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We Pray For This - But Is There Peace?

Is There A Return For The Kosovars?

Will THe NATO Forces Meet Peace When Entering Kosovo This Week?

All politics aside, God's speed to America's and NATO's sons & daughters attempting against odds to relieve human suffering

In the new peace keeping role

There are many special resources for you listed below - Get the whole story from both sides

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  Pre-Flight Photo of the F-117A Nighthawk #806 Before She Was Lost Over Kosovo On 27 Mar 99 - the actual aircraft lost during the air war!
Serbian Photos of Our Crashed F-117A
The stealth pilot was rescued in a daring U.S. Marine Corps. effort ..... Thanks SAR !

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The United Nations

Balkins Task Force - including this site under "Other"

Media Pages - dramatic coverage of breaking events

CNN .................... .... MSNBC

USA Today ......... ........Asia One

Kosovo Media Articles ......Yahoo Coverage

War In The Balkans Page

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Situation, Satellite Images & Weather

Kosovo Imagery Intelligence
Kosovo Gun Camera Imagery

Kosovo Cloud Cover

General Intelligence Imagery Gallery

U-2 Imagery Kosovo Imagery From 1998

Downtown Belgrade - LIVE Web Cam

Kosovo From Space - with city focus on Pristina & high resolution images

The Geographic Area - theatre of operations

LANDSTAT Satellite Images - learn the lay of the land

Kosovo Maps - your BEST source for situation & geopolitical maps of the conflict - an extensive collection - LEARN!

KLA Vs. Serbia Forces - how they equate

European Satellite Images - current weather

Latest Satellite Weather Map of Europe

Latest Europe Satellite Image

Different Version

Serbia & Montenegro Geopolitical Facts

CIA World Factbook Info

Consular Warnings - you might not need these

Villages Attacked By Serbs - the human flow

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United States of America - 223 Years of U.S. Volunteer Service - attempting peace

Embassy of The United States of America - Belgrade - under fire
USIS Belgrade ........U.S. Information Section - Pristina

The United States Navy Home Page ............... The U.S.Air Force Home Page

Kosovo Gun Camera Imagery

U.S. Navy Images ................................. ........U.S. Air Force World Wide Links

U.S. European Command - Operation Allied Force

Organization of The European Command

U.S. Defense Dept. Bosnia Pages ....................U.S. Embassy - Brussels

U.S. Information Agency - Kosovo

The Freight Detective's Historic Ships .......... U.S. Armed Forces In The Air - a history

Kosovo Gun Camera Imagery

Kosovo Imagery Intelligence

Federation of American Scientists - Military Analysis Network

U.S. Current Operations
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NATO Forces Home Page

NATO's Adriatic Build-up

Air Power .......... Naval Power

Missile Power

NATO Forces Order of Battle

Kosovo Imagery Intelligence

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The United Kingdom

U.K. Ministry of Defense - Kosovo pages

U.K. Royal Air Force - Kosovo news

Jane's Defense - Kosovo Special Edition

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Support Our NATO Forces - 223 Years of U.S. Volunteer Service

Candles Across America - keep the home fires burning

Support Our Soldiers Pages

Kosovo Imagery Intelligence

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Kosovo Sites

Kosovo Liberation Army

American Hellenic Media Project

Independent Radio Kosovo - B92 - Live Broadcasting! ............ Kosova Liberation Peace Movement ...............

Kosovo Crisis Center

Return To Kosovo

Support For Kosovo - Question The NATAO Effort

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Yugoslavian Sites & Forces

Against NATO

Committee Against U.S. Intervention

Yugoslav Air Defense

Yugoslav Ground Forces

Yugoslav Royal Family - in exile (who knew?)

Federal Republic of Yugoslavia

Serbia Ministry of Information

Serbia Civil Alliance

Serbia News Now!

Articles From The Serbian Press


Serbian Unity Congress

Serbia Info News

The New Rome - looking at NATO For Yugoslavia - with daily time line of air raids

Serbia Photos of Damage Done By NATO

Alleged U.S. War Crimes

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Refugee Relief

CARE - Kosovo

International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

International Committee of the Red Cross

ICG South Balkans Project

Kosovo Humanitarian Disaster Forces Hundreds of Thousands from their Homes

Catholic Relief Services

Kosovo Relief

Relief Web: Home page

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This Candles Across America Campaign WebRing site owned by Michael S. McDaniel, Esq.. Would you like to join this webring?
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