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2003 First Half

The Individual Moments of Transport Crisis

Which Don't Constitute A Full Page Feature

"Singles Only" 2003 First Half - Our Feature Page - Page #4 Our "Singles" Photo Features By Date

2003 First Half - Our Feature Page - Page #4

"F-22 Stealth Fighter Bomber" - first photo! - June 2003

"Safety Lift" - June 2003

"Sinking M/V Fu Shan Hai" - May 2003

"Sinking M/V Sigitika Biru" - May 2003

"Fishing For Rabbits" - May 2003

"Not So M/V Jolly Rubino" - April 2003

"Forward Observer" - April 2003

"FedRex Vs. UP-ooopS" - April 2003

"Half Measures" - March 2003



For All The Many Transport Disaster Photos We Receive Each Month,

Only A Few Picture Series Result In A The Cargo Letter Photo Feature Page.

For All The Rather Amazing Single Picture Contributions We Recieve --

-- Here Are Our Selected One Photo Wonders!

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"Overlooking Runway 25 - Right, at Los Angeles International Airport"

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Transport Single Photo Nightmares

Contributed By Our Readers* REURN TO "Singles Only" MAIN INDEX

F-22 Stealth Fighter Bomber - June 2003
We are privileged to have acquired this first unclassified photo of the newest addition to U.S. air power -- the F-22 Stealth Fighter Bomber. Practically invisible to radar & optical cameras, above a pilot joins his weapons officer, already aboard. Note the revolutionary design of the tail assembly and the unusual shape of the upper cockpit canopy. Performance specifications are not yet available.

This F-22 is being prepared to depart in a squadron of 9 for an "unnamed" air base in the Middle East on 15 June 2003.

Stealth Aircraft -

Lockheed F-117A Sealth Fighter
F-117A Nighthawk

Northrop RB-40A "Flying Wing" Bomber

Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber

B-2 Spirit - U.S. Air Force
Safety Lift - June 2003
Well beyond the Darwin Award, the criterion in this contest had to truly test high standards of stupidity. Still, this must have been the clear winner of the "Logistics Follies" -- and just another reason to buy hgh quality marine cargo insurance for your valuable cargo! Geez -- these guys have your cargo !!

Contributed By Our Correspondent>> Aaron White, Customer Relations Supervisor, Southwest Airlines, Dallas, Tx

Sinking M/V Fu Shan Hai - May 2003
From The Cargo Letter >> 70,000gt Chinese bulker M/V Fu Shan Hai, Ventspils, Latvia, for China with 27 crew & fertilizer, in collision with Cyprus-registered, Polish based freighter M/V Gdynia north of Danish island of Bornholm in Baltic, 1030 GMT May 31, 2003 -- clear mild weather & calm sea.

Series of explosions on M/V Fu Shan Hai probably due to gases caused by chemical reactions in the 66,000 tons of fertilizer in contact with seawater -- M/V Fu Shan Hai sank. (Sat. May 31 2003)

Sinking M/V Sigitika Biru - May 2003
From The Cargo Letter >> 7,300-ton Indonesian M/V Sigitika Biru, with 22 crew, hit by cyclone & aground last week -- lying capsized on sandbar near mouth of Bay of Bengal 200 km (125 miles) S. of E. Indian city of Calcutta, May 21, 2003.

India's coast guard & port authorities working to remove 5,327 tons of soda ash & 150 tons of diesel from ship to prevent leakage into Bay of Bengal. Crew rescued by coast guard (Thurs. May 22 2003)

Fishing For Rabbits - May 2003

We Broke Our "One Photo Only" Rule Here 

To Show You The Remarkable "Hunting Plan" of This Crew

 From The Cargo Letter - May 5 2003 - Japanese 379gt trawler F/V Shin Ei Maru 85, with 24 crew, on departure from Halifax -- ran directly aground & up onto the shore -- at 90 degree angle to shore -- near a lighthouse, May 4. A mis-programed auto pilot said to blame. Great work, guys! Geeez! A maritime history buff said ship resting on wreckage of another vessel that hit same rocks in 1917. (Mon. May 5 2003)

However, sources close to the F/V Shin Ei Maru 85 report the true story -- that the crew spotted wild rabbits at 1300 hrs and elected to restock the vessel's pantry. The hunt ashore was spirited, but not exactly successful! (Don't beieve this)

Contributed By Our Correspondent>> Mike Wood - professional salvage diver who conducted the salvage survey before F/V Shin Ei Maru 85 towed off the rocks, as well as part of crew which removed the fuel. Mr. Wood also conducted damage survey after vessel was placed dockside. He was part of dive team effecting repairs to enable vessel to transit to La Palma in Canary Islands. GOOD LUCK -- MIKE! -- and thanks to entire savlage team at Dominion Diving Ltd.

Ed. Note: Mike Wood & the savlage team at Dominion Diving Ltd. are just one example of the many true professionals in our industry who -- at a moments notice -- risk their lives to solve the difficult problems set in our commercial path.
Not So M/V Jolly Rubino - Sept.2002

The Beginning >> Sept. 11 2002, Major Disaster >> 31,262gt Ro/Ro M/V Jolly Rubino afire off Richards Bay, South Africa -- crew taken off -- SMIT Salvage BV<<webfeature, awarded LOF 2000 by owners -- SMIT's AHTS Pentow Service with team & tug Wolraad Woltemade proceeding to casualty. Preparations ongoing, in Cape Town & Rotterdam, for mobilization of additional salvage equipment & personnel. The Cargo Letter (Wed. Sept. 11 2002)

UPDATE>> Burning Italian 190 meter ro/ro gradually drifting away from coast in NE direction -- at mercy of wind & currents since Sept. 10 night when crew abandoned after engine room fire spread beyond control. Wind, recorded at 60 miles per hour, overriding effect of southerly currents -- now 6 miles off KwaZulu-Natal coast. The Cargo Letter (Thurs. Sept. 12 2002)

The Photo >> Sept. 14, 2002 >> A South African helicopter hovers over the Italian-flagged 31,262gt ro-ro M/V Jolly Rubino, seen stranded onshore, as oil is leaking from a crack in port side in Indian ocean, 155 miles N. of Durban, at Saint Lucia. The 190 meter-long ship with 1,100 tons of fuel, 225 tons of gas fuel & hazardous chemicals aboard, started leaking its cargo, putting the untouched World Heritage area under serious pollution threat.

UPDATE>> M/V Jolly Rubino, blown aground off Cape St. Lucia, 600 km (370 miles) E. of Johannesburg, by heavy wind. Salvage tug expected Friday. The Cargo Letter (Fri. Sept. 13 2002)

UPDATE>> Salvage workers decided Sept. 17 to abandon efforts to refloat the blazing ship grounded off South Africa's coast after discovering the vessel's cracks were worsening. Instead, workers will focus on pumping oil off in effort to protect ecologically sensitive estuary nearby -- before ship breaks up -- overside are 70 barrels filled with toxic chemicals overboard & 2 containers filled with refrigerators. Leaking oil flowed SW for 600 meters, before heading to sea and breaking up 8km away. The Cargo Letter (Tues. Sept. 17 2002)

UPDATE>> Smit Salvage<<webfeature, team forced to evacuate the vessel Sept. 18 -- asbestos experts accessed engine room to assess threat posed to salvors by asbestos dust -- salvage team now returned. Preparations to remove bunkers continuing -- a ship-to-ship transfer planned -- oil threatening South African St. Lucia Wetland World Heritage Site<<webfeature. The Cargo Letter (Sat. Sept. 21 2002)

UPDATE>> Several containers which may carry dangerous chemicals from grounded M/V Jolly Rubino reportedly drifting along South Africa's SE coastline. Working conditions aboard ship steadily improving as temperatures decreased while reduced amount of smoke emanating from vessel improved visibility. Expected rough seas would continue for next 3 days, delaying fuel removal. The Cargo Letter (Tues. Sept. 24 2002)

Saturday - 23 Nov. 2002>> Puma helicopter belonging to Smit Salvage<<webfeature, crashed onto the deck of M/V Jolly Rubino, whilst busy with salvage work. There was a crew of 4 aboard the helicopter & 11 passengers. Helicopter burnt out totally & 2 workers on deck also seriously injured. A total of 17 casualties, 3 serious. An object blown into tail rotor believed to have caused accident. Likely, the helicopter shown in our picture -- above.

Smit Salvage -- M/V Jolly Rubino Project

Contributions from our correspondent Mr. Dan Ruff

The Historic Ro/Ro Ferry Disasters -

M/V Herald of Free Enterprise car ferry disaster in 1987 near Zeebrugge harbor.

M/V Estonia ferry distaster in 1994

Estonia - what really Happened?

C/F Express Samina - ferry disaster in 2000

M/V La Joola - ferry disaster in Snegal, 2002

M/V Tricolor - "Thrice Bitten" feature, 2003

Forward Observer - April 2003

Ok, So You're At Full Speed -- The Iceberg Is Approaching

Time To Take Your Seat --

QUESTION: Where Do You Sit?


Don't Sit In The CP Ships M/V Cast Progress new "Ice Strengthened" Bow

This Well Publicized Container Vessel Was Designed For North Atlantic Wiinters,

But Perhaps Not Designed Quite Strong Enough --

-- For What May Have Been A full Speed Ahead Collision With Heavy Ice.

The Place: Gulf of St. Lawrence About April 6 2003

NOTE: 2003 has been a very heavy ice year, with problems for many vessels on the Great Lakes.

M/V Cast Progress

-- Built 1986

-- Max Service Speed - 21 knots

-- 2900 TEU capacity

CP Ships

Great Lakes & Seaway Shipping (Vessal Passage) News

Our The Cargo Letter Contributor For This Feature: Requested To Be Anonymous. We honor this request.

FED-REX Vs. UP-oooPs - April 2003
We Pondered The Great International Product Rivalries

Coke Vs. Pepsi

McDonald's Vs. Burger King

Hertz Vs. Avis

Peanut Butter Vs. Chickens

But Could We Have Pondered Or Imagined This?

We Do Not Know Where Or When This "Road Test" Took Place

The South Bound UPS Express Truck

Has Met The North Bound FedEx Truck

Exactly What Must Be The Absolutely Astronomical Odds of This Ever Happening?

A FedEx Vs. UPS True Delivery Product Challenge!

We Refuse To Engage In Commercial Rivalry

Still -- it is very hard to ignore this very telling "Express Package Delivery Vehicle Survivability Test"

--It's rather clear that for safe delivery in the tough trucks - next time - we'll ship our freight & packages with UPS!!

Contributed By Our Beth Silverman

Half Measures - March 2003
North Korean freighter M/V Chil Song ran aground on breakwater near a Japanese port on Dec. 5, sits broken in half near Hitachi, about 130 km (80 miles) NE of Tokyo, on March 10, 2003. Rough waters washing against vessel for 3 months eventually broke up freighter. Picture taken March 10


NOTE: The Cargo Letter wants you to know that by keeping the identity of our contributors 100% confidential, you are able to view our continuing series of "Cargo Disasters.". Our friends send us materials which benefit the industry. The materials are provided to our news publication with complete and enforceable confidentiality for the sender. In turn, we provide these materials to you.

NOTE: Please bring to our immediate attention any feature information which you believe may be incorrect.

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