and internet info for your use. McD


OUR "A" Section: Flight 800 Uplift Info

TWA Flight 800 Passenger List

CNN Interactive is offering a comprehensive list of those whom lost their lives due to the crash of TWA Flight 800 at the above url. Where available, some personal details including victim's residential locations are provided.

Cockpit crew consisted of:

Capt Steve Snyder (Pilot) (Stratford, CT)
17,263 Flight Hours, with TWA since 1964

Capt Ralph Kevorkian (Garden Grove, CA)
18,791 Flight Hours, with TWA since 1965

Flight Engineer Richard Campbell (Ridgefield, CT)
18,527 Flight Hours, with TWA since 1966

Flight Engineer Oliver Krick (St. Louis "area)
Hired 3/14/96, completed engineer training (5/15/96)
--riding as an observer

Aircraft: 747-131 model aircraft,acquired in 1971 by TWA, first revenue
flight taken on November, 1971.

Flight Data:
8:02 pm--Left Gate
8:19 pm--Left Runway
8:48 pm--Off of Radar

Communications: No non-routine transmissions, no indication of any
problems. No threats were directly received by TWA.

Flight Delay: Flight 800 was delayed 1 hour (on ground) at JFK.

Reported Reasons For Delay From Normal Departure:


OUR "B" Section: Cyberspace Transport Links

The Cargo Letter believes the following links may prove helpful regarding last night's crash.

TWA - Trans World Airlines

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

QuickAID - John F. Kennedy International Airport

NYC Port Authority Incidents

Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

National Transportation Safety Board

The Cargo Letter wishes to express the profound sorrow of all in our industry for this great loss. May God bless each of the familes and our country in this dark hour. McD

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