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18 August 1999

Good Wednesday Morning from our Observation Deck...... overlooking the officially designated "Cargo City" area and....... Runway 25-Right, at Los Angeles International Airport, voted ``Best Cargo Airport in North America''.

This month we are celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Sister City/Sister Port relationship between Los Angeles & Nagoya, Japan, which was the 1st such affiliation for our City of L.A. This month we also bring back "Cargo Damage Dispatches", your favorite feature, in Part 2 ! And yes, we have lots of PIRATE news this month, in Part 2 ! How many must die before the world takes this problem seriously? McD

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      * Kim Comes Home
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   9. Technology Key To Year 2000 Air Vision
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OUR Top Story

1. Our Girl Braves The Storm

18 Aug. - LAX -- There are no words to express our thanks for the giant hearts which each of YOU opened on 17 July 1999 for our dear Kimberlee Countryman. From across America, to the major cities of the world, to the Pyramids of Egypt, to the tundra of North Canada, to South America, to the wilds of South Africa, to Eastern Europe, to remote Pacific Islands, and to way Down Under .............. there has been an outpouring of love & hope by thousands of YOU for our dear 16 year old Calabasas High School cheer leader who faced & beat the odds! Liver cancer at age 16, and a father who would not wait for his daughter to just come up on a hospital transplant list in L.A.. Byron searched the country, fighting to save Kimberlee's life, and did.

We cheer Byron E. Countryman, Esq. of our Countryman & McDaniel law firm as a remarkable father & a true life hero. We cheer Kim's true courage & pray for her bright new future. Go Kim!

Thousands of YOU responded with hope for Kim from around the world. YOU helped save our dear girl! YOU comforted our girl by E-mail in dark times. We have no words.

St. Luke's Hospital at Jacksonville, FL, has given Kimberlee a clean bill tonite. The liver transplant was flawless. Our Kim may be home this Saturday, after 2 months, so very far from home. Kim was just elected "Head Cheerleader" at her high school! A miracle! Bravo! Full details next month, including the rather incredible tale of a South African horse, now named "Kimberlee". Tears & thanks. McD

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4. Freight Forwarder World Air Briefs

Assembled from wire stories, the Associated Press, Reuters, Hong Kong Shipping News & other world sources.

OUR "C" Section: FF World Ocean News

5. Freight Forwarder World Ocean Briefs

6. The Cargo Letter Cargo Damage Dispatches

We're back! "Cargo Damage Dispatches" was one of your most popular features, for years, until Steve Schultz of Whitefish Bay took a much deserved break in 1998 from gathering all the information each month. Indeed, the ILWU has put up a special web site, just for our previous reports. We've now brought the feature back, at least in part. The Cargo Letter is searching for volunteers to fill Steve's big shoes. Please apply, and to our readers, please let us know of casualties in that most dangerous place ....... out there.

While the casualties below are only a portion of ocean disasters for August 1999, our ability to gather the info will improve in coming editions. Even this sample shows the very real dangers. McD

The Singapore bulk carrier M/V SEA CRANE (26,951 gross), Mobile for Yokohama, reported main engine problems Aug 16. She has diverted to Honolulu at reduced speed to effect repairs. ETA Honolulu 21 Aug. (August 18)

The Belize M/V GOLDEN VIRGO (6,158 gross) while anchored at Mukalla drifted aground in strong winds Aug 10. Still aground Aug 16. Tug proceeding from Aden. (August 16)

German container vessel M/V CONTSHIP HARMONY (31,207 gt, built 1997), struck underwater object in Gulf of Aqaba Aug 15 & sustained flooding to forward area. Proceeding under own power for Aqaba. (August 16)

The Panamanian M/V GARDENIA ACE (28,567 gross), bound Los Angeles loaded, had an engine-room fire and drifting off Monterey, CA, Aug 12. Fire extinguished Aug 13. Unable to regain power. Tug proceeding, and will tow to Los Angeles. (August 14)

The Italian cable layer M/V GIULIO VERNE (10,617 gross) caught fire while loading cable at the Pirelli Pier, Pozzuoli, Aug 10. Sustained serious damage to accommodation & engines. Arrested pending investigation. (August 13)

The Turkish bulk carrier M/V INANC (16,794 gross) grounded in mud at the entrance to the Savannah River Aug 9. She refloated with assistance on Aug 10. No damage reported. Proceeded. (August 12)

The Belize tanker M/T INES (3,838 gross) sank following an explosion off Fujairah Aug 9. The Panamanian storage tanker M/T THEA (68,885 gross), moored alongside, sustained damage to her after section as a result of the explosion. 5 crew are still missing. (August 11)

A yet unidentified tugboat & an oil tanker collided in the thick haze blanketing parts of Indonesia, igniting the tanker & killing 10 people. Oil leaked from the tanker, caught fire and engulfed a nearby cargo ship. At the time, visibility in the area had been cut to 50 yards by the smoky haze, said a port official in Pekanbaru, 500 miles northwest of Jakarta. All the dead were crewmen on the river tanker. (9 August)

The Dutch general cargo vessel M/V NOUAKCHOTT (2,800 gt) grounded at Punta Tenefe, Grand Canary, on Aug 4. Divers are to inspect vessel before a further refloating effort during the evening of Aug 5. (August 7)

The Cyprus M/V Fontana suffered engine damage after a collision with Vietnamese freighter M/V Saigon-1 at the outer anchorage of Bangladesh's main Chittagong port on 7 Aug. The local agent of Fontana, said: ``Fontana has been badly damaged and its engine broke down. We will seek compensation.'' (August 7)

The North Korean cargo ship M/V Jang Dae San. The Pakistan Navy rescued 43 crew members from the ship which ran aground 90 miles off Karachi in heavy weather. All the crew were brought safely off the ship by helicopters & were taken to shore. (1 August)

The Greek-registered M/V Pel Mariner sank off the Turkish coast after colliding with M/V Pel Ranger, near Bozcaada, an island near the entrance of the Dardanelles Strait which links the Aegean to the Sea of Marmara.. Two crew members are missing. The Coast guard and ships in the area rescued 10 other crew members from the Pel Mariner, which was carrying empty containers to Turkey's Gemlik port from the Greek port of Iraklion. (27 July)

The Chinese bulk carrier M/V Changyu sank after colliding with M/T Mee Yang, a South Korean chemical tanker near the port of Nantong on the eastern Yangtze river. Thirty 3 crew members had to be rescued from the 1975-built, 12,108gt bulker which was carrying 18,000 tons of coal. The 1993-built, 1,590 gt Mee Yang suffered minor damage & is now berthed in Jiangyin pending a survey. (26 July)

NOTE: The historic dangers of carriage by sea continue to be quite real. Shippers must be encouraged to purchase high quality marine cargo insurance from their freight forwarder or customs broker. It's dangerous out there.

OUR "D" Section: FF in Cyberspace

7. The Cargo Letter "Cyber Ports Of Call"

Here are our suggested world wide web sites of the month for your business, your information and your amusement.

ComData Project .......... use your motor truck back haul as "18 Wheels For Charity". You will haul hope. 

Con-Way Transportation Services ......... announces it's new & improved web site. Customers can now receive as many as 10 images within a single request. Images can be viewed on screen, faxed or e-mailed anywhere. The speed and responsiveness of FastDoc has also been increased. Con-Way was the first LTL motor carrier to have a site on the Internet in August 1995. 

NIOSH Pocket Guide & Document Collection ........ is a searchable electronic format on CD-ROM with detailed chemical hazard information from the National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH) on more than 670 chemicals, as well as over 250 MB of supplemental safety information: NIOSH Manual of Analytical Methods, International Chemical Safety Cards, and various other publications. 

e-Parcel .......... for large E-file delivery. In English, Japanese & Macintosh. 

AS & E ....... makers of BodyScanner & cargo scanning devices, as adopted by airports & U.S. Customs 

Modern Shipbuilding Technology Demonstration. The event will take place September 21-22, 1999, at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City in Arlington, VA. 

Gibraltar .........meeting place of continents. Interesting new editorials. 

Marine Publishing Co ........... fleets & lore of the Great Lakes 

Port of Felixstowe ......... articles of current interest by Pat Gardiner ........... the 1st ever web service for small businesses & solo practitioners that provides a convenient way to track time & expenses and create quality invoices. Eliminates complex software downloads. Professionals can generate quality invoices in under a minute and send them directly to clients via automated E-mail, fax or mail. The company is offering a free three-month trial. 

Internet Search Engines ....... featuring our The Freight Detective 

Maritme Employment Opportunities 

Employment Opportunities In Travel ........ career help for the independent professional.

Commercial Hovercraft 

Investigative Resources 

Can The Export of Congo River Water Be Economical In the 21st Century? ........ water as cargo.  

Digital T.V. & Phone On Same Line ........ 400 channels in your future. 

Legal Seminar For Doing Business On The Web ........for attorneys, 14 Oct., at Seattle. /

OUR "E" Section: The Forwarder/Broker World

8. Changes To The IATA Air Waybill After MP4?

Now that the U.S. has joined a growing number of nations in adopting Montreal Protocol 4 to the Warsaw Convention, we questioned whether the International Air Transport Association (IATA) is planning any changes to the standard IATA air waybill

In answer to our question, Les Ashton, IATA Manager of Cargo Procedures, told The Cargo Letter on 14 July:

"There have not been any changes made to the air waybill at this time as a result of MP4. The Conditions of Contract which appear on the reverse side of the air waybill is the portion immediately affected. A Cargo Legal Working Group is reviewing this aspect and will be putting forward their recommendations to the Member airlines in the near future. Also, a major consideration is the fact that not all countries have ratified MP4 and it has to be determined what process or processes will apply between those countries which have and those which have not (ratified).

"For your information, another initiative that has taken place is that a Task Force of member airlines has identified all areas of the handling process involving the air waybill. Sub-groups will review each of the identified areas and develop detailed recommended processes under MP4. This could result in changes to the air waybill as well. It is not anticipated that any of these changes will occur this year."

9. Technology Key To Year 2000 Air Vision

None of us can afford to be passive observers of the global information system. Decisions made now on the shape and scope of worldwide IT are key to the efficiency and viability of our industry, its future growth - and its ability to attract capital on reasonable terms,” said IATA Director General Pierre J. Jeanniot.

Jeanniot was speaking on 9 Aug. at the opening of the Aerovision 2000 Symposium in Vancouver, Canada.

“Part of our future vision is a scenario in which passengers holding a multi-function smart card, including passport, visa and biometric ID data, could enjoy a truly hassle-free experience, from check-in to final clearance at destination.”

Jeanniot stressed that aircraft and ATC were equal components of the vision.“Another important development would be centered on aircraft movements - and would link, on a real-time basis, airlines, airports and ATC’s. A sort of gate-to-gate set of data bases and networks, which would permit timely, efficient optimization of aircraft use and maintenance, as well as optimization of airports and ATC resources, including CNS/ATM.”

He continued, “We’ve moved in a few short years from terrestrial TV, to satellite TV, linked PCs, global satellite communications, the “optic fibre community” - and the Internet. The trick will be to make the smartest use of it all.”

“For example, through IATA, airlines are using the connectability revolution to define standards on Internet sales intermediaries, to control fraud through databases of stolen or forged tickets, to provide information on airport geography and flight obstacles, to provide up-to-date knowledge for our Members on the state of Y2K readiness of airports & ATS facilities - and to promote the air traffic management revolution offered by satellite-based navigation.”

"The technology is here, to accomplish a sea-change to the way we do our business, enhance our safety and dramatically improve the efficiency of the entire aviation product delivery.

Assembled from wire stories, the Associated Press, Reuters, Hong Kong Shipping News & other world sources.

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