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20 September 1999

Good Monday Morning from our Observation Deck...... overlooking the officially designated "Cargo City" area and....... Runway 25-Right, at Los Angeles International Airport, voted "Best Cargo Airport in North America." This month we bring you the new INCOTERMS, a full report of Cargo Damage Dispatches and Pirate news!

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Michael S. McDaniel, Editor & Publisher, Countryman & McDaniel, forwarder/broker attorneys at LAX.

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OUR "A" Section: Trade, Financial & Inland News

1. Freight Forwarder Trade Briefs

2. The Cargo Letter Financial Page

OUR "B" Section: FF World Air News

3. Freight Forwarder World Air Briefs

Assembled from wire stories, the Associated Press, Reuters, Hong Kong Shipping News & other world sources.

OUR "C" Section: FF World Ocean News

4. Freight Forwarder World Ocean Briefs

5. The Cargo Letter Cargo Damage Dispatches

We're back! "Cargo Damage Dispatches" was one of our most popular features, for years, until Steve Schultz of Whitefish Bay took a much deserved break in 1998 from gathering all the information each month. Indeed, the West Coast's ILWU has put up a special web site, just for our previous reports. We've now brought the feature back, at least in part. The Cargo Letter is searching for volunteers to fill Steve's big shoes. Please apply, and to our readers, please let us know of casualties in that most dangerous place ....... out there.

Many of our past reports, many of them chilling, are available at both The Cargo Letter Archives and at a web site set up by the West Coast's ILWU.

The Sierra Leone tanker M/T WORLD KINSHIP (49,827 gross), loaded with crude oil, is delayed at Dar es Salaam due to a defective single buoy mooring. The SBM is being replaced. (Saturday Sept. 18 1999)

The Hong Kong area has been severely affected by typhoon "York", with at least one person killed, over a hundred injured and almost all transport above ground at a halt. Several vessels were blown aground, including crane vessel OHI 5000 (36,367 gt) and container vessel M/V TEMPO (16,135 gt). (Friday Sept. 17 1999)

The Russian general cargo vessel M/V VOLGA 4003 (4,911 gt), touched bottom, causing water ingress, in the vicinity of Gogland Island, off St. Petersburg, on Sep 10. Vessel subsequently berthed at St. Petersburg, where an inspection revealed torn bottom plating over a 60 foot length. (Wednesday Sept. 15 1999)

The Panama oil/chemical tanker M/T PERGAMOS ((,631 gt), Gdynia for Three Rivers with a cargo of liquid urea, grounded on Hatterbarn Reef, in lat 55 52N, long 10 51E, on Sep 12. Tugs are presently on scene. (Tuesday Sept. 14 1999)

The Singapore container vessel M/V X-PRESS JAYA (6,973 gt, built 1980) had fire in engine-room Sep 10 following main engine turbo-charger explosion about 90 miles from Jebel Ali. Vessel will be towed to Jebel Ali. (Monday Sept. 13 1999)

The bow of the Thai LPG carrier M/T PAK ONE, which sank off Koh Kud, Trat, in August 1996, has moved upwards & is now only 4 to 5 meters below the surface. The cargo of liquified petroleum gas is keeping the bow upright. (Saturday Sept. 11 1999)

The Chinese M/V SHUN LONG (711 gt), from Hong Kong with containers, sank off the Ninepin Islands, in lat 22 15.25N, long 114 21.95E, Sep 8. All crew safely rescued. (Friday Sept. 10 1999)

The St.Vincent & Grenadines bulk carrier M/V WELL SPEEDER (16,184 gt), Port Louis for Lagos with cement, had water ingress in Holds Nos. 1 & 2 during bad weather & reported sinking in lat 20 23S, long 56 26E, Sep 6. Crew abandoned & rescued safely. (Wednesday Sept. 8 1999)

The Singapore bulk carrier/container vessel M/V BLUE MASTER (20,578 gt) was in collision with the U.S. F/V MASTER STEVEN (142 gross) off New Orleans Aug 27. Blue Master was holed in her No.1 starboard fuel tank & leaked about 50 barrels of oil. She subsequently arrived New Orleans Aug 28. Master Steven sustained bent outrigger. (Tuesday Sept. 7 1999)

The Maltese M/V KRISTINA (2,478 gt, built 1973) touched bottom in Black Sea on Sep 3, was abandoned by crew and subsequently sank in approximately lat 44 20N, long 33 12E. (Monday Sept. 6 1999)

The vehicle carrier M/V GRANDE EUROPA (51,714 gt, built 1988) grounded near "Kennedy Tunnel", River Schelde, while proceeding to berth at Scheldequay, at 0300, local time, today. Vessel was refloated at 0535 & proceeded to berth on her own. (Saturday Sept. 4 1999)

The St. Vincent & Grenadines M/V SONIA (4,659 gt), Southampton for Greece, laden with grain, reported Sep 1 in Sandown Bay, Isle of Wight, with water ingress into her engine-room. Vessel down in the stern & listing to starbord. Vessel requested tugs, pumps & divers, for underwater repairs. Tug on scene & has commenced pumping operations. Pumps coping; situation remains stable. (Wed., 1 Sept. 1999)

An Argentine Boeing 737 aircraft crashed on take-off from an airport near Buenos Aires, Aug 31. 80 people are believed to have died in the crash. Seven passengers are believed to have survived. (Thursday September 2 1999) See our exclusive, eyewitness story "Account of The Argentina Air Loss", below.

The St.Vincent & Grenadines M/V IRIS I (1,847 gt), Thessaloniki for Rouen with yellow corn, sank in lat 41 42N, long 009 42W, Aug 29. All 8 crew safely rescued. (Tuesday Aug. 31 1999)

The Barbados M/V VANESSA C. (1,853 gt), for Great Yarmouth with wheat, contacted a wall while entering Great Yarmouth & later took water in a hold and settled on bottom at Berth1D, Great Yarmouth. Crew taken off. Surveyors to attend. (Monday Aug. 30 1999)

The Cambodian bulk carrier M/V LEVENT (19,914 gt), Belawan for Bremen loaded, had a fire in her generator room while on passage through Straits of Dover Aug 23. Discharged cargo at Brake same day. Subsequently arrived Bremen Aug 25, where detained under Port State Control after inspection. (Saturday Aug. 28)

The Maltese bulk carrier M/V KARTERIA (21,266 gt), from New Orleans with iron oxide fines, had explosion in her holds in lat 37 28N, long 45 30W, Aug 25. Two persons killed & 2 injured. Vessel proceeding under own power to Ponta Delgada, where ETA noon, Aug 28. (Friday Aug. 27 1999)

The Canadian F/V RED SUN (221 gt) was reported taking water west of Petit Passage, Nova Scotia, on Aug 23. The crew successfully halted the leak & pumped out the water and the vessel proceeded to port under her own power. (Thursday Aug. 26 1999)

The Panamanian m container vessel M/V EVER DECENT (52,090 gt), Hamburg for Los Angeles with containers, was in collision with the Bahamas m passenger vessel M/V NORWEGIAN DREAM (50,764 gt), on 12 day Baltic Cruise with 1,600 passengers and 800 crew, in lat 51 26N, long 01 56E, late Aug 23. Norwegian Dream sustained damage to bow and bridge and berthed Dover Aug 24. Ever Decent is still on fire Aug 24 with tugs in attendance. (Wednesday August 25 1999) See our full story, above.

The Turkish bulk carrier M/V MELIKSAH (10,992 gt), Russia for China with fertilizer, reported taking water in her engine-room & subsequently sank off Dondra Head, Sri Lanka, Aug 23. All 27 crew rescued safely. (Tuesday August 24 1999)

The U.S. dredge barge MARICAVOR (571 gt) sunk at her moored position at the Port of Miami on Aug 20. All 4 crew members evacuated the vessel safely. Officials are on the scene to begin an investigation into the sinking. (Monday Aug. 23 1999)

CMA-CGM resorted to unloading containers from its 3,538-TEU vessel M/V Ville de Capella, after failing to tug the ship out of Hong Kong's port. The Ville de Capella, which runs the "MEX" service between Asia & the Mediterranean, had its journey cut short when it got caught in Typhoon Sam which hit the SAR on 22 Aug., disrupting most maritime & cargo schedules.

The Bahamas bulk carrier M/V MANDARIN ARROW (35,998 gt) while waiting to berth at Fletcher Challenge, Duncan Bay, was caught in a cross current & grounded on sandbar on Aug 17. Refloated & berthed. Sustained minor hull damage. (Saturday Aug. 21 1999)

The German stern trawler F/V GERDA MARIA (2,122 gt) had a fire on board in lat 53 28.7N, long 02 55.5E, Aug 18. Crew abandoned & all safely rescued. Still drifting on fire Aug 19. Tug Waker on scene. (Friday Aug. 20 1999)

The German container vessel M/V NAVIGIA (2,240 gt) had main engine failure & disabled in the North Sea off Hanstholm 18 Aug. Tug proceeding and will tow her to Hanstholm. (Thursday Aug. 19 1999)

The Singapore bulk carrier M/V SEA CRANE (26,951 gt), Mobile for Yokohama, reported main engine problems Aug 16. She has diverted to Honolulu at reduced speed to effect repairs. ETA Honolulu 21 Aug. (Wednesday Aug. 18 1999)

The Belize M/V GOLDEN VIRGO (6,158 gt) while anchored at Mukalla drifted aground in strong winds Aug 10. Tug proceeding from Aden. (Tuesday Aug. 17 1999)

The German container vessel M/V CONTSHIP HARMONY (31,207 gt, built 1997), struck underwater object in Gulf of Aqaba Aug 15 & sustained flooding to a forward area. Proceeding under own power for Aqaba. (Monday Aug. 16 1999)

NOTE: The historic dangers of carriage by sea continue to be quite real. Shippers must be encouraged to purchase high quality marine cargo insurance from their freight forwarder or customs broker. It's dangerous out there.

OUR "D" Section: FF in Cyberspace

6. The Cargo Letter "Cyber Ports Of Call"

Here are our suggested world wide web sites of the week for your business, your information and your amusement

U.S. Customs Intellectual Property Rights ........... Customs has posted to its Web site a June 1999 publication entitled "Customs Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights" as part of its series "What Every Member of the Trade Community Should Know About." 

U.S. National Shipbuilding Research Program 

Starship Millennium Voyage ....... a three year voyage of exploration around the world and into the next century by scientists on the 75' M/V Starship. Learn about the world on daily basis with journals and satellite links. Very cool! 

Maersk Line Country Pages .......... info at a glance on the leading trading nations & their fleets (look under "About Us"). 

TRACKER ............ a PC solution for unclaimed property management. The system streamlines the task of complying with state unclaimed property reporting laws by collecting, managing & filing unclaimed or abandoned property data. TRACKER also generates search letters to owners, maintains activity logs & creates reports in pre-approved formats for all states & jurisdictions. 

Descartes Software - "Delivery Net" supply chain & control software. 

Active Software ..........provider of eBusiness integration software products has announced the successful implementation of the ActiveWorks Integration System at C.H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc. ActiveWorks enables real-time interfaces to occur between C.H. Robinson's transportation & customer management applications, enhancing just-in-time distribution capabilities for time-sensitive customer orders. 

Provia Software ........... is the software supplier to 4 of the top 5 3PL providers listed in the July issue of Inbound Logistics. The article, "Recognizing 3PL Excellence," is the result of a poll of Inbound Logistics readers to identify the best providers of 3PL. 

Seattle Ships Page ........... a ship-based website for the Puget Sound area. Seattle. Vessel Traffic Service radio frequencies supplied for each vessel. Covers those companies that have a ship of a significant size at a local dock. Included are both the Washington State Ferries & BC Ferries fleets as well as the U.S. & Canadian naval and Coast Guard fleets in this area. 

Humber Maritime ......... many great ship photos and UK shipping information. 

Deck Scaling Equipment & Offshore Supplies 

Attorneys Fees & Fraud ........... how to spot attorneys who abuse the system. 

Top Insurance Fraud Stories of The Month 

Web Security & Your Data: Use It Or Lose It! 

Maritech ASE Research Announcement

Bunker World ........ marine fuels, tankers & more. 

Steamer Columbia Foundation ......... 97 years and needing your help. 

For Sale: World War II P.T. Boat. An original Elco, once under lease to Clark Gable. ............ offers a free service to scan your photos and post them on the web for you in a private photo album. Create a company album and link it to your web site. Share photos with the family. System allows you to add voice descriptions! 

Mind Control of Machines ....... the industry is in it's infancy. Help for the disabled for now, but imagine the ability to move cargo in you mind. 

Shanna McCullogh Online ...... a strange tribute to The Cargo Letter and our TRANS-CAMS. We had nothing to do with this, but somehow could not pass up showing it you. The world of International cargo is seldom seen as sexy! But why? Go figure. 

Poland Shopping project ........ featuring our The Cargo Letter Shopping Mall. 

The Puppy Cam Network 

Bottled Water Boutique ......... and we thought we'd seen it all! 

OUR "E" Section: The Forwarder/Broker World

7. Account of The Argentina Air Loss

-- by Dr. Diego Lopez Saavedra for The Cargo Letter

An Argentine Boeing 737 aircraft crashed on take-off from an airport near Buenos Aires Aug 31. Eighty people are believed to have died in the crash. Seven passengers are believed to have survived.

Indeed, we have not yet recovered of the impact caused by this terrible casualty. The airport in which this casualty occurred is located in the middle of the city of Buenos Aires. This was something that everyone expected to happen sometime, even when everyone pretended that there was not a problem. The tragedy could have been even worst.

There has been a long discussion before this casualty occurred about the necessity to move this airport to somewhere else. Certainly this discussion will start again now. One of the most important access roads to the city runs alongside the airport.

By a miracle, the traffic lights were red at the very moment when the airplane crashed and the cars were stopped just a few meters from where the airplane crossed the avenue. If not, the airplane would have crashed against dozens of cars that were leaving the city at that time. Certainly, God did not wanted this to happen.

Apparently, one of the engines of the plane (Boeing 737 built in 1973) had problems before taking off. This is not confirmed, but what seems to have happened is that the plane tried to take off and something happened with one or both engines after it has reached the "point of no return" speed. The plane then continued its way, crossed the avenue that runs alongside the airport and stopped at a golf driving range where around 300 persons were practicing golf. Once again, it seems that God did not want this tragedy to be bigger, as the plane was stopped by a small hill before it reached the place where these persons were playing golf.

About 70 people were killed and 30 could survive. It seems as if only one door of the plane could be opened (the one at the back) and thus, most of the passengers could not leave the plane while it was burning.

What a horrible scene! May God bless us.

Our colleague, Dr. Diego Lopez Saavedra is a senior attorney in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We appreciate comments & descriptions of this event which are not available to any of us from other sources.

8. A Horse Named Kimberlee

-- by Michael S. McDaniel with thanks for The Cargo Letter

There are no words to express our thanks for the giant hearts which each of YOU opened on 17 July 1999 for our dear Kimberlee Countryman. From across America and around the world .............. there was an outpouring of love & hope by thousands of YOU for our dear 16 year old Calabasas High School cheer leader who faced & beat the odds! Liver cancer at age 16, and a father at The Cargo Letter who would not wait for his daughter to just come up on a hospital transplant list in Los Angeles. Byron Countryman searched the country, fighting to save Kimberlee's life, and did.

Now that Kimberlee is back home with us, the transplant a success, and starting to enjoy her senior year at Calabasas High School, we will take a moment to thank you all once again for the increddible kindness and love shown by each of you to Kimberlee and our families during this tragic nightmare. I can't thank each of you by name, the list would be both too long and not complete. There were so many thoughtful messages and similar stories of courage. This said, one letter we received brought a bright spark to our girl which seemed to launch her spirits upward. I want to share this letter with you.

Following is an example of the amazing emotion which Kimberlee's personal battle has drawn from the hearts of good people from around the world. As you will see, Kimberlee is now honored in far away South Africa in the manner of that old Johnny Cash song "A Boy Named Sue" ......... with her own race horse! Here is the amazing letter from our long time The Cargo Letter friend, Peter Bower:

"Dear Countryman Family and Friends,

I am a hardened shipping journalist of 25 years experience, and I live in a land where rape, pillage and death are everyday (and I mean EVERY day) occurrences. So it's not often a story gets through to me emotionally.

However, reading your e-mail about Kimberlee hit that spot in every father's heart which reduced me to ... well ... a soppy old fart with tears on his cheeks.

I have three kids, all younger than Kimberly and all - thank God - in robust health.

Yet, as a father, I can understand the will to do the best for one's kid - tirelessly. Go for it, Dad! In a small cosmic way, in a corner of South Africa, there's another Dad who sends you thoughts of strength and will to get you through the dark times.

We're a horsey family, and I have just had to get a pony for my two younger kids. This I did yesterday, and now we need a name for the beast. Traditionally, we name our animals after typefaces. (My suggestion of "Arriba-Arriba" - yes, there is a typeface with this name - was met with a VERY old-fashioned look by my 8 yr. old daughter!).

We now have the perfect name, and I am honoured to name him "Kimberlee".

Kimberlee being a traditionally girls' name, the fact that he's a gelding will be a cause for question, and my kids will be pleased to tell how their pony is named in honour of a young lady of courage and strength, and her family, in America.

We're confident our nag's going to be a little star in the riding world in Gauteng (our province) and I hope he'll prove an inspiration to your Kimberlee too.

Once he's on our farm and we have a photo of him and his new riders, we'll send you a copy. Meanwhile, we wish you strength in the difficult times ahead.

But here's a more practical suggestion: When Kimberlee's strong enough, and the parents willing, please accept an invitation to visit South Africa for some R & R. You can stay with us, close to the airport, as long as you like, and there is nothing less strenuous than viewing game in the Kruger National Park!

With our best wishes, thoughts and our prayers

Gauteng, South Africa"

When she was able, Kimberlee responed to us:

"I just received your E-mail about the pony and I was completely taken back. That was amazing! I have a horse named after me that lives is South Africa..That is so cool. To all of you, I am doing just great and I want to thank all of you for all of your support along the way. I love reading the E-mails, and getting so many balloons (my room looks like it's going to fly away!)."

Our Kim now trades regular e-mails with here new freinds in South Africa ......... and to get the latest news about her new pony.

Intense medical reatment continues for our girl, but she improves every day while enjoying the gift of life. Thanks again to you all. McD

Recently, one of the on-line message networks received a container transport question. What is a "bulk pulse"? Gary Rempel answered that Bulk pulses are pulses or legumes such as dried peas, shipped in bulk. Nothing to do with power surges or medical instruments!

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