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"The Meals: Ready To Explode"

Have Exploded!

The U.S. Navy

Fighting Barbecue Flames At Guam

March 18 2001


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"Overlooking Runway 25 - Right, at Los Angeles International Airport"


We Think You Will Only See These Pictures Here !!

U.S. Navy Photos From Our Eye Witness Source

That Yummy Magnesium-Iron Alloy

 A 2001 Countryman & McDaniel

Cargo Nightmare Prize Contender

18 March 2001

Details Below

........"Meals, Have Exploded"........
A Whole New Slant On The Military "Hot Meal"

The U.S. Navy

Fighting Barbecue Flames At Guam

18 March 2001


This Was Not A Drill

GE-SEACO Intermodal Reefer Container # SCZU 866966 9

Burst Into Flames Upon Discharge At Guam

Could The Vessel Have Encountered WATER somewhere Between Los Angeles & Guam?

The Mystery Deepens

Hottest Reefer Unit We've Seen!

GE-SEACO Intermodal Ocean Container # SCZU 866966 9 Looks Cranky 

 The Bad Thing Has Started To Happen -- It's That Ocean Thing

Best That Fork Lift Retire

When They Say "Water Activated" -- It's Not A Hollow Claim

Forklift To Table -- Hot Meals With Modern Ease!

Military Convenience!

The Rations Became Toast * -- But This Is Not The End of Our Story

We Called GE-SEACO In An Attmept To Confirm Final Container Salvage

We Wanted To Find The Final Resting Place of This Wreck!

What We Learned This June May Surprise You --
From GE-SEACO Containers:

"What I could tell you is this unit was on hired by Osprey Ship Management Inc. on May 24, 2001 ex- Gold Coast in Miami. We actually can not trace the unit for you, but give the above information as this is the last activity we show in our system. I hope this helps."

WOW! -- What A Tough 1 x 40' Reefer! Takes A Licking & Keeps On Ticking!

NOTE: We Have More Photos Coming For This Feature -- Stay Tuned!

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Meals, Ready To Eat - Topic Index --

GE SEACO - for container

The Future of Meals, Ready To Eat -- From Tempra Technology

Tempra Technology based in Bradenton, Florida specializing in thermal solutions. For the past several years, Tempra has worked closely with the U.S. Army to develop a new generation flameless ration heater for the Military's Meals Ready to Eat (MRE). Tempra is now seeking to secure an order from the military for our new generation of flameless ration heaters.

The Tempra system provides the following important advantages:

· Safety

· A heater that requires no water to activate

· Allows the soldier to be completely mobile while warming his meal

· Completely sealed and therefore does not off gas anything

· Competitively priced

The need for a safer, more efficient flameless ration heater should be a top priority for our Armed Forces. Tempra is seeking support in order to assure an impartial comparison between the existing heater and Tempra's technology. Our soldiers deserve a better and safer alternative to the current ration heaters being used by today's military.

One of the key issues with the current flameless ration heater is that it off gases pure hydrogen (a highly flammable gas) during operation as well as during shipping & storage if exposed to moisture.

Additionally, the current heater requires that the soldier must add water (often a valuable commodity in desert operations) to activate the heating process. The soldier must then remain immobile for approximately 15 minutes while the meal heats, in order to prevent the added water (heat source) from spilling out. Tempra's flameless ration heater is a completely sealed, self-contained technology. It does not require any water to activate, permits complete mobility of the soldier while the meal is heating and, most importantly, does not off gas anything.

The subject of safety with the current flameless ration heater was dramatically illustrated recently when the Capt. of a Navy ship (illustrated above & in other publications) noticed unusually high levels of hydrogen and elevated temperatures in the cargo containers holding MREs with the current heaters.

To solve this severe problem, the suppliers of the current ration heaters are recommending a foil over-wrap to envelope each individual heater. In addition to shipping these heaters separately from the meals, in refrigerated containers. We understand that the armed services view this as a temporary "band-aid" and not a long-term solution for a product that off gases pure hydrogen.

We feel that Tempra offers the best, safest, environmentally friendly & competitively priced flameless ration heater available today.

Tempra Technology

*NOTE: It is understood from U.S. Navy sources that the Fruit Cake cans survived. 

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