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30 June 1997
The Handover Of Hong Kong

Good Monday Morning from our Observation Deck...... overlooking the officially designated "Cargo City" area and....... Runway 25-Right at Los Angeles International Airport.

This edition of The Cargo Letter is being sent to your computer at the exact moment of the "handover" (as the event is known) of the British Crown Colony of Hong Kong to the People's Republic of China. A 156 year tradition has ended and HMS Britania will now cast off on what is also her final voyage. It is now midnight, 1 July 1997 in Hong Kong .......... the world's largest air & ocean freight center .......... and 9 a.m., 30 June 1997 at LAX, the largest Chinese center outside of China. With both anxiety and hope for the future, a new period of history begins at this very moment! The reunification of China and Hong Kong!

Today we limit our focus and much of our content to this historic event. We have provided you with a wide variey of useful internet resources on the subject. In our "Cyber Ports Of Call" you will find directions for joining the handover cerimonies LIVE ! We encourage you to visit these areas today.
[Note: The full schedule of events is oulined below]

Contribute your knowledge & information ........ by e-mail to The Cargo Letter. We strive to bring you useful information which is timely & topical.

Michael S. McDaniel, Editor

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OUR Top Story

1. Hong Kong Hand-Over Highlights

Live T.V. coverage began on all major networks @ 8:00 a.m. (ET) today in the USA. Todays Schedule is (NOTE; all times listed below are U.S. Pacific Daylight Savings Time)(PDST):

12:15 a.m. Union Jack lowered at Governor'sresidence. Governor Chris Patten bids farewell to staff. (Even Passed)
03:15 a.m. Farewell Ceremony at East Tamar, H. M. Royal Naval Base.
05:00 a.m. Reception at Convention Center (Event Passed)
05:15 a.m. Fireworks (Event Passed)
06:15 a.m. Banquet for 4000 at Convention Center (Event Passed)
08:30 a.m. Official Hand-Over Ceremony, Prince Charles; Prime Minister Tony Blare; Gov. Patten; PRC Pres. Jiang Zemin; PRC Premier Li Peng.
09:00 a.m. Union Jack & Colonial Flag lowered.
09:01 a.m. Chinese anthem played & New Flag of Hong Kong Special Admin.
Region raised for the first time. Prince Charles & royal yacht HMS
Britannia depart harbor for the last time.
09:?? a.m. Hong Kong Democratic Party plans to lead a defiant rally.
10:30 a.m. New Chinese Administrator takes oath of office. The rule of "One Country - Two Systems" begins.
03:00 p..m. At dawn 4,000 People's Liberation Army troops enter Hong Kong along with naval, air & armored elements.
07:00 p.m. Chinese hold celebration at Convention Center.
08:30 p.m. 10,000 pigeons are released.
08:31 p.m. <Umbrellas are distributed.>
[Note: All times are U.S. Pacific Time)


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OUR "D" Section: FF in Cyberspace

6. The Cargo Letter "Cyber Ports Of Call"

Today's Historic End To British Rule In Hong Kong.

The Official Hong Kong Site'

Hong Kong Handover Live !! on the Net .......... says you can be there when Britain hands over control of Hong Kong to China. Radio Television Hong Kong, the service covering the official handover ceremonies will cybercast live on the net 48 hours of webcam coverage. Hong Kong's Chinese University will co-sponsor the netcast.

Fox News' Hong Kong Package .......... to be continually updated with the latest news through July 1 and beyond, including live video feed from Hong Kong during the handover.

Hong Kong's Channel "A" .........with live audio & video coverage of transfer, daily copies of the South China Morning Post, live Hong Kong radio stations & more.

The South China Morning Post Handover Site ........ with 24 hour live camera, interactive tours, virtual Hong Kong fly over, films of air & ocean cargo handling, maps, etc.

Video Webcasts Of Hong Kong Transfer ........... by RTHK TV, The South China Morning Post, ITN, and the BBC.

Index Of Hong Kong Transfer Links ........... as Newsbytes News Network has created a thoroughly well-rounded set of links (complete with reviews) of sites covering the handover.

Hong Kong Voice Of Democracy ................ is an electronic weekly founded by the Hong Kong Democratic Party on the premise that accurate information is absolutely critical to monitoring the way of life & the rights of the Hong Kong people after transition to Chinese rule. Features include a glossary, chronology, interviews, profiles, news & related links. The group plans to lead a defiant rally at midnight June 30, 1997.

Hong Kong 1997 .......... as Reuters News Service & and Hong Kong's "The Corner" team up to provide the latest news on the handover. Includes updates, features, past issues and more.

Hong Kong 1997: Lives in Transition .......... as PBS features news & views regarding the end of British rule. The centerpiece is "Hong Kong Diaries", which features diaries chronicling how these momentous changes impact on the day-to-day lives of a diverse group of Hong Kong residents.

Hong Kong: 1997 and Beyond ............. as the Hong Kong Tourist Association has prepared a status report on "handover events", status, visas, language, currency, hotels, finance, administration, law and security ........ featuring links to 8 web sites, with different political stands on the "handover, reunification & transition.

Chinese Embassy .......... in Washington, DC, has launched its official site. It's abundant with information on China's political, economic, and cultural affairs. Included are a calendar of upcoming events, the latest news, diplomacy information and more.

Hong Kong 1997 ......The Return To China ________
A bilingual site from China Internet Corp. (CIC), to celebrate Hong Kong's return of sovereignty to China, with a pictorial history, background, archives, events, & an online encyclopedia.

Hong Kong Stock Market

Special Report on the Chinese Capitalist Army ....... is a 3-part Special Report on the Chinese Capitalist Army, brought to you by ABC News.

Asian Venture Capital Journal ............ is a monthly source of news, data, trends, and analysis of the Asian private equity. Also includes Asian Venture Forum (AVF), the leading conference on Asian direct investment and private equity and an online Guide to Venture Capital in Asia.

Our Memorial to The Death Of Capt. Cousteau
The Ocean Pioneer

Tribute to Jacques-Yves Cousteau .......... features links to Cousteau web sites and lists of his natural history documentaries.

Calypso II Project ......... details the tragic sinking of Cousteau's vessel, the Calypso and the building of Calypso II.

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