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The Extreme State of Trans Arabian Air Transport

As The B-707F "Reaches" Mwanza airport

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The Extreme State of Trans Arabian Air Transport


February 2000


Here is our article which appeared in The Cargo Letter, back in Feb. 2000. On April 14 we received the incredible photos of this event. As always, these materials were provided to our law firm with complete and enforceable confidentiality for the sender.

Please see our "It Happened Again" note at the bottom of this page. Who knew that 30 April would bring a repeat of such an unusual event? Our thought: Don't go boating on Lake Victoria.

Fish Revolt - Return To Lake (The Cargo Letter) 5 crew of a Boeing 707F freighter survived when the aircraft crashed into Lake Victoria, Tanzania on 5 Feb. The B-707F aircraft, operated by Sudanese carrier Trans Arabian Air Transport, crashed into the water while approaching Mwanza airport in northwest Tanzania with a Europe-bound cargo of fish. It landed in the water 2 to 3 km from the shore, but it didn't sink. The crew members were picked up by rescue boats while the damaged aircraft was later towed to the shore. The cause of the accident is unknown. Mwanza is used by several airfreight operators flying chilled fish from Lake Victoria to Europe. Tanzania resumed fish exports from Lake Victoria to Europe last week after a 9 month ban imposed by the EU because of a poisoning scare was lifted.

Our earlier report that the aircraft "landed in the water 2 to 3 km from the shore", was clearly in error.

Try 100 yards! 


From The AvWeb Web Page

"An AVweb reader sent in photos of a damaged 707 sitting sadly in the water short of the runway at Mwanza, asmall port city on Lake Victoria in northwestern Tanzania. Apparently,after two unsuccessful approaches at night, the pilot of the Arabian-registered cargo plane came in low and was duly warned by the tower. The captain replied that he knew what he was doing -- and then proceeded to hit the water a couple of miles short of the runway. Theimpact tore off all four engines and the landing gear, but the fuselage was unpunctured and the crew -- with no injuries -- was picked up by a fishing boat, and the remains of the plane were towed closer to shore. Ironically, the plane was supposed to pick up a load of fish: "Maybe the pilot misunderstood where," our reader speculated". (contributed by our reader Chris Hocking)

Any information you may have concerning this tragic flight will be appreciated.

The Cargo Letter wants you to know that by keeping the identity of our contributors 100% confidential, you are able to view our continuing series of "Cargo Disasters."

For example, no photos of either this Trans Arabian Air Transport loss or the M/V OOCL America disaster have been released to any other news organization in the world. Our friends send us materials which benefit the industry. The materials are provided to our law firm with complete and enforceable confidentiality for the sender. In turn, we provide these materials to you.


From The Cargo Letter [350] April 30 2000

***Freighter Down In Lake Victoria - Again ........ as a DC-10F cargo plane crashed in Lake Victoria after overshooting the runway at Uganda's Entebbe Airport today, but the 7 crewmen were rescued unhurt. The plane had flown from London's Gatwick airport carrying 50 tons of cargo. Airport authorities said the DC-10, registered in the U.S. but operated by an Ugandan firm called Dairo Air Services, crashed shortly before dawn. The crew suffered no serious injuries but were sent to Entebbe Hospital for further checks. The plane was extensively damaged with the cockpit breaking away from the main body. All the cargo sank. Uganda's Transport Ministry will investigate the crash. If this story sounds familiar, that's because cargo planes crashing into Lake Victoria are becoming common place. See our quite amazing water crash photos of the Trans Arabia Air Transport DC-8F that made this plunge on Feb. 3.

We need any photos you may have for this most recent crash -- in full confidence for you.


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