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The Individual Moments of Transport Crisis

Which Don't Constitute A Full Page Feature

"Singles Only" 2002 Last Half - Our Feature Page - Page #3 Our "Singles" Photo Features By Date

2002 Last Half - Our Feature Page - Page #3

"Open Door Policy" - Dec. 2002

"Northwest Climbing" - Dec. 2002

"Anchors Away" - December 2002

'Full Speed Ahead" - Oct. 2002

"Typhoon Rusa" - Sept. 2002

"Don't Park Here" - Aug. 2002

"Things You Should Not Drop!" - July 2002


For All The Many Transport Disaster Photos We Receive Each Month,

Only A Few Picture Series Result In A The Cargo Letter Photo Feature Page.

For All The Rather Amazing Single Picture Contributions We Recieve --

-- Here Are Our Selected One Photo Wonders!

Countryman & McDaniel

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"Overlooking Runway 25 - Right, at Los Angeles International Airport"

Countryman & McDaniel

Transport Single Photo Nightmares

Contributed By Our Readers*

"Open Door Policy" - December 2002

Air Cargo Employers Throughout The Industry Are Tracking This Crew.

The Efficiency of Starting The Off Load Prior To Touchdown

Is A Real Little Time Saver!

Tell Us Where & When -- We Don't Know

 Contributed By Our Reader: Stan


Northwest Climbling - December 2002

Northwest Express At Memphis

Mechanics Pushed This Saab From The hanger --

But After Working On The Plane All Night

No One Was On The Brakes -- No Chocks -- No One Braked The Tug.

Contributed By Our Reader: Stan

Anchors Away ! - December 2002
Dropping The Hook On The Tug

A Cargo Law Movie

Full Speed Ahead - October 2002
From The Cargo Letter - Tues. Oct. 15 2002

Full Speed Ahead! >> 41,570dwt, 2,987 TEU container M/V Alva Star (ex- Norasia Star, ex- MSC Jasmine, ex- Norasia Malta), Haifa for Kepec, Croatia -- ran into a 100 meter high cliff at full cruising speed! The "short cut" was not optimal.

In other words, M/V Alva Star rammed the Souh East corner of Zakinthos Island, Greece -- burying its bulbous bow in rocks & 25 meters of vessel on Oct. 3, 2002.

The cause was reportedly human error. Oh, geeez, do you think? Perhaps the "ex's" of this vessel show some bad luck. A ship will rebel after so many names!

Greek officials report an intention to install stop lights off their Islands.

150 containers were lightered from the forward cargo bays to lighten the load. Then the 120 ton bollard pull tug M/V Matsas Star made a dramatic refloating Oct. 11, as the vessel was moved in heavy seas. This is believed 1st time in history that a U.S. salvage firm has performed salvage in Greek territorial waters by Titan Maritime<<webfeature. Tues. Oct. 15 2002 from The Cargo Letter

UPDATE>> We Now Have The Complete Photo Set of This Loss!

M/V Alva Star -- THE FEATURE! -- You Won't Believe What Happens! Posted November 2006

Contributed by our reader Lisa S.

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Typhoon Rusa - September 2002

These Clips Show Initial Results of A Collision At The Jinhae Anchorage. During Typhoon Rusa, Sat. 31 Aug 2002.

Bulker Clipped The Stern of A Trawler -- Trawler Sank Within 15 Minutes. 14 saved, 2 unaccounted for (rumour has it they were recovered the next morning).


Typhoon Rusa - Worst In Korea Since WWII

Click The Photo For The Quicktime Movie

More Clips of The Incident To Come Here

Film Taken by Capt. Moon, Master, T/S Hannara.

Contributed By: Robert Desrosiers, Operations Officer, MSCO Korea

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Don't Park Here - August 2002

Don't Park Here!

Great - Amazing Photo!

But We Have Some Quetions --Not Yet Answered

1. Real? Our "Mr. Photo Shop" Radar is activated.

2. Where?

3. When?

Contribution From Mr. Aaron White of Southwest Airlines

From Our Reader -- Oct. 2003

"I remember seeing that photo in a North American print magazine some years ago. It had to do with Relief Aid being brought into a stricken South American country, up in the mountains. Seemed to be a Non Government Organization, with the aircraft pilot perhaps showing more enthusiasm, than skill - certainly those 2 high-tailing members of the Ground Party are going to remember it!
Pat Rivers-Bowerman, Canadian Coast Guard [Ret'd]
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Things You Should Not Drop! - July 2002

First Rule of Special Ordinance Handling: Use special equipment for proper lift & smooth movement of large ordinance.

Second Rule of Special Ordinance Handling: Know where the loading dock ends!

Third Rule of Special Ordinance Handling: If you survived a Cluster Bomb drop-- apply for a clerical position.

In the past 25 years we've seen this same "little mistake" performed time after time, with everything up to and including a US$30M Earth Orbiting Satellite.

This "loading dock bow" could well have led to tragic consequences.

Don't laugh -- this happens around America 100 times each day. Safety standards were ignored.

We know that this was a U.S. "Hyster" forklift with U.S. ordinance. But that's about all.

The ordinance is now being checked so that we may learn the where & when of this warehouse flop.

Do You Have Insight To This Incident? Let Us Have Your Expereince On This Incident. Solve The Mystery.

Early Photo Review From Our Resident Expert "The DOC" :

CBU- Cluster Bomb Unit --Similar to a CBU-58/9<<webfeature
Note: The graphic extended tail fins. Note in the picture no extended fins, but clearly, slots for them. If the dispenser is not filled with the bomblets, one could carry it round the building all day on a fork lift truck of that size. But load it up, and it weighs in at 750 lbs, again, well within the lift ability of that fork truck -- if you carry it properly.


*Might be a salvage yard photo?

*Weapon markings seems old - perhaps European. >> Dark camo, without tan that was in SEATO (South East Asia) or Viet Nam era camo paint schemes. Newer camo schemes are dark greys (Air Superiority) & dark greens/greys we now see on some cargo aircraft and other winged things. There are many variations on the Euro scheme. But its not referring to the origin of the dropped doohickey, just the way it's painted.

*There is no security fencing along the woods as one would expect at a secure air facility.

*The load is not properly balanced on Hyster lift. Why?

IF THIS WEAPON IS A CBU-- old technology, being supplanted by new things that go boom in the night. Cluster bombs give the enemy, & various Non Governmental Organizations the willies. Why?

*1. The individual bomblets can be anti personnel, or anti vehiclular-soft skinned trucks for example. Anti armor cluster units are also available in different devices.

*2. The individual cluster bombs can have all sorts of interesting fuses. They can detonate when they hit the ground, they can fling them selves up like a "Bouncing Betty" mine to further enhance anti personnel effects-think of a softball exploding at mid-body height. Ohhhh, that made you wince, didn't it? And then, we add the ultimate nasty...time delay.

*3. Sub munitions allegedly can render themselves "safe" if not triggered after a certain time has lapsed. Uh huh. See #2. Do you want to enter an area that has them all round you?

These are all the more resons why these are "Things You Should Not Drop!"

Our Goal Being Accuracy -- The Cargo Letter will continue to research this photo. Stay tuned -- as always!

Hyster Counterbalanced Forklifts - made in the USA

Photo From our correspondent Pat Colligan
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NOTE: The Cargo Letter wants you to know that by keeping the identity of our contributors 100% confidential, you are able to view our continuing series of "Cargo Disasters.". Our friends send us materials which benefit the industry. The materials are provided to our news publication with complete and enforceable confidentiality for the sender. In turn, we provide these materials to you.

NOTE: Please bring to our immediate attention any feature information which you believe may be incorrect.

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