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21 July 1997

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  2. Hong Kong Reverts to Mainland Rule
  3. Hong Kong Learns ....... OUR "A" Section: Trade, Financial & Inland News
  4. Intercargo Leads "Industry Initiative II"
  5. The Empire After Hong Kong?
  6. Freight Forwarder Trade Briefs
  7. International Trade Holidays For July
  8. The Cargo Letter Financial Page
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OUR Top Stories: Hong Kong: The Aftermath

1. Hong Kong Reverts to Mainland Rule

-- by Warren S. Levine, for The Cargo Letter

JULY 1, 1997 -- Read this important chronicle of the Hong Kong Handover at The Cargo Letter world wide web site. This is Hong Kong's "Wedding Night" story. Computer error prevented the story from being included with your edition [318]. Now, below comes the "Mother-In-Law" story for Hong Kong.

2. Hong Kong Learns .......

-- By Warren S. Levine, for The Cargo Letter

JULY 18 -- As the post-nuptial glow faded from the faces of millions of people in Hong Kong and the anticipation and excitement of the long-anticipated honeymoon night diminished, the new Special Administrative Region of China has realized that their mother-in-law is there for the duration.

The new Hong Kong government has prohibited demonstrations by groups which pose "threats to peace, or promoting independence for Taiwan and Tibet," in what seems to be an effort to ensure that Hong Kong doesn't become a destabilizing influence upon the mainland. Observers, including Singaporean Senior Minister Lee Kuan Yew, believe that Hong Kong will have a democratic backlash effect on southern China, specifically the 60 million people who live in Guangdong Province, Hong Kong's neighbor to the immediate north.

Textbook writers and journalists have been the first to feel the actual changes, however. The Beijing-appointed provisional Hong Kong government has effected new policies toward coverage of news events and descriptions of events that might reflect badly on the Chinese government. The Hong Kong Education Department has been selecting textbooks which refer to Taiwan or China as separate countries. Some textbooks will be re-written. Some will disappear.

In addition, "improper" references to the June 4, 1989, massacre at Tiananmen Square, would be replaced by neutral terminology so as not to reflect badly on the communist government.

Paul Yip, an education advisor to Tung Chee-Hwa, said that history books should tell "different versions of the incident, including those reported by the central government."

In Xiamen, two huge billboards were erected by China, facing Taiwan's Quemoy Island: "One Country, Two Systems, Reunify China." Taiwan had planned to respond with "Liberty, Democracy, Prosperity" on a sign facing the Mainland. In addition, China's coastal radio stations have been broadcasting non-stop slogans across the Taiwan Strait in an attempt to gain support for reunification on Beijing's terms.

Since 1978, the closest the sides have come to confrontation was in March 1996. China staged live-fire war games, including launching missiles into the Strait off Kaohsiung, as a protest against the Presidential elections in Taiwan.

The United States sent aircraft carrier battle groups to the area to ensure the security of the region, an act which angered Beijing.

Last week, an article written for USA Today by Taiwan President Lee Teng-hui was read into the Congressional Record by Representative Gerald Solomon (R-NY). Lee called for the creation of a democratic Chinese nation.

Former Senator and Republican presidential candidate Bob Dole, a long-time supporter of Taiwan's independence, will be visiting the Republic of China for four days, beginning on July 19. He is due to meet BOTH President Lee and Premier Lien Chan.


OUR "A" Section: Trade, Financial & Inland News

3. Intercargo Leads "Industry Initiative II"

Intercargo Corp. (NASDAQ:ICAR) has just hosted a client forum to expand discussions about contractual liability within the customs brokerage & freight forwarding community. In response to the needs outlined at Intercargo 's 1996 Industry Initiative I, a new contractual liability insurance product was launched at the gathering. This liability is an important issue for brokers & forwarders because of the significant standards of performance and increased levels of contractual liability to which their client shippers ask them to commit.

The Intercargo forum was attended by senior level executives from many of the industry's leading customs brokerage & freight forwarding companies, including virtually all publicly held brokers & forwarders. Based on feedback from this knowledgeable group, Intercargo determined the insurability of recommended common contract clauses and created a product to protect the broker/forwarder community. This new product will address the majority of these risks including, but not limited to, incidental product liability, insurance below the shipper's deductible, one-way sunset provisions and contemplating just-in-time in-transit requirements.

The remainder of the forum was led by Intercargo Vice President Larry R. Graf and focused on additional risk management techniques broker/forwarder can use to minimize their risk involved with the customer contract process.

Both of the only two U.S. law firms which specialize in broker/forwarder legal issues were on-hand. Andrew Kaplan, Esq. of Miami's Hyman & Kaplan firm (East Coast & S. America) and Michael S. McDaniel, Esq. of Los Angeles's Countryman & McDaniel firm (West Coast & The Pacific/Far East Areas) presented sample guidelines for effective contract wording and other alternatives to address hold harmless and/or indemnity agreements. One industry leader noted, "Finally a solution has been offered to my customers' demands. The overall interaction and discussion of the attendees was very worthwhile."

"The Intercargo Industry Initiative II was a unique opportunity to bring this group of industry leaders together," commented Scott Wollney, Director of Multinational Sales for Trade Insurance Services Inc. (a subsidiary of Intercargo Corp.). "It fosters interaction between companies that typically compete with each other and allows Intercargo to continue to meet the changing needs of this industry." Intercargo Corp. is the leading provider of specialized insurance coverages for companies involved in international trade. Its market consists primarily of brokers & forwarders, importers & exporters and other companies involved in the trade & transportation industry. The company's primary products include: U.S. Customs bonds, Marine Cargo Insurance, Property & Casualty Insurance, and Professional Liability coverages for the transportation specialist industry.

Intercargo's international trade-related coverages are marketed primarily by Trade Insurance Services Inc. (TIS), a wholly owned agency network. The company also works with independent agents and brokers throughout the United States, Canada, Asia & the United Kingdom.

[NOTE: To obtain the full benefit of Industry Initiative II ...... contact Scott Wollney at 800/394-3909 or 847/517-2345]

4. The Empire After Hong Kong?

With the passing of England's Hong Kong on 1 July, the British Empire is left with 13 colonies. The Cargo Letter thinks you NEED to know who is left:

  1. Bermuda: England's oldest colony, founded in 1609, is off the S.E. U.S. coast with a population of 61,000 that voted in 1995 to remain a colony.
  2. The Falkland Islands: Britain went to war with Argentina over these in 1982 and now spends US$1.1B a year to station 2,000 British troops on the south Atlantic islands, home to 2,200 British-descended islanders.
  3. Gibraltar: Dominated by famous "Rock", this 2 1/4-square-mile territory on Spain's southern tip has always strained relations between Spain and Britain. The 30,000 Gibraltarians demand to remain British.
  4. St. Helena: Once a supply post for 17th-century trading ships, the tiny Atlantic island (including Ascension Island) off S.W. Africa is now an isolated outpost of 6,000 people, supported at a cost to Britain of US$13M a year.
  5. Montserrat: About half the 11,000 population has fled this Caribbean island since its volcano came to life in 1995.
  6. Anguilla: Eastern Caribbean tourist island. Home to 7,000 who voted to stay British after St. Kitts became independent.
  7. Cayman Islands: Three Caribbean islands, known for offshore banking center, tax havens and possible money laundering..
  8. Turks & Caicos: Islands S.E. of the Bahamas with a population of 14,000.
  9. British Virgin Islands: East of Puerto Rico. Population 13,000. Discovered by Columbus in 1493; annexed by Britain in 1672.
  10. Pitcairn Island: The last Pacific colony between Panama & New Zealand where 53 citizens exist from a postage stamp industry.
  11. Britsh Indian Ocean Territory: An archipelago 1,100 miles S. of India whose main island, Diego Garcia, is an important U.S. Naval Station .
  12. S. Georgia & S. Sandwich: Uninhabited former whaling stations near Antarctica.
  13. Antartic Territory: Only 70 scientists inhabit 5 bases spread over 656,000 square miles. It is cold there.

5. Freight Forwarder Trade Briefs

6. International Trade Holidays For July

Perhaps the biggest expense for the Forwarder/Broker is in its sales effort which attempts to gain market share by building relationships of trust & confidence. While all the world was fully aware of the U.S. "4th of July" celebration ......... there is a need to improve our awareness of the important holidays for our trading partners. Indeed, knowing that 28 July is Independence Day in Peru might make the difference in your next contract. Th e Cargo Letter will play a role in this effort by providing remaining dates for July 1997. Wish your customers a "Happy Independence Day", etc., as follows:

July 21 - Monday
    Belgium - National Holiday 
    Botswana - Presidents Day 
July 22 - Tuesday
    Botswana - National Holiday 
    Mali - Baptism of the Prophet 
    Swaziland - Heroes Day 
July 23 - Wednesday
    Egypt - National Day 
    Papua New Guinea - Remembrance Day 
July 24 - Thursday
    Bermuda - Cup Match Day 
    Ecuador - Birthday of Simon Bolivar 
July 25 - Friday
    Balearic Islands - St. James1 Day 
    Bhutan - Remembrance of Jigme Wangchuck 
    Costa Rica - Annexation of Guanacaste Day
    Equatorial Guinea - Bata Fiesta 
    Tunisia - Republic Day 
July 26 - Saturday 
    Liberia - Independence Day 
    Maldives - Independence Day 
July 27 - Sunday
    Belarus - Independence Day 
    Maldives - Independence Day 
    Puerto Rico - Constitution Day 
July 28 - Monday
    Fiji - Constitution Day 
    Peru - Independence Day 
    San Marino - Peoples Day 
July 29 - Tuesday
    Maldives - National Holiday 
    Peru - National Day 
July 30 - Wednesday
    Maldives - National Holiday 
    Vanuatu - Independence Day 
July 31 - Thursday
    Congo - Revolution Day 

7. The Cargo Letter Financial Page

The Quarter Results


OUR "B" Section: FF World Air News

8. Freight Forwarder World Air Briefs

  • IATA Says 1997 Will Be Great ............. as the International Air Transport Association (IATA) predicts member airlines will make a collective US$4.4B pre-tax profit in 1997, compared with US$4B last year. The IATA also expects capacity & occupancy to increase by 7.5 and 7% respectively.
  • FAA Restricts B-727F ............. as the Associated Press reports that the amount of cargo that can be carried in converted B-727s must be limited because of concern about the strength of the planes' floors. A 14 July Airworthiness Directive, limits load factor to 3,000 Lbs. per container until the structure is modified, thus affecting Boeing 727-100 & -200 aircraft that have been converted from passenger to cargo use. These planes can hold 11 or 12 cargo containers, each of which can carry as much as 8,000 pounds. The rule affects 244 U.S. registered planes, to include those of include FedEx, DHL Airways, Express One Int'l , Ryan Int'l Airlines & American Int'l Airways. FAA estimates revenue loss of US$25M. No incidents have occurred.
  • Outbound Air Compliance Poor ........... says U.S. Customs which plans a national program of procedural changes and outreach this month to raise compliance with regulations for submitting outbound air manifests. Ocean compliance fared much better (see below). The action was prompted by a U.S. Customs survey showing air carriers departing the U.S. are experiencing significant problems with air manifests. Customs reviewed a random sample of 825 air manifests and more than 32,000 air waybills, with the following results:

    The survey also found significant problems with Customs' own internal procedures dealing with processing, control and retention of manifests. The manifest is used by U.S. Customs to ensure that all exports are reported to the Bureau of Census for computation of balance- of-trade statistics and for export control to locate export shipments that may be in violation of U.S. law.

    [Note: See our report in The Cargo Letter [317] Part One] [Note: Custom s also reports that individual ocean carriers are reporting that the rate of compliance is up from about 70% to over 90%..... way to go "Ocean"!]

  • AES Should Help Manifest Problem ............. as U.S. Customs is currently working with the Air Transport Association (ATA), the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the Airforwarders Association, the FAA, and air forwarders & airlines to automate air export manifest procedures. The 1 July 1997 expansion of the Automated Export System (AES) will reduce the amount of paper SEDs and simplify manifest procedures.
  • Lufthansa Cargo Scores A First .......... as it has been awarded the ISO 9001 quality certification for its U.S. cargo operation. Lufthansa is the 1st international cargo airline to gain this recognition for the entire North American region, having also obtained certification in Canada.
  • Delta Air Lines To Guangzhou .............. with an application with the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) seeking operating authority for code-share/blocked-space flights with China Southern Airlines (90 planes) between the U.S. and China. China Southern Airlines plans to operate service between LAX & Guangzhou beginning next week.
  • Western Pacific & Frontier To Wed .......... with merger of the 2 Denver based lines in a move to better compete again UAL. No word yet on a name for the newborn.
  • Delta & Air Jamaica Approach Altar......... with a 30 June announcement they have signed a Letter of Intent to pursue joint cooperation in marketing & other services. Air Jamaica was founded in 1969 and provides daily service from islands throughout the Caribbean to 11 North American destinations and London. "AJ" has 300 weekly flights to 19 destinations with a fleet of 15.
  • Northwest & KLM May Divorce ........... as the Dutch carrier is suggesting sale its 19% stake Northwest as a way to solve the long lasting dispute between the two. KLM & Northwest are linked by one of the first worldwide alliance of the airline industry, each carrier code-sharing on the many flights operated by the other. Northwest has accused KLM of trying to dominate the relationship.
  • UAL June Results Up total cargo ton miles were 240,127,000, up 19.2% from 201,450,000 a year ago.
  • Continental Cargo Is Highest For A June ........... up 11.9% over 1996 to 46,245 revenue ton miles, up 16.3% for year to date to 268,777 RTMs.
  • KLM June Is Also Up ......... with cargo traffic increased 7% while cargo capacity increased no more than 3%. June cargo load factor was 72.3% compared to 69.5% in June 1996. During the first 3 months of fiscal 1997/98, KLM recorded an 8% increase in traffic to/from the Asia Pacific region, the company's most important cargo market, while capacity remained at the same level.
  • But Tower Air Is Down ............ with an 11.2% decrease in total block hours flown in June 1997 to 2,892 hours compared to 3,256 hours in June 1996. For the 6 month period ended June 30, 1997, total block hours flown decreased 8.3% to 19,864 hours from 21,665 hours during the same period in 1996. The decrease in total block hours in June '97 versus June '96 was primarily attributable to the withdrawal from the Brazil and Miami to San Juan markets as well as a reduction in domestic scheduled service.
  • Tracking The On-Line Tracking? ............. as the International Air Transport Association (IATA) will being issuing unique industry code numbers to all Electronic Reservations Service Providers (ERSP) which provide on-line booking services. Airlines will be able to tell exactly what percentage of their business comes from on-line bookings. Specifically, on-line reservations companies will no longer need to set up a traditional travel agency to receive their commission fees. It is expected that similar arrangements for freight booking will follow.
  • UPS Wants To Do It Again ............. and again, with announcement that the industry's first reusable overnight air express envelope will be tested this month by selected U.S. customers -- including Boeing & Starbucks Coffee, beginning this month. If all goes well UPS will consider a broader rollout later this year.
  • DHL Opens Panama City Hub ............ with a new 24 hour facility to distribute goods throughout Latin America.
  • Nippon Cargo Set Up At DFW ........... as Japan's only all-cargo carrier, opened a new company stn. there this week in the and will operate a road feeder service from DFW International to Los Angeles. NCA operates a fleet of 747 freighters with 13 frequencies from the U.S. to Japan.
  • Atlas Grows Fleet ............ as it will purchase 10 new Boeing 747-400 freighter aircraft, with the option to purchase an additional ten. Delivery of the ten firm aircraft will take place during a four year period beginning in 1998.
  • Going The Way Of The Real Kiwi? ............. as highly troubled Kiwi International Airlines soon may be sold to a corporation headed by the airline's top investor, Dr. Charles Edwards, of Baltimore. Kiwi received a US$16M bid from Edwards' group for all the company's assets. The Newark, N.J.-based carrier continues under protection of U.S. Bankruptcy Court and all bids from interested buyers must be submitted by July 10.
  • The New Pan American Hangs On .......... as the troubled carrier will add a 3rd daily Miami-San Juan frequency 4/per week to accommodate the large summer volume.
  • Alitalia Will Be Rescued ........... as the European Union is to approve UD1.6B in state aid for Italian flag carrier Alitalia as part of a rescue package negotiated between the state-owned airline, its unions and the Italian government to bring the financially troubled carrier back into profits after 9 straight years of losses.
  • All Not Green At Evergreen ............ as it has borrowed $400M from Chase Manhattan Corp. for pay off of existing debt & to settle a creditors lawsuit. Evergreens US$370M debt is mostly from air cargo operations.
  • Happy Birthday Polar Air Cargo! ............... as 4 July marked her 3rd anniversary as a certified air carrier. The line that started with only two B-747Fs in 1993 has become one of the largest and fastest growing scheduled all-cargo carriers in the world and ranks among the top 5 of the world's leading all-cargo airlines. Polar serves all the major economic regions of the world, operating between the U.S., Europe, Asia, the S. Pacific, South America & the Middle East, with more than 40 frequencies per week. Polar Air Cargo was founded by CEO Edwin H. (Ned) Wallace in 1993 with two leased B747 freighters.
  • TNT Express Worldwide Opens Asia Hub .............. with a new facility at Ninoy Aquino Int'l Airport in the Philippines. It is the equivalent to what TNT calls its "Super-Hub" which will open later this year at Liege, Belgium.
  • Mideast Door Reopens ........... as Kuwait Airways & Royal Jordanian Airlines agree to resume direct flights between Amman & Kuwait City for the first time since the 1990 Iraqi invasion of Kuwait.
  • Delta Air To Venezuela .......... with a June application to the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) seeking authority to operate daily nonstop service from Atlanta to Caracas, starting 7 December 1997.
  • "Air Pigeon" Makes Inaugural Flight ............ as S. African police have arrested 61 diamond mine workers & others who used carrier pigeons to smuggle stolen gems from high security areas. The suspects are charged with stealing diamonds worth US$225,000 after a year-long investigation which recovered 1,186 unpolished gems. The total loss is estimated at US$4.4M. While other suspects were sought, it is reported that all of the birds have refused to testify and thereby become "Stool Pigeons".

    OUR "C" Section: FF World Ocean News

    9. Freight Forwarder World Ocean Briefs

    1. WEYERHAEUSER, paper, lumber - 91,000
    2. DU PONT, chemicals, plastics - 75,000
    3. PHILIP MORRIS, food, agricultural - 50,000
    4. AMERICA CHUNG NAM, paper, lumber - 46,000
    6. WESTVACO, paper, lumber - 38,000
    7. PACIFIC FOREST RESOURCES, paper, lumber - 35,000
    8. IBP, food, agricultural - 31,000
    9. EASTMAN CHEMICAL INTL, chemicals, plastic - 28,000
    10. CHRYSLER CORP, vehicles, parts - 28,000
    11 UNION CARBIDE, chemicals, plastic - 25,000
    12. DOW CHEMICAL, chemicals, plastics - 23,000
    13. RAYONIER CORP, paper, lumber - 23,000
    14. CATERPILLAR TRACTOR, vehicles, parts - 22,000
    15. DOLE FOOD, food, agricultural - 21,000
    16. ENGELHARD, metals, minerals - 21,000
    17. ITOCHU INTL, chemicals, plastics - 21,000
    18. BUCKEYE CELLULOS, paper, lumber - 21,000
    19. HOECHST CELANESE, chemicals, plastics - 20,000
    20. GOODYEAR INTL, chemicals, plastics - 20,000
    21. ANHEUSER BUSCH, food, agricultural (we know, it's beer) - 19,000

    10. The Cargo Letter Cargo Damage Dispatches

    It has been another very busy & deadly month at sea. We offer our prayers to those who are lost ................

    1.] 31 May, Police in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, stopped & boarded M /V Daniel (St. Vincent & the Grenadines) after it was seen operating erratically. The master, a Polish citizen, was found to be drunk;
    2] 10 June, the bridge & accommodations area of M/V Rovinari (Romanian) were almost completely destroyed by a fire;
    3.] 10 June, two are missing after a barge capsized 1.5 miles north of Pinole Point, Calif.;
    4.] 10 June, M/V Sadko (Mal tese cargo ship) ran aground in the Martin Garcia Channel in Uruguay;
    5.] 1 1 June, a 33-foot minke whale was hit & killed by containership M/V Sea Nova near Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada;
    6.] 13 June, M/V Calarasi (Liberian cargo ship) lost engine power 12 miles off Umzimvubu, South Africa and subsequently sank with loss of one crew member;
    7.] (Deleted due to false report received by The Cargo Letter);
    8.] 14 June, M/T Mosking (Bahamian tanker) had an explosion in an auxiliary boiler superheater, which started an engine room fire. The fire has been extinguished but the ship is disabled;
    9.] 15 June, one died in a fire aboard M/T Okishio Maru anchored at Yokohama, Japan;
    10.] 16 June, M/V Joseph H. Frantz (U.S.), hit the Veterans Memorial Bridge over the Saginaw River at Bay City, Mich. causing extensive damage;
    11.] 16 June, M/V Elisabeth C. (Barbados general cargo) had rudder problems sailing from Shoreham, England and is disabled;
    12.] 16 June, the barge Mallard Bay 52 exploded and caught fire in the Atchafalaya River basin near Morgan City, La., leaving 2 crew dead and 2 missing;
    13.] 18 June, M/V Canadian Mariner ( Canadian) ran aground in the St. Lawrence River at Light 162. The ship reportedly lost steering control, has taken on some water and the area has been closed to navigation;
    14.] 18 June, M/V Hengtong 320 (Chinese) capsized & sank in heavy seas off western Hong Kong while carrying 480,000 cans of beer;
    15.] 19 June, M/V Green Opal (Panamanian) sank in the Hooghly River 25 miles east of Calcutta, India, after colliding w/ a tug towing a barge;
    16 .] 19 June when 24 people were killed as cargoship M/V Arcadia Pride sank in high seas after being hit by a 30 foot wave while waiting to dock at Bombay;
    17.] 21 June, M/V Dubrovnik Express (Maltese containership operated by Croatia Line) was arrested at Baltimore by Genstar Container Corp. & Transamerica Leasing Inc., seeking a total of U.S.$6M for containers leased to the line;
    17A.] 5 July, Marie M. (U.S.tug) capsized & sank, killing one, after taking a heavy strain from a barge in tow near Point Chehalis, Wash.;
    18.] 5 July, an unidentified general cargo ship carrying limestone capsized after colliding with a tanker carrying 1,800 tons of crude oil, 14 miles off Onahama, Japan;
    19.] 5 July, M/V Se Il Ho No. 82 (South Korean) sank 124 miles south of Cheju Island (the Korean "Hawaii"), South Korea, with 3 of its crew missing;
    20.] 7 July, a 70-year-old man is missing after M/V Kazusa Maru (Japanese) hit the tug Bokka off Shimokita Peninsula, Japan;
    21.] 7 July, Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), a group fighting for the creation of a Tamil state, hijacked M/V Morang Bong (North Korean cargo ship) and sailed to one of the organizations bases in N.E. Sri Lanka;
    22.] 7 July, M/V Ice Fern (Cayman Islands refrigerated cargo ship) ran aground near the Strait of Magellan in Chile. Later in the day, M/T Torepo (Maltese) also ran aground near the spot. M/V Ultramar X (Chilean) is proceeding to assist;
    23.] 11 July, fire aboard M/V Anafi (Maltese) at the Port of Piraeus, Greece, was extinguished after killing one;
    24.] 11 July, M/V Bifuku Maru sank after a collision with M/T Showa Maru 31 miles south of Cape Inubosaki, Japan;
    25.] 14 July, 3 bodies were found aboard M/V Vanderpool Express (Belize cargo ship) which was docked on the Miami River. All had bullet wounds, and a 4th person is in serious condition with stab wounds. Witnesses reportedly heard gunfire near the ship around dawn;
    26.] 14 July, the ferry K .M. Pedaltari capsized off Indonisia killing 82; similar events killed 52 in India, 22 off Belize & 14 off Iran on 11 July;
    27.] 15 July, M/T Freja Nordic (Bahamian) had an explosion & fire in its engine room off Iran which killed 4;
    28.] 16 July, M/V Bunga Suria (Malaysian containership) had an engine room fire after leaving Yokohama, Japan, for Pusan, South Korea;
    29.] 18 July, M/V Comet (Greek container/general cargo ship) sailing from Alexandria, Egypt, to Piraeus, Greece, in ballast, had an engine room fire 180 miles S.E. of Crete, Greece. The fire has been extinguished but the ship is disabled.

    NOTE: In addition to these losses, there were at least 20 groundings and many other incidents which we had no space to tell you about. [McD]

    The historic dangers of carriage by sea continue to be quite real. Shippers must be encouraged to purchase high quality marine cargo insurance from their freight forwarder or customs broker.


    OUR "D" Section: FF in Cyberspace

    11. The Cargo Letter "Cyber Ports Of Call"

    Here are this weeks suggestions for the Forwarder/Broker

    OUR Featured Site.........

    Intermodal Information Technology

    A "white paper" presentation from American President Lines (APL). A fresh look at EDI, the internet and more.

    .....OTHER USEFUL SITES - The Cargo Letter "Ports Of Call" ............... as part of your basic subscription rate for The Cargo Letter, we search the world for new & useful web sites of value to the Forwarder/Broker. (McD)

    (Renewed) Nedlloyd Site .......... provides the actual & daily vessel position and sailing schedule to almost any port in the world. Watch a QuickTime movie of the M/V Hong Kong.

    (Renewed) Continental Airlines Site features including "Travel Assistant"

    U.S. Treasury Trade Glossary ........ and a list entitled 'Common Acronyms & Abbreviations Used Within Department of Treasury, which includes U.S. Customs.

    U.S. Customs Has A Million ........ as its Web site received its millionth visitor. The site, which was launched last August, is catching on and for good reason. It is geared to world travelers, importers, exporters, law enforcement officers, & the international business community, and it is the only authorized World Wide Web site for the agency. There are 6 areas: (1) traveler information, (2) importing & exporting material, (3) Customs enforcement activities, (4) news releases and "hot & new" information, (5) more about Customs, including a brief look at its 208-year history, and (6) careers and contracts. Another button features the "dog of the month," which takes the visitor to canine enforcement. A special "kids corner" is in the works.

    International Alternatives For Country Names ....... which may differ from straight English translations.

    DOT's Comparison of Airline Fares ........ as The Department of Transportation has, for the 1st time ever, released its quarterly 'Domestic Airline Fares Consumer Report' online. A major tool for the flying public, the report lists, by airline, average & lowest one-way fares paid among the nation's top 1,000 markets which make up 70% of total domestic traffic.

    Daily Airline Filings ........ is a full-text and searchable archives of daily airline regulatory filings. Also includes relevant airline news links. Excellent research tool!

    Association of Shipbrokers & Agents (ASBA)

    Gemini Air Cargo ................ a page from one of its DC-10F pilots.

    Russian Business On-Line .......... as the Russian Chamber of Entrepreneurs provides the free electronic newspaper "Biznes-Kontakt"

    The Labor Camps Of China ......... disturbing site & report.

    Storm97 Hurricane Central ............ with information, tips and others links to detailed data on the 1997 Hurricane season. Watch your freight! There will be 11 named storms this hurricane season in the North Atlantic, with 3 expected to be as intense as 1992's hurricane Andrew.

    International Organizations Index .......... has excellent list of links to international organizations, including: + EU Internet Resources + NAFTA Commission for Environmental Cooperation + Bosnialink + Various UN + Human Rights Library & more.

    Great Lakes Shipping Data the Lake Carriers Association's newest brochure, U.S. Flag Shipping on the Great Lakes is now available for viewing on their homepage with a complete overview of shipping on the Great Lakes and includes: vessel and cargo information, shipping routes, valuable statistics, pictures, and much, much more.

    Income Tax Information on the Internet ........... has everything you could possibly want about income taxes--news, Usenet news groups, forms, articles, resources, state tax laws, and much more. Since taxes are one of the two inevitables, it must be inevitable that you take a look at this site. If you're looking for tax stuff ........ and what Forwarder/Broker isn't?'s the place to start without a doubt.

    The Dictionary of all Dictionaries ......... with a matrix with all the different world languages. Simply choose the language you're interested in and then browse all the dictionaries related to that language. A very useful tool for the international freight community.

    AltaVista Goes Multilingual .......... this multilingual search capability is only available on the worldwide AltaVista Search network, including two new mirror sites -- the AltaVista Asiawide mirror site ( based in Malaysia's Multimedia Super Corridor, and the Spanish-based mirror site ( for Southern Europe & Latin American. Users can retrieve language-specific pages written in 25 different languages: Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish & Swedish. More languages will be added in the near future.

    Worldtime ......... is a service featuring information on local time as well as sunrise and sunset times for several hundred cities world-wide. Also includes a database of public holidays.

    Cal-Trans Real-Time Map for the Los Angeles Freeway ......... This is customer service using technology!

    Before There Was Freight Forwarding ........... Captain Cook's legendary ship HM Bark Endeavour (1768 to 1771) which explored our planet. Join a 3-D virtual tour of the ship!

    Submarines ........ for those Forwarder/Brokers who always wanted to learn about World War I & II subs whose job it was to stop the cargo from ever reach its destination. There is even a free e-mail newsletter.

    Archieve of The Cunard Line

    RMS OLYMPIC ......... sister ship of the RMS Titanic, home page.

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