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Coaster Is Coasted

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Port of Zeebrugge, Belgium

November 8 2001

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"Overlooking Runway 25 - Right, at Los Angeles International Airport"  

...."M/V Heinrich Behrmann".

Coaster Gets Coasted

Takes A Flemish Resort Vacation

Port of Zeebrugge

November 8 2001


At 02.30 LT, Nov. 8 on inbound leg to Zeebrugge, M/V Heinrich Behrmann had engine trouble & called help from tugs.

Weather very bad with N- NW stormy winds -- force 9 & peaks up to force 11.

Three attempts were made to secure the vessel By Tugs, but each time the tow lines snapped.

Driven by wind M/V Heinrich Behrmann grounded at the Blankenberge resort beach.

3 tugboat crew injured while trying to tow M/V Heinrich Behrmann back to open sea.

With NW storm blowing inland, tide was higher than usual (HW at around 06.00 LT) --

-- coming less than 10 meters from seafront, so the vessel grounded very close to it.

At low tide around 12.00 LT & with a difference of about 4.5 meters between high & low tide, vessel ended up on dry land

-- stuck on a breakwater by her rudder -- 


If It Grounds -- They Will Come -- And They Did -- By The Thousands

The Cargo Letter Daily Casualties Page >> Our Report At The Time >> "Antiguan flagged 81-meter M/V Heinrich Behrmann owned by Heinrich Behrman of Germany, from Britain with chemicals, aground on a Belgian beach near resort town of Blankenbergen after losing control of steering during storm approach -- on to Belgian port of Zeebrugge. Will attempt to tow off later today. (Fri. Nov. 9 2001)"

Tourist Attraction of The Weekend

Two Attempts Made At High Tide Thursaday Evening & Friday morningto Get M/V Heinrich Behrmann Afloat.

Both Failed -- M/V Heinrich Behrmann Was Still Sitting " High And Dry."

Five Hundred Years of Belgian Maritme Ingenuity -- A New Plan Hatches.

Experts Said M/V Heinrich Behrmann Would Not Float Until Spring Tides - If Then

But Beligian Contractors Dug A Trench Behind Ship To Create Deeper Water By High Tide --

Fuel & Ballast Tanks Were Next Emptied Into Trucks To Lessen Displacement.

And yes, Around 21.30 LT, 4 tugs managed to pull M/V Heinrich Behrmann out & get her back afloat.

After that, M/V Heinrich Behrmann was towed into Zeebrugge Port -- Her "Resort Weekend" Over.

Photos & Significant Portion of Commentary Submitted By -- Mr. Jacques Reyniers -- a 40 year old Belgian & former merchant navy deck officer, who is presently terminal manager of the largest container terminal in the Port of Zeebrugge -- Ocean Container Terminal Hessenatie Zeebrugge. Mr. Reyniers is responsible for all terminal operations & claims at the Zeebrugge terminal and a contributor to The Cargo Letter. His excellent presentation of the M/V Heinrich Behrmann's "Flemish resort vacation" is greatly appreciated.

Ocean Container Terminal Hessenatie Zeebrugge - charge of Jacques Reyniers

Terminal Specifications

Port of Zeebrugge

Port of Zeebrugge

Port of Zeebrugge - History

Map of Zeebrugugge -- note narrow entrace for M/V Heinrich Behrmann

Resorts of The Flemish Coast

NOTE: The Cargo Letter wants you to know that by keeping the identity of our contributors 100% confidential (when requested), you are able to view our continuing series of "Cargo Disasters." For example, no photos of this disaster have been released to any other publication. Our friends send us materials which benefit the industry. The materials are provided to our news publication with complete and enforceable confidentiality for the sender. In turn, we provide these materials to you.

The Manifest

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