...."Pier Review".

"A Need To Look Before We Roll To The Hole"


Port of Los Angeles

September 18, 2001

Part 2

From Our Confidential Expert Witness  

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 A Rubber-Tired-Gantry Crane (RTG) is virtually identical to a "Transtainer" --

except the latter term also applies to a unit which moves on a rail within the port.

>>> Visit Paceco Cranes <<<

This is thought to be one of the oldest Paceco RTG cranes in the harbor.


Former post of the very lucky operator


Since Sept. 18 the Harbor Dept. has filled in the sink-hole.

RTG has been removed with a large mobile crane. Mechanics don't know whether to fix the crane or use it for parts.

Oh yes, we finally found that fine china shipment in this other casualty container! 

For Further Visiting:

Rubber -Tired-Gantry Cranes

Find A Gantry Crane For Sale & Win Free Dinner! - no joke!

Used Gantry Crane Lot - we think there is a new one now needed at Yusen Terminal -- kick the tires!

Paceco Corp. - maker of the RTG in this feature  

Port of Los Angeles (as of incident time - Sept. 2001)

Yusen Terminals Inc. (YTI) Berths 212-225. This loss occurred at Berth 214

Operated By: YTI (a subsidiary of Nippon Yusen Kaisha -- "NYK Line")

Total Land Area: 185 acres (75 hectares)

Total Berth Length: 5800 feet (1768 meters)

Mode of Operation: Wheeled import containers, grounded export & empty containers

Number of Cranes:

Two super-post-Panamax with 100-foot (31-meter) gauge & 60-long-ton (61-metric-ton) main hoist capacity;

Four post-Panamax with 100-foot (31-meter) gauge and 40-long-ton (41-metric-ton) capacity;

Two Panamax with 100-foot (31-meter) gauge & 40-long-ton (41-metric-ton) capacity; and

Two Panamax with 50-foot (15-meter) gauge 7 40-long-ton (41-metric-ton) capacity .

Stevedore: Centennial Stevedoring Services

Other Features: 21,937-square-foot (2038-square-meter) administration/in-gate building; 23,386-square-foot (2173-square-meter) maintenance & repair building with 10 bays; 4798-square-foot (446-square-meter) marine building; 201,600-square-foot (18,729-square-meter) warehouse; 3300 wheeled slots (including 500 reefer plugs); 20-container-capacity wash rack system; 10 entry lanes with six scales; four exit lanes; vertical chassis stacking: 42 bays, 756 units; 90 hustlers; eight toplifts; seven sidelifts; five transtainers*; and on-dock rail facility

Shipping Lines Served: NYK Line; P & O Nedlloyd; Hapag-Lloyd (America) Inc.; Orient Overseas Container Line (OOCL); Malaysian Int'l Shipping Corp. (MISC); & J. Lauritzen (USA) Inc.

* Correction: I think we all know at this point that the number of transtainers is currently four, not five.

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